Karen vs Nobody: NH Governor Primary Debate VIDEO

Karen Testerman and Nobody, the Republican challengers to New Hampshire incumbent tyrant-king Chris Sununu debate various issues from COVID response to the War on Drugs, Government Schools, Riots, Secession and more!

Whether you’re registered Undeclared or Republican, please vote in the Republican primary on September 8th in New Hampshire and choose one of these two candidates over the incumbent! You can register to vote at the polls in NH.

Here’s the full hour-long debate. Thanks to both candidates for participating and to Mark Edge from Free Talk Live for moderating.

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  1. Excellent – different people evaluate different risk different.

  2. Great job, Karen Testerman, Nobody, and Mark Edge! Great questions, great answers and a very informative debate.

  3. Either candidate would be more pro freedom and therefore, peace, than Sununu. It’s likely I will continue to support nobody.

    Supporting the police business model in it’s present iteration and freedom is a contradiction though. Policing as a government institution, denies free market competition and is funded thru threats which REMOVE rights, rather than protecting them. That’s not my opinion, it’s a demonstrable fact. I’m curious how Ms. Testerman, might address that contradiction ?

    Would she consider free market solutions which protect both rights and people I wonder ? Wonder if she has considered alternatives or is aware of the possibilities ?

  4. RNP has too many pie in the sky ideas and continues to bash the government that he is running for. His hypocrisy came through every answer he gave. He wasn’t objective or offered anything concrete that was doable.

    Karen obviously has experience in politics and is not out to change the world for her own gratification.

  5. Jumping jacks. “Not doable” ??? I thought the Governor of NH was omnipotent now though ?

    All he has to do is utter something and the scribes create posters of his latest edicts to be posted throughout the land for the serfs to follow ? Why wouldn’t Nobody be able to do that if he were Governor ?

  6. Bob C – It is so funny how the freekeeners go off about Sununu just because of some wording. He’s doing his job.

    According to a latest poll, 89% of the population of NH approves of Sununu’s action during the covid-19 pandemic.

    Sununu is also at a 65% voter approval rate.

  7. Oh Jacks,

    Didn’t you know tyrant kings throughout history routinely get 89% or higher poll approval ratings? There are some reasons for this, but I can assure you its not because they’re “doing their job” as you and some others may suggest.

  8. You made those poll numbers up, Jumping Jacks. That’s not surprising, since you’re a man. Here’s the truth. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the patronizing, patriarchal Sununu has benefited from flattering, even fawning media coverage. Six months later, hard questions are being asked, and he and his women-hating minions don’t like this very much. He was asked about issuing a mandate that masks should be worn at the polls. He tells reporters that he’s not worried. He isn’t going to do that. He is asked about towns mandating masks, and says that’s fine, “it’s on them.” A woman governor would never do that, Jumping Jacks. It doesn’t take Dick Tracy to see why.

  9. Well, I’m not a fan of more recent actions by the state, but I also don’t object to people wearing masks. It’s probably not going to solve the problem, but it will reduce the spread. The problem is as soon as people stop wearing them or start going out the people who are vulnerable die. It was a nice thought, and while I’ll still wear one, it’s not to protect old and the sick from death. I’ll do it to protect myself from heat issues and the like. That’s the only reason it still makes some amount of sense.

  10. That’s clever, Intrigare /Drac pretending to be me, then arguing with me. You’ve moved on from trolling my blog. How fun!

    I’m amused at how frightened you are of me, you sad little man. Still wearing the smelly leather jacket?

  11. Susan Bruce,

    I’m amused at how you and a few others here think I’m Drac Vermell. While I can’t take credit for his or her brilliance, its true that imitation is the highest form of flattery.

    I have plenty of fun here without impersonating others. I don’t know who impersonated you, but whoever it is, I’m sure they’re laughing their ass off right now. I don’t know enough about you or your blog to be frightened of you.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, I suspect you’re like many woman I encounter on a daily basis– believing I’m privileged as a white male and want to use government to even the score.

    So if I’m afraid, its not fear of you. I’m afraid for both of us and for the loss of meaningful interpersonal relationships. I’m afraid of the monster you would build with government to achieve your desires.

  12. Thanks for answering my question about pardoning, Nobody. Yes you are right– everyone imprisoned for committing a victimless crime should be pardoned.

    Karen, like many people, think the government can fixed or that it could be used to encourage good behavior. Unfortunately that thinking is what got us into this mess to begin with.

    Government is the cause, not the solution.

  13. Ha ha, Intrigare. Boris is thinkings what Marxist agitator Susan are call “impersonation” is what rests of us are call “lampooning.” But tomato, potato, yes? In anys event, Susan is reminds Boris of 2020 Democrat strategy: “Vote early. Vote often.” Ha ha. Boris is makes joke. It is laugh.

  14. Well Boris to be fair, I was the one who called it “impersonating.” Marxist agitator Susan called it “pretending”. But yes, tomato potato.

    Good joke Boris. I’ve got one too. Susan is Marxist Agitator, yes? Boris agitates Marxists also yes? Therefore Boris is also Marxist Agitator. Ha ha Intrigare makes joke. Boris and Intrigare is laugh.

  15. Free Keene is dying. The new corporate Free State Project finds this outpost of perverts, racists, and scumbags an embarrassment. How fitting that this dying website has become a circle jerk where all of the fake commentators are the same person. Wank on, dipshits.

  16. Yes so we’ve been told Susan… For 10+ years? But I’ll let you in on a little secret. This website is just a decoy for haters like you. While you’re here playing word games with us, there is real liberty activism happening in the streets, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

    Anyway thanks for joining our circle jerk for a while. You’re always more than welcome. Jumping Jacks has been a bit overwhelmed lately and could definitely use the help.

  17. Ha ha. Goods one, Intrigare. Goods one. Boris has one mores to tables for fun. Checks it out. It is ironics that crazy Marxist lady speaks of dying, no? Because you needs not to be alive to vote for Democrats! Ha ha. Get it? Boris is on rolls today. It is laugh.

  18. Ha ha. Boris has jokes fors you too crazy Marxist lady. Checks it out. When Oppressive Communists Dictator says jump, Free Markets Capitalist says “How much?” Get it crazy Marxist lady? It is laugh, no?

  19. Real liberty activism happening on the streets of Keene? Or anywhere else in NH? Pure comedy gold!!!

    Thanks, Wanker of a thousand identities. Oh, and thanks Ian!

  20. Well Susan remember the words of Ghandi: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

    Boris, you see? Boris try but Intrigare make Marxist lady laugh. Maybe I will teach you one day how that is done, eh?

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  22. Boris reminds Intrigare that before you are plays game with her, you must first reads rule and understandings objective. Because when you has Black Jack, crazy Marxist lady will say twenty-two wins.

  23. Boris reminds Intrigare that before you are plays game with her, you must first reads rule and understandings objective.

  24. Because when you has Blakjak, crazy Marxist lady will say twenty-two wins.

  25. Aw Boris, we are all friends here. You even told me before that you were glad I attempted to relate to mentally ill Jumping Jacks. How different can it be with crazy Marxist Lady? Can’t Sun Tzu Art of War and “know thy enemy” be shelved for a little while?

    I’d like it very much if you, Marxist Lady, and I all met up and had a picnic. What do you say, Boris? That would really give our love and friendship a chance to blossom and perhaps last forever, wouldn’t it? I’ll even bring your favorite, borscht and boil potato. And what about you, Marxist Lady? We can even call it our own little collective.

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