VIDEO: Keene Parking Bureaucrat Admits She Prefers to Avoid Court With Activists

The Shire Free Church recently received notice from a debt collector claiming we owed the “City of Keene” $60 for an unpaid parking ticket. I knew this could not be the case since I challenge every ticket on behalf of the Church and demand a trial and every time – these days – they drop the charge rather than go to court over a $10 ticket.

So, I headed down to city hall this week to find out why a collections notice had been sent. I was pleased to hear the bureaucrat report that she “likes it that way” when we aren’t in court with them.

It’s a validation of the activist approach of challenging all tickets. Be such a burden to the system that they have to drop your charges. If only more people would do this, then more charges would be dropped! If you’re in New Hampshire and you receive a ticket for anything at all, try demanding your trial and see what happens!

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  1. Yea, I’ve had tickets dropped just by going into the city hall building and up to the parking department. No trial required. They are sick of dealing with us.

  2. Ian, Its not the “burden”, it’s the childish acts you and your minions put on while you are in court. True, taking a $10.00 parking ticket isn’t much of a punishment and a waste of everyone’s time. I do know that a number of the freekeene minions have received parking tickets and had to pay the fine one way or another.

    No matter how you look at it Ian, you and the freekeene minions are not above the law like you think you are.

  3. Today in Cheshire county NH, there are 2394 confirmed cases of covid-19.

    The numbers are getting bigger and bigger. Wear your masks.

  4. “Ian, Its not the โ€œburdenโ€, itโ€™s the childish acts you and your minions put on while you are in court.”

    That sounds like a burden to me. As for the rest of your rant Jumping Jacks, I say no victim no crime.

  5. “The numbers are getting bigger and bigger. Wear your masks.”

    We’ll be fine thanks.

  6. Mmm hmm. Yet it’s not a bit childish for the City of Keene to charge $0.75 for one hour and instantly balloon that price to $60 once you’re one minute over that hour, huh Jacks?

    Gee. I’ve never heard of privately-owned parking lots doing loathsome things like that. I mean it’s not the best business model if you want repeat business, am I right? But then again, entrepreneurs don’t have the police in their pockets to act as their collection agents, now do they? You get where I’m going with this, right munchkin? Just kidding. I know you don’t.

  7. A lot of us carry automatic weapons and wear floral pattern clothes… a ridiculous combination. You are an idiot. First it was these “Robin Hooders” They may say they won but you are still paying for parking.

    The city can place meters anywhere they want. You don’t own Keene. You are a resident. I do not believe you own your own home. You live in some rundown apartment building. If you want something different, go through the proper channels and get it changed.

    The freekeeners think by harassing meter maids that is going to make the city bend your way. It didn’t work.

    By the way chuckles, there are stores who do own they’re own parking lots and if you don’t pay you can’t park. There are other cities who the stores have parking areas and you have to pay monthly to park there. If you don’t pay, you get your car towed and they will fine you on top of it.

    Looking at most freekeeners, you all should park father away because you all look way out of shape and sickly.

    Stop being such a liar and bullshit artist. It makes you sound like a fool.

  8. Jumping Jacks Robin Hooding involves paying someone’s expired meter so they won’t be ticketed. So you see Robin Hooding is always a “win” just because it helps so many people out. People appreciate it and it helps some become more aware of the true destructive nature of the state. See

    Also asking meter maids questions is not harassment. If they don’t like to deal with the public then perhaps they should seek other employment? Just a thought.

    Oh and the city doesn’t “own” Keene either.

  9. Uh huh. That’s nice, Jacks. No. Really. I’m not just saying that because I feel sorry for you or anything. I mean that, munchkin.

    Anyway, it’s not surprising you’re being such a humbug about all this. The fact that you’re not deriding the whole parking ticket hustle as “price gouging” like the principled little libtard you see yourself as fits in perfectly with the low level of personal character we all know you actually possess.

    Oh, and by the way, you’re completely wrong about the Robin Hooding activism. It obviously did work. Maybe you should reread the headline again? Apparently the good news didn’t stick the first time through. It probably has something to do with that weird brain thing you have. You know, you really should get your head looked at one of these days. Missing all the salient points every time we chat is really not normal, big guy.

  10. good job

  11. Thank you for not being a cuck and laying down for your lessers. It takes maturity and foresight, and passion to stand up to that gang. Thank you

  12. No, I am not completely wrong about the “Robin Hooders” They were out harassing meter maids and proceeded to make asses out of themselves.

    So what did the Robin Hooders win? Obviously nothing because there are still parking meters. If you want to throw money in a meter for anyone that’s your choice.

    With parking kiosks being the norm in cities around the USA, I say you freekeeners are nothing but pests and ill-mannered children.

  13. Jumping Jacks Robin Hooders won a lot of things but I understand you’re going to think what you’re going to think.

    If you ever want to educate yourself on the subject you could try rereading my post or check out

    You could also check out a lot of the National News coverage at the time they won in the NH Supreme Court for more info.

  14. What exactly did the Robin Hooders win? I never saw anything about the Robin Hooders and the supreme court on the news.and I’m talking all the big news stations.

    Like Ian, the rest of the freekeeners tell tall tales trying to make themselves more important than they really are. Ian and his minions like to twist words around and call the sky green and the trees blue.

  15. Jumping Jacks again you can reread my post, follow the link I provided, or check out the national news coverage at the time they won their NH Supreme Court case defending free speech.

    Here is another link if you find it difficult

    If you still don’t understand, then I’m not sure how else I could help you. Not be mean, but maybe you really should get your head examined as other commenters have suggested. Have you considered that?

  16. Blimey. No big time news coverage at all, huh Jacks? Geez. I didn’t know we needed any of that. Wow, I guess your side really has us by the short hairs now, don’t they? Now we’re just going to have to give up and move out of NH with our tails between our legs and start over, huh? Bummer. Ha ha. Just kidding. Could you imagine if any of us actually meant that? Don’t worry, big guy. We’re never going away. Ever. That’s a promise.

    At any rate, while we were all sipping brewskis and playing Janga last night, this question came up a bunch of times: What exactly is the cause of that brain thing of yours, anyway? Now I think its because you’re huffing too much paint. But a cocaine-induced stroke or a rolling pin to the head from the wife seems just as plausible. Anyhow, we’re just curious is all. Super curious. Don’t worry, we’re not placing any bets on this or anything. So care to clue us in with the deets here? Thanks a bunch, munchkin.

  17. Now what would Jumping Jacks do with all of his time if Free Keene did move away? No worries Jacks, we’re all in this together, right?

    Robin Hooding was actually a thing before Free Keene. Free Keene didn’t invent it but sure made it theirs. For good reason also… It is an excellent method of outreach.

  18. Pssst Sylvia, what’s the odds on Jumping next asking again “what did they win?”. I’ve got some fdrs burning a hole in my pocket if you know what I mean. Oh and the daily positive test update as a side line.

  19. FRN*

  20. Lol, Intrigare. Judging by Jacks’ posts over the last few days those odds are easily at the 100% confidence level. You can’t take bets on that kind of certainty. I think the real money’s on how many posts it’ll take for Jacks to call me “chuckles” again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Silvia,

    Kinds of reminds me when Jacks used to call Drac “peaches.”

    You see, there is some humanity hiding somewhere deep inside Jumping Jacks behind the challenged grumpy clown front.

  22. Intrigare – “What did the Robin Hooders win”? You continually dance around the question I have asked. I want to hear it from you directly. I am not going to do a search for this answer. It just isn’t that important to waste my time looking for some answer that obviously doesn’t exist.

    If you can’t answer me directly, it points to, you don’t know either.

  23. ๐Ÿ™‚ Lol

  24. Holy Schnikes. Jacks is back. And now he has ultimatums. God that’s sexy. You better give him what he wants, Intrigare. You know how he is with the silent treatment.

  25. But Jacks,

    Wouldn’t you first like me to answer whether I’ll take the covid vaccine? You know, to see how hypocritical I am. I’ll be waiting for your response.

  26. *eating Raisinets

  27. Intrigare – Answer both questions.

  28. Now Jacks,

    As much as we may love to see this domineering side of you, I could see answering ONE already-answered question to avoid your dreaded silent treatment… but two? That’s pushing it a bit don’t you think?

    Maybe we could meet somewhere in the middle. What do you have to offer in exchange for me repeating the answers to two questions? Oh I know… how about an answer to Silvia’s question about your “brain thing.” That’s fair isn’t it?

  29. Intrigare – My questions are straightforward and uncomplicated. If you truly believe what you stand for, you would have answered my questions right away.

  30. Hey, Jacks. Not to be a noodge or nothing, but I’ve noticed you’ve been leaving out your usual doom-and-gloom statistics on the ‘rona these last few days. Sheesh. I don’t know what’s been going on with you lately, but I don’t like this one, tiny bit. You really need to stop being such a limpdick and get back to God’s work of scaring the shit out of us with cold, hard pandemic facts like a good little busybody.

    Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for you today, big guy. Carry on, I guess.

  31. Oh Jacks, and if you were truly interested in the answers to your questions, you would acknowledge that they were answered right away, before you asked them even.

    But you keep playing this little game of cat and mouse, and we keep obliging you. Like school yard playmates, that’s how we all know we love each other, right Jacks?

  32. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Oh and Jacks, if your questions are “straightforward and uncomplicated” then does that mean you won’t answer Silvia’s question because its… Complicated?

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