VIDEO: Another Week, Another Mask Freedom Protest at the NH Governor’s House

This past weekend there were actually two gatherings of mask-freedom activists at New Hampshire governor Chris Sununu’s house at 71 Hemlock Ct. in Newfields, NH. The first was on Saturday when a small group paid a surprise visit to Sununu’s home. Within minutes, the police arrived and Sununu and his wife and kids left in separate cars.

The following day dozens more people showed up again at 2pm with signs, cameras, and a PA system to let their grievances be known. State police were on the scene as expected, but it didn’t appear the Sununus were at home. Here’s video of the rally from Vincent Moore of Shire Free Media:

Kudos to the Union Leader for sending out a reporter as well. Here is their story on the event.

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  1. Despicable. Why don’t you get a job instead of harassing this man’s family? The mask law is there to protect us from spreading this extremely deadly virus.

  2. lol, “extremely deadly” riiight.

  3. Anti-FreeKeene.

    Well la-di-da. Another one of you hoity-toity libtards telling us hard-working folk to get a job of all things? Will wonders never cease? Listen up, commie. Jobs were the very reason we had to wait until the weekend to go protesting in the first place. What were you doing besides surfing couches and dodging salads? Opening twenty cans of frosting to ice those seven-layer cakes you eat every day?

    Being forced to wear a mask all over the goddamn place is not the kind of safety I’m paying taxes for. If you were so concerned about my well-being, you could have helped nip this coronavirus shit in the bud nine months ago by supporting Trump’s recommendation to close off the borders. Instead you wasted six weeks bitching and moaning about how racist Trump was for pointing out the fact that the pandemic started in China. So at this point, the only thing I want from you limpdicks is to shove your mask mandates where the sun don’t shine and pay back every red cent you helped steal from us for services NOT rendered. Got it, you genderfluid simp?


  4. You know whats deadly Anti-FreeKeene? A guillotine. I’m not a fan of violence, but I think the message is clear. Stop abusing the people or the people will eventually rise up and fight back.

  5. Just another pathetic display to show your ignorance. Covid-19 infections have been on the rise because of people like you.

    The latest info I have is your county, Cheshire county, has 594 who tested positive. Compared to a couple of weeks ago in which you had 77.

    Why you want to risk your health or life to show your ignorance is very immature. If you were to end up in a hospital bed trying to breath you will know how futile your efforts were.

  6. Bullshit, Jumping Jacks. Positive tests by RT-PCR aren’t active infections. Not by a long shot.

    Also, consider the following figures (US overall mortality rates by year from the CDC):

    2013: 2,596,993
    2014: 2,626,418
    2015: 2,712,630
    2016: 2,744,248
    2017: 2,813,503
    2018: 2,839,205
    2019: 2,855,000
    2020: as of 11/25 total deaths = 2,579,548

    2020’s not showing very good pandemicky numbers, now are they?

    The reality is that this year there seems to be no difference in overall mortality rates compared to last year and less of an increase than five of the six the preceding years. Did we miss another pandemic during those years? How is this even possible?

    Simple, stupid. Because since April, death certificates have been dramatically altered to allow liberal interpretations of Covid as being cause of death – even when the deceased in question died of something else. And you’ve fallen for this nonsense. Congratulations. You’ve earned your participation trophy, retard.

  7. The Truth – No, those numbers are accurate. I suggest you recheck your numbers because you have it all wrong.

    The numbers you posted are total deaths from car accidents, cancer, suicides, to old age. etc…

    As usual you haven’t thought things through and made an ass out of yourself.

    Educate yourself you fool. Pathetic rants and name calling truly shows how immature you are.

  8. The Truth – “The first line of my response should be “No,those numbers are wrong”.

  9. That’s nice, Jumping Jacks.

    Anyway, that’s the point. They’re the overall deaths. The total deaths for 2020 includes those caused by car accidents, cancer, suicides, old age, and – you may want to hold onto something – Covid. Notice that the number is no higher than last year? Weird, huh? So now that you’re all caught up, stupid, do you have anything else to contribute?

  10. The Truth – Where are you getting this from? California just had the highest number of covid infections ever. The United states also has the highest number of infections in the world.

    Yes, Covid is a lot higher then this past year. Do you live under a rock or something?

    The USA has the highest infection rate in the world right now.

    I pity people like you who choose to live ignorant and sheltered lives. You refuse to acknowledge what is really right because your ego won’t let you acknowledge the real story.

    Maybe this will help you –

    I suggest you get seriously educated before you become one of the statistics.

  11. Snopes…. lol

  12. Uh huh. Got it, Jumping Jacks.

    By the way, RT-PCR doesn’t test for active Covid infections. That’s a myth. You’d probably know that if you were a doctor. Too bad you’re not, huh? A degree like that would definitely help you to seriously educate the people commenting around here.

    Anyway, I looked up that “Snopes” site you recommended and found out that it’s actually run by scores of left-wing activists. So any facts and figures that come from there can’t be trusted. Tough luck, huh munchkin? But I don’t make the rules, so you’re just gonna have to submit something else here to try and change my mind.

    In the mean time, chew on this thing for a while:

    It’s all about why RT-PCR is a poor diagnostic tool for detecting Covid. It’s real technical, but I’m sure the orderlies at that asylum you’re locked up in will be happy to help you with it. Do hurry. I’m just busting to talk with you more about this.

  13. The Truth – Again, you have your information wrong. Rt-PCR has up to a 98% effective and is considered the Gold standard of testing for covid-19. By the way, I work in the medical field.

    You state my posting to help you understand this a little bit better is posted by left wing activists? You truly are off the deep end.

    I’m not here to convince you of anything. You haven’t posted one credible shred of evidence to support your rants. You know what’s going on right now and you just like to try and start drama to keep you from looking stupid. Guess what, it doesn’t work for you.

    The only thing your information will do is help you catch covid faster. Then you will be sitting in a crowded ER for 8 hours waiting for a covid test meanwhile you are sicker than you ever have been in your life.

    You will sit there and whine and bitch thinking you are the only one that matters. If you get admitted to the hospital, You will be sitting in your room alone not being able to see loved ones or friends. It won’t really matter because you will be struggling to breath while hacking your lungs out.

    Every little movement will make you more and more tired until respiratory failure. You will be intubated and kept sedated. Just sedated not chemically paralyzed which means you are still awake enough to know you have a tube down your throat.

    Your body may become septic in which you will be put in a medically induced coma for an undetermined amount of time. If it’s really bad, you will get a tracheotomy because intubation tubes are only safe for 2 weeks then it breaks the skin down and you developed an even more serious infection.

    It will be a long and arduous recovery with serious complications that will be with you the rest of your life.

    So you go a head and play your little games. I hope it’s all worth it in the end for you.

  14. 98% of the papayas tested were positive. The PCR test is the gold standard of fruit loops everywhere.

  15. Oh well. I guess that journal article I linked was way above your pay grade, huh Jumping Jacks? But when you’re right, you’re right. Intubations, tracheotomies, certain respiratory failure, sepsis – all super scary things to be sure. That medically induced coma shit sounds kind of fun, though, am I right?

    Anyway, since you’re obviously too stupid to understand the technical aspects of PCR as a diagnostic tool, I really think you should check out Integrals’ links, especially that one with Kary Mullis. It’s quite an eye-opener.

    Hey, did you know that he won the Nobel Prize? That’s pretty bad ass, huh? I’ll bet you’ll never win one of those. Not unless they start awarding them for pitching hissies on the internet, anyway. Then you’re sure to be a shoo-in. I mean that, munchkin.

  16. Jumping Jacks: It doesn’t even matter whether or not the snopes stat was right or not. I’ll assume it was. That is about 8% of the deaths we’d expect to have anyway on a yearly basis. Yawn. Wake me when the pandemic actually starts having a serious impact. While I would agree this is technically a real pandemic it’s only because the definition is such that they happen all the time. The seriousness of this pandemic has not turned into anything significant. If you wanted to make a logical argument Jacks what you should have argued was something in the way of non-death impact it’s having on people’s health who “recover”. Or you could have probably made some rational argument over the number of deaths being low as a result of the shutdowns occurring. I don’t know if there is evidence to back that up, but it’s at least a rational logical argument to make in explaining why the overall number of deaths hasn’t gone up (sort of) or maybe a better one would be that the reduction in deaths from car accidents due to fewer people being on the roads (maybe?) resulted in about the same number of people passing away.

    It’s kinda disgusting that neither side really make rational logical arguments. If you don’t do at least that we can’t even begin to discuss if the data backs anything up. We’re just a bunch of morons arguing with each other over shit nobody really understands or has looked at.

    I will give people on the left a chance to make a rational logical argument just as I’ll do for people on the other side. The problem is nobody actually cares to have that conversation. I can think of one person leaning more toward the right that’ll have that conversation who happens to work for a hospital. I gave up trying to argue this shit early on. Nobody’s listening on either side.

  17. kk.

    Fives most scary word from governments apparatchik: “Rules is for your safety”! Ha ha ha. Boris makes joke. It is laugh, no?

  18. The Truth – kk — KK you make good points and i hear what you are saying. Combining the total deaths from covid in the USA along with everything else does not change the fact hat covid does seriously infect and kill people and i is still a pandemic.

    The Truth – You are a troll who likes to create drama. I refuse to continue on with this “conversation” You can believe whatever you want. It’s your life and your responsibility to take care of yourself. I pointed out several points of your argument that is wrong. I only pray your ignorant, thoughts and uneducated statements don’t cause someone else to risk their lives like you are doing.

    As I said before, unless you live under a rock you do know what is happening with Covid-19.

    I am done responding to you because I can’t continue to waste time on a ignorant drama queen troll.

  19. That’s nice, Jumping Jacks.

    Anyway, I get what you’re saying. You’re not interested in solving problems at all, are you? You’d rather just give the appearance of concern without really having to do anything that helps anyone. How very mediocre of you, munchkin. You’re clearly a born leader.

  20. Jacks:

    “You are a troll who likes to create drama.”

    Yea- sure. So despite that I’m in agreement with the general consensus of the outlet here I’m the troll. This isn’t a media outlet that targets the majority. You’ve gone out of the way, not me, to troll here. It’s a forum for the minority who think government sucks (more than most I should add, cause who actually doesn’t think that) and freedom should be prioritized.

  21. kk.

    Mentallys ill Jumping Jacks is agent of chaos who responds to reason with lies. How else can he orchestrates rest of inmates to takes over asylum?

  22. kk – I never called you a troll. That part of my statements were directed towards “the truth”. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  23. The number of people who tested positive for covid-19 in Cheshire county is 742. Last week it was barely 300. A couple of weeks ago, there were only 34.

    I’d suggest you wear your masks. Protesting outside the governor’s house did nothing and the numbers of people getting infected each day are proof people aren’t following social distancing or wearing masks.

  24. Mmm hmm. That’s nice, munchkin. Anyway, did you know that people under 50 have a 99.98% chance of recovering from a covid infection? And that 40% who get it never show any symptoms at all? And that for people over 70, the survival rate is 94.6%? Yet you continue to post hysterical nonsense that everyone’s going to die from this thing. Pretty neurotic of you, don’t you think?

  25. Again, I choose to babble and lip dibble – I never said everyone is going to die moron. I have been saying those who test positive for coronavirus and get sick, end up with long standing health care issues.

    You try to make this seem like nothing which is your ignorance.

    So when you get sick enough, you will be seeing me in the ER.

    Educate yourself fool

  26. Mmm hmm. Wow. So you’ll be seeing me in the ER one of these days, huh munchkin? Hey, will you be wearing one of those rubber William Shatner masks like that weird serial killer in those “Halloween” movies? That’s how I picture you, by the way. Except maybe a little less sweaty.

    Anyway, munchkin, it’s not just me who thinks this ‘rona business is a complete load of horsecrap. The rulemakers do as well. Check out these assholes.

  27. Just another pathetic display to show my ignorance – Again your stupidity and ignorance runs wild. You posted articles that are over a month old. One was in September. People were thinking the corona virus had run it’s course. It hasn’t

    You are the only one who is a complete load of horse crap

    Enjoy your ignorance fest.

  28. Uh huh. So what you’re saying is that politicians are free to disregard the rules we’re forced to follow, just so long as they have a really good reason for doing so. Got it, munchkin. Sounds all perfectly reasonable.

    Except it really isn’t so much. Want to know why, munchkin? Well it turns out the ‘rona rules these assholes keep foisting upon us have another purpose entirely. And we have Mark Ghaly of the CA HHS to thank for letting the secret out to the press. Click the link below. Oh, by the way munchkin, he’s a doctor, so you know that everything that comes out of his mouth is the absolute truth. Really. I mean that. No joke. Cross my heart.

  29. Jumping Jacks “You posted articles that are over a month old. One was in September.”

    Jacks that snopes article you posted is outdated. Its from August. It references CDC mortality data up until June

    What field did you say you work in again?

  30. Intrigare calls outs Karen for whats Karen has done himself! It is laugh! What is feels like to be molested withouts lube, mentallys ill Jumping Jacks?

  31. The number of people who tested positive for covid-19 in Cheshire county is 742 and that was on December 9th 2020

    Today, 12/11/2020 the total is up to 778 known positive tests in Cheshire county.

    Who knows how many more people are out there who have covid-19 that haven’t been tested yet.

  32. That’s nice, Jumping Jacks. Anyway, as it turns out, 14 deaths were also reported in the last 24 h. Of those, 13 were linked to long term care facilities for people over the age of 60. Weird, huh? Hey, care to make any guesses as to what those 13 people really died of, munchkin?

  33. The number of people who tested positive in Cheshire county on 12/12/20 is 847. That is a significant increase in just one day.

  34. I know, munchkin. I know. The undesirables over here just don’t take you seriously enough. I mean really, you’re just trying to save the world and all, right? But buck up. Maybe the next pandemic will kill off half of the population instead of just a mere fraction of a fraction of a percent like this one did. Then if you’re one of the lucky survivors, you can tell everyone who’s left who refused to wear masks that you told them so! Cross your fingers, munchkin. And stay positive. You’re one of the good ones. I mean that, big guy. Hand to God.

  35. WIW: in that scenario masks could be blamed for deaths by creating a false sense of security. Oops there goes JJ’s victory lap 🙁

  36. Nah. I’m sure Jacks would find something else to blame, Intrigare. Probably Ian’s minions or some other weird shit. Never the masks. Remember, we’re not dealing with a levelheaded person here. Glad to see you back, by the way.

  37. Covid-19 infections went up again in your county.

    Yesterday 12-12-20 it was 847

    Today 12-13-20 It is 890

    That is a significant increase regarding covid-19

  38. That’s nice, munchkin. Anyway, we’re still waiting for your professional opinion on those 13 who died in those assisted-living facilities. What do you think they really died of, big guy? Diabetes complications? Advanced cancer? Cardiovascular issues? Oh well, maybe you’ll get back to us with that in your next post, huh?

    By the way, how’s that daughter of yours doing? You know, the deputy? Think she’ll be able to make her ticket quota in time for Christmas? After all, you can’t buy presents for the kids without that sweet moolah, am I right munchkin?

  39. Uh huh. Anyway, munchkin, I’m glad we have someone like you around to keep us deplorables up to date on the ‘rona. There is one problem, though. It turns out that Yahoo is another one of those activist web sites. You know, the ones you’re always warning us about? Maybe you should post another link? One with a little less bias for once? Hey, how ’bout from one of those medical journals none of us could possibly afford the subscriptions to? I’m sure that would put us in our place. Thanks a bunch, big guy.

  40. Jacks has your head been in the sand all year or something? There have been many many articles of this nature. Many call it fake news, even the President. Its propaganda to get us to run and hide and give the government unlimited wealth and power.

    If we all believed whatever the news tells us, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation now would we?

    Why not argue with facts and figures, JJ? Is it too hard for you to find data to back up your position that “whatever the mainstream says is correct.”

    If its too hard for you, why not take a step back and stop making noise to let others who may be more equipped have debate?

  41. Yes do show us those medical periodicals. NYT isn’t cutting it 😉

  42. Two days ago the people who tested positive for coronavirus was 890

    Today The number is 935

    The numbers continue to climb. It would be a good idea to wear masks and not chance it.

  43. Geez, Jumping Jacks. Climbing numbers, huh? Well that’s alarming. Hey, you don’t have a few links to back any of those numbers up, do you? Just remember the rules. No activist sites, ok?

    Oh, and remember to be brave, munchkin, because the world needs more bravery. Feel free to click on the link below to listen to some inspiring words. You deserve it, big guy.

  44. Jacks: The number of infected is increasing. However less than 2% of the population is infected based on your numbers. Of that less than 7 or so of those people will probably die. Most of them will be old and have been on deaths doorstep either way. The scarier thing is probably that 1 in 5 young people will end up in the hospital. 1 in 5 sounds scarier as that means a few hundred people are probably hospitalized right now although I’m not sure they’re all hospitalized right now, but just some percentage of the ones infected have or will be.

  45. kk – The numbers I posted are from the CDC. It’s the number of people who tested positive for the corona virus in Cheshire county.

    It is unknown how many people are affected by the virus because there is a population of people who haven’t been tested.
    2% of a population is significant.

    “Of that less than 7 or so of those people will probably die. Most of them will be old and have been on deaths doorstep either way”.

    I disagree with your statement. There is no proof of such a thing. Yes there is a significant number of geriatric patients but that doesn’t mean they are going to be the most deaths.

    This is an interesting graph that shows the number of covid cases in your state. They break down the numbers per 100,000 people.

  46. There’s no proof. Yet a significant portion of geriatric patients still die. But that doesn’t mean they contribute the most deaths or anything.

    Uh huh. Wow.

    You know, munchkin, you really should read over your bullshit more carefully before you click “Post Comment.” It would save you a lot of embarrassment.

    Anyway, here’s how math works, big guy. I’ll use LA’s own covid statistics to illustrate my point:

    14,276 died over the age of 65
    3,703 died between the ages of 50 and 64
    1,384 died between the ages of 18 and 49
    2 died under the age of 18

    Notice that “significant portion” over the age of 65? That represents 75% of the deaths.

    Pop quiz, Jacks. Is it fair to say that that age group also represents the MOST deaths? Don’t think too hard and smash the pea, munchkin.

  47. Calling all freekeene hypocrites. It will be interesting to see how many freekeeners and it’s supporters will be standing inline for the covid-19 vaccinations.

    The current total testing positive for corona virus in Cheshire county is 978

    Two days ago it was 935.

  48. Wow, Jacks. You’re really super-serious about all this apocalyptic covid crap, aren’t you? I mean eight fear porn posts and counting and still no sign of giving up? Hey, are you gonna be just like Saint Anthony Fauci and give up Christmas this year too? He cares so much for us wretched deplorables, doesn’t he?

    Anyway munchkin, none of us have been able to stop laughing about that nonsense you were blathering about yesterday. Remember that? You know, your outstanding point about “significant numbers” that you thought was really clever but ultimately failed to articulate properly? Boy, that was really funny, wasn’t it? You know, you should drop that doctoral candidate bullshit you’re always talking about and consider posting to Free Keene professionally. You really have a knack for persuasion. I mean that, big guy. No foolin’.

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