Underground New Year’s Eve Party “QUARANKEENE Space Disco” Raises Over $1,100 for Charity

Tonight, New Year’s Eve, while government goons are threatening people and telling them to stay home, over one hundred revelers are together in a secret venue in the Keene area for “QUARANKEENE Space Disco”! Organizers of the party say it will feature now-prohibited activities like karaoke and dancing. Featuring multiple live DJs, delicious food, good times, and all donations at the door will be given to the NH Liberty Defense Fund. The Liberty Defense Fund is of course accepting cryptocurrency as well as Goldbacks. Here’s the official event flyer:

QUARANKEENE Space Disco 2020

QUARANKEENE Space Disco 2020

Event co-organizer “Soundwave” said, “2020 has been a soul-crushing year for people across the planet. With lame-ass stay-at-home ‘dance parties’, drive-in concerts with zero crowd energy, and inhumane mask mandates, people have been unable to sing, dance, and connect with other humans. We’re not afraid of a virus that doesn’t show symptoms in the supermajority of the people it infects and kills a small fraction of the elderly, obese people who do actually show symptoms. This whole COVID thing has been a massive excuse to expand government control over people’s lives and transfer more wealth to the elite, while destroying small businesses. We decided the best thing we could do to fight this insanity is to throw a killer party.”

Indeed, tonight’s venue is a previously successful Keene-area restaurant that was closed permanently early on in 2020. The courageous venue owner, Malaise Lindenfeld, is also one of the plaintiffs in the federal lawsuit against the statewide mask mandate as well as the City of Keene’s mandate. Lindenfeld said, “Our most basic freedoms have been coopted by politicians who forget that they serve at our pleasure and not the other way around. If each of us were to take a stand and say “I will not comply”, it will go a long way towards the fight against tyranny.”

QUARANKEENE is the latest in a series of Space Disco parties that began in August 2019, co-founded by DJ Capital Interest. The goal is to eventually throw an epic party in space, but until then build excitement by throwing space-themed parties here on Earth. DJ Capital Interest explained, “The Space Disco is literally going to outer space. Our life mission is to open the solar system’s first discotheque outside of Earth’s atmosphere by joining forces with the world’s leading space and party companies.” Regarding tonight’s party, DJ Capital Interest said, “Space Disco Summer 2020 was by far the best dance club in the country and Space Disco NYE 2020/21 is shaping up to be the best Winter dance club, thanks to so many independent thinkers concentrated in New Hampshire.”

UPDATE: The party raised over $1100 in cash plus a bunch of Goldbacks, a few ounces of silver, and multiple different cryptocurrencies for the Liberty Defense Fund! It was a smashing success.

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  1. Today in Cheshire county 1509 people have tested positive for coronavirus.

  2. Mmm hmm. Sure they did, big guy. Sure they did.

    Anyway, Jacks, the actual number – when factoring in false positives, false negatives, and the asymptomatic – is more in the range of 175-225 people – about the same as the current number in NH’s hospitals, by the way.

    Hey, munchkin. Want to know where all this science is coming from? Lol. Just kidding. I know you don’t.


  3. Yeah Jacks was never one for accuracy. Or science.

    Most of those hospital patients would have been in the hospital anyway.

    If we want to post a daily figure, how about how many businesses have gone under?

  4. Or the truth.

    Anyway Intrigare, I looked up this year’s business casualties. C/O Yelp. It turns there were almost 98,000 permanent closures of businesses that were open on March 1. Yet Jacks is more worried about the short-term effects of what usually amounts to the sniffles with most people? What an asshole.


  5. Now that’s informative. Thank you for that Silvia.

    Jacks, indeed you are an asshole.

  6. Today in Cheshire County, there area total of 1589 people who have tested positive for the coronavirus.

  7. 1,589 just today, huh Jacks? Wow. You know at this rate, in a year-and-a-half or so it’ll reach the same number of people who’ve lost their livelihoods to permanent business closures. Damn shame about all those “non-essential” workers, huh? But hey, fuck them, am I right munchkin? Your side’s on a mission from God!

  8. You can’t be this stupid. At this very time in Cheshire county, there are 1589 people who have tested positive for the coronavirus.

  9. 1,589? Well geez louise, Jacks. And that was just today, right?

    Anyway, as of January 11, there have been 545,955 “cases” of the ‘rona in NH, yet only 857 hospitalizations.

    Notice how NOT scary that really is? Especially once you consider the fact that a positive test is not a case at all. A case is defined as a person who has symptoms of the illness.

    Now I don’t know why you haven’t figured this out yet, munchkin, but when mediocre people like yourself keep lecturing smart people who aren’t sick to shut up and put their lives on hold while you don’t sacrifice a thing, they’re eventually going to get suspicious of the whole business, tell you to go fuck a duck, and maybe take an ice auger to your colon for good measure. See how this shit works? Just joking, Jacks. I know you don’t.

  10. 52,307 “cases.”

  11. Today in Cheshire county there are 1631 people who have tested positive for the coronavirus.

    “put their lives on hold while you don’t sacrifice a thing”. – Really? What do you think I haven’t sacrificed? It’s idiots like you who prefer to live in darkness convincing your uneducated self the coronavirus is just a little cold.

    You seem to forget the after effects of the virus that can leave your lungs to be damaged, Your liver to slowly fail, especially your kidneys could be damaged and you will never get decent health insurance if you end up with end stage renal failure.

    Why you blow this of is totally beyond me. But someday with your ignorance you may just find out.

  12. God damn, Jacks. These hissies of yours are absolutely hilarious. You really have a knack for this sort of thing, don’tcha?

    Anyway, the guys over at Ridley Report have been asking where you’ve been lately. Maybe you could drop in and say hi, today? I’m sure they’d just love that. Ha ha ha. I’m just kidding you, munchkin. Don’t bother. They actually all think you’re a dickhole. They’re not the only ones, am I right?

  13. You seem to be responding to my statements more than anyone else. It’s you who throws the hissy fits. I state the facts troll

  14. Good one, Jacks. You’re the best. No really. I mean that. No foolin’.

    Anyway munchkin, a lot of us here can’t help but notice that your facts only seem to serve one purpose: to scare people. Thing is, you can’t scare people who’re armed with the truth. Sucks to be you, huh Jacks?

  15. The stats I’ve placed in my statements are just the cold hard facts If you think it’s to scare people, then you are so wrong on many levels.

    By the way, why do you use the words “a lot of us”. Still hearing those voices in your head?

    When you go to the grocery store, I know you wear a mask. I know if you go into convenience stores, you are wearing a mask. When you go to buy alcohol, you wear a mask. You are such a hypocrite. So stop with your petty bullshit,

    I also know you will be a hypocrite by standing in line for that coronavirus flu shot. Make sure they give it to you in your ass. That way you won’t have to wear long sleeve shirts to hide the injection site. Your unending bullshit doesn’t need another fake story to tell.

  16. Mmmm yes nothing but cold hard facts from Jumping Jacks 😀

  17. Holy shit, Jacks. Two hissies in just over 24 hours? Wow, that’s a personal record for you, huh? Glad I could help by being a part of it.

    Anyway, speaking of hypocrites, check this shit out. It turns out that Our Lady of Coronaviridae, Dr. Deborah Birx (may she live forever) just recently got caught not taking her own advice. Isn’t that absolutely appalling? I mean really! It’s almost as if she thinks the ‘vid is actually no big deal at all! Hey, you’re both medical colleagues, aren’tcha? You should write her a stern letter and set her back on the straight and narrow before the rest of us start getting any more funny ideas about not wearing masks. Let me know how that goes, ok munchkin?


  18. Today in Cheshire County, 1753 people have tested positive for the coronavirus.

    The article you referred me to is just a scandal rag sheet for political gain. The like you provided was put out in December 2020.

    Keep trying to show everyone how dumb you really are.

  19. Oh, and Jacks? Quick question. If a news article is more than say, a month old, then why is the information in it no longer plausible? I mean, not to nitpick or anything, but how exactly did you come up with that? I’ll bet you pulled that one out of your butt just like you do with all your other “cold hard facts,” right? Boy. I can’t wait to learn more about this. I’ll be right here waiting, so feel free to chime in whenever you’re ready. Do hurry, though.

  20. Whoa, Jacks. Slow down there. Don’t you think a stern letter’s more than enough? After all, Dr. Birx (may she live forever) deserves a little leeway, doesn’t she? I mean, she’s a doctor just like you with a horrible plague to manage. Besides, all she did was celebrate Thanksgiving with her family just like everyone else did.

    So why don’t you calm down and forget all of this nazi crap and stop being a tool for once, huh? You’re better than that. Lol. Just joshin’ ya, Jacks. We all know you aren’t.

  21. Today in Cheshire County – 1782 people have tested positive for the coronavirus.

  22. Well, well. Will look at this, Jacks? One of the most trusted members of Pope Saint Fauci the Great’s (may he live forever) Inquisition is now singing a different tune. I’m sure it has nothing to do with Joe Biden being inaugurated next week, right munchkin? Anyway, I wonder if all these mask mandates are far behind?



    In other news, it turns out a lot of our dearest leaders are actually all hypocrites. Wanna see a music video about that? It was produced by some comedian named Remy Munasifi. It’s really, really catchy and that’s no joke. Ha ha. Get it, Jacks? Oh I’m just messing with you, big guy. I know you don’t.



  23. Cheshire County has 1825 people who have tested positive for the covid virus.

  24. Jacks: I don’t care. Let em die. If that is to be my end better that than living in tyranny.

  25. None of those people are going to die, kk. Most of them won’t even get sick. A lot of us know that. You know it. I know it. And want to know the best part? Jacks knows it, too. Hilarious, huh?

  26. kk – “: I don’t care. Let em die. If that is to be my end better that than living in tyranny”. You can’t be serious. Wearing a mask is not tyranny. When you are lying in a hospital bed trying to breath with a high fever then talk about tyranny.

  27. Hey Jacks, speaking of tyrants, it looks like the governor of California is looking at being recalled. Care to guess why the voters there are so mad at him? Well, for one, he’s kind of a dickhole. But there’s plenty of other things to hate him for as well. I mean check this shit out.


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