Multiple Downtown Keene Businesses Begin Accepting Crypto in the Last Year!

Pho Keene Great Logo

Pho Keene Great is now accepting cryptocurrencies!

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been on a major run up in recent months, but a bunch of Keene-area businesses were ahead of the curve. A variety of locally owned establishments jumped onboard with NH-based crypto payments processor Anypay in 2020 including Keene Barber, YOLO, Pho Keene Great, and the brand-new Mighty Moose Mart. Thus far, in 2021 Rogue Taxi and Lucky 7s Bar and Grille have begun accepting cryptocurrency.

Keene has long been a world-leader in local businesses accepting Bitcoin per capita and it continues to live up to its name of Crypto Mecca. This summer, two downtown businesses located right next door to each other, Keene Barber and YOLO – a local frozen yogurt shop – started accepting crypto. That means Keene has three distinct businesses in a row that are taking cryptocurrency from customers, as YOLO is next to Corner News – which first received Bitcoin in 2013.

Keene’s world-famous Pho Keene Great, which at one time made international headlines for the City of Keene’s attack against the name of their pho noodle restaurant, is now accepting multiple cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), DASH, Bitcoin SV (BSV), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). PKG’s food is fantastic and yet another delicious option of now several food establishments in downtown Keene accepting crypto including indian food, pizza, burgers, and bbq.

Near the end of 2020, Keene added its third crypto-accepting convenience store. Yes, three of the area’s neighborhood stores accept multiple cryptocurrencies. Keene is an amazing place. It started with Corner News all the way back in 2013, then Campus Convenience in 2019 and the all-new Mighty Moose Mart opened its doors accepting crypto in November of 2020. Mighty Moose Mart is offering custom-made sandwiches and other hot, fresh food, as well as beer, wine, tobacco, and the usual convenience store items. They’ll even give you a 5% discount if you pay in cryptocurrency!

Mighty Moose Mart

The brand-new Mighty Moose Mart at 661 Marlboro St.

Early this year, Rogue Taxi became the first taxi company in the area to accept cryptocurrency and recently Lucky 7s Bar & Grille also began accepting multiple cryptos. Lucky 7s is located inside the Keene Casino and run by the same owner of Thirsty Owl, which had taken crypto for years before closing due to the economic difficulties imposed by the destructive government mandates being forced down peoples’ throats.

Here’s a cool interactive map showing businesses that take cryptocurrency, which cryptos, and how active the business is with crypocurrency sales.

If you own a business and want to accept cryptocurrency at your point-of-sale, first you need a wallet to hold your coins, like Edge Wallet. Then, install the Anypay app and copy your wallet addresses from your wallet to the Anypay settings. Within minutes, you’ll be all set to accept multiple cryptocurrencies of your choice, like BTC, DASH, BCH, BSV, LTC, and now DOGE!

To learn more about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, check out our resources here and visit the Bitcoin Embassy at 661 Marlboro St in Keene right next door to Mighty Moose Mart and sign up for Bitcoin 101.

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  1. i know business will take it, but to they groan about it..

  2. Yes, foolish minions! Don’t HODL your crypto, spend it! Then when your coins increases in value 100x against the collapsing fiat USD you can brag about how you spent $1000 in crypto for your hamburger.

  3. holder.. you are exaggerating.. if you spend while it’s up you get more bang for your crypto

  4. “Multiple downtown key businesses”. Let’s not get carried away here. A few businesses would be the appropriate statement.
    Last week, the PD in 4 countries pulled together and caught 10 people who managed to bilk celebrities out of 100 million in bitcoin.

    This article is primarily the reason why I don’t invest in bitcoin.,form%20of%20cryptographic%20keys%20which%20are…%20More%20

  5. Ok so “Multiple Downtown Keene Businesses” like the heading already reads. Nice try though Jumping Jacks!

    Your article is from almost a year ago and every argument it makes against bitcoin also applies to USD.

    Maybe if you had invested in bitcoin rather than the medical subscription scams you’d be better off today, eh Jacks? Which reminds me, I have some oceanfront property in Arizona for sale if you’re interested ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Nice points, Intrigare.

    One other thing I noticed. If we apply Jacks’ own novel rules of scale we learn that a few dickhead cops in a few countries caught a few people stealing multiple bitcoins from a few asshole celebrities. Wow. I really don’t see what the big deal is there. Do you, Intrigare? What about you, Jacks? We really value your opinion. Care to explain why we need to be concerned with any of this?

  7. Yes Jacks, care to explain?

    Also I noticed you omitted the names of the celebrities. Care to include those so we know you’re not just spreading fake news again, munchkin?

  8. I don’t feel bitcoin is stable so I don’t invest in it. My choice. I already posted a link to an article I believe in.

    No, you cannot make the same argument for USD as you can for bitcoins volatile history.

    freekeeners seem to want to live like it’s the 1800’s again. If so, who will be manning the internet? If the internet ever went down for whatever reason, how are you going to get access to your bitcoins?

  9. Now Jacks,

    Before blaming your linked article for missing the bitcoin boat, don’t you think you ought to read it first? If you had, silly, you’d know that it doesn’t say anything about bitcoin’s stability. Nor did I.

    Oh and its your system of violence that has been around since prehistoric times.
    Freekeeners on thr other hand are way ahead of their time.

  10. I will continue to take my investing advice from my stock broker and accountant. Not from a bunch of freekeeners whom most are on disability and live in efficiency apartments.

  11. No volatility in the USD, huh Jacks? Well that’s an interesting position to be taking. Say, did you know that the USD has been declining in value since the start of the “pandemic?” It’s also lost thirty times its purchasing power since the 1800s.

    Ah. The 1800s. Such happy times. Back then we’d have tarred and feathered a dickhole like you and run you out of town. Probably even thrown you down an old mineshaft just because. God I miss the old days. Don’t you?

    Anyway, guess what, munchkin? Debit and credit cards don’t work without electricity either. That could be a big problem once the world’s governments finally agree to pull the trigger and force the rest of us to participate in a cashless society. They’re planning that, by the way. Don’t believe me?

  12. Uh oh. Got that, Intrigare? Jacks has an accountant and a stock broker now. So you better be nice. You don’t want to have to hear the story about how he met his hot wife Morgan Fairchild at Harvard Medical School just after he acquired his fourth Ph.D., now do you?

  13. Ah now its his “stock broker and accountant” to blame for missing the bitcoin boat, not the linked article.

    Anyway is this so-called stock broker/accountant the guy in the cell next to yours Jacks? You know the one who somehow always manages to sneak in contraband underneith the orderlies’ noses?

  14. Today in Cheshire county, there are 2597 confirmed cases of covid-19. Right now a new variant of the coronavirus has been seen in California. Scientists Are unsure if the vaccine will work or not.

    Wear your masks and keep them clean as you can because we are all in this together.

  15. Today the US National debt has reached over $27,950,338,000,000 USD. That figure has doubled in 10 years.

    Diversify into alternatives such bitcoin and precious metals because we are all in this together.

  16. No working vaccines for this new covid variant thing, huh Jacks? Wow, that’s super scary, isn’t it? Kinda like that George Orwell novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four.” Heard of it, munchkin? It’s a fun read. I’m sure way more fun than all those boring medical journals you’re always telling us about.

    Anyway, in the book there’s this superstate called Oceania that’s in this war with two other superstates called Eurasia and Eastasia. Alliances with each superstate are constantly in flux and the war itself seems to have no clear objective. It’s also economically untenable and admittedly completely unwinnable. By design.

    Because get this, big guy – it turns out that the war is entirely made up! Betcha didn’t see that one coming, huh?

    You see, Jacks, the overarching purpose of this “war” is to justify the annexation of resources from Oceania’s population at large. This has the effect of keeping the population poor and, more importantly, incapable of rebelling. Couple this with unceasing government propaganda and the population doesn’t even realize there’s any need to rebel in the first place. Ingenius, am I right?

    You see where I’m going with this, Jacks? Ha ha. Just kidding. I know you don’t.

  17. Yup replace “Eurasia” or “Eastasia” with whatever the latest public scare is, and we’re living the same storyline.

    Or at least that’s what a thought criminal would say ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. More freekener BS. No where did I say the vaccine will not work. The scientist are concerned about the efficacy of the vaccine.

    Your unending bullshit you utter falls on deaf ears. You can’t even stay on topic. This article is about businesses who will take cryptocurrency for services rendered. Idiot

  19. Now Jacks,

    If you didn’t want to talk about covid, maybe you could try not always being the first one to talk about covid? Just a thought, champ. Cute hissy though.

    1984 is for those who are already waking to the “if” its happening, but can’t quite put their finger on the “why?” Things like the current scamdemic, Jacks. It comes as no surprise to us that it would just keep going on and on forever.

    So of course that would fall on deaf ears with you. You seem to like the idea of a boot stamping on a human face forever, don’t you Jumping Jacks? That’s what we call mental illness.

    “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” – George Orwell

  20. Oh and before I forget, today the US National debt has reached over $27,953,297,000,000 USD. That figure has increased approximately $3 billion since yesterday.

    Diversify into alternatives such bitcoin and precious metals because we are all in this together.

  21. Yup. Cute as a button, Intrigare. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, it’s a darn shame he couldn’t finish off that tantrum by calling me “chuckles” again, huh? I guess we deserve it. We keep forgetting what a stickler he is about everyone in earshot staying the course on whatever weird shit happens to be popping into his head at the moment. Do you think he’ll ever forgive us? Lol. Just kidding. I know he has too much hatred in his heart to do anything nice like that.

  22. Oh I’m sure he’ll resume with his pet names for you in no time. Jacks just plays hard-to-get sometimes. You’ll see ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. You’re right, Intrigare. Thanks for the inspirational talk. I don’t know what I was thinking before. It must be all this bitcoin volatility that’s getting me down. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Unlike Jumping Jacks and his so-called “stock broker and accountant,” most investers understand the risk vs reward paradigm. Volatility is often an essential thing in an investment portfolio and should not be automatically dismissed as “unstable.”

    Bitcoin is the same, risk vs reward, and boy has it been rewarding for its long-term believers. Maybe Jacks could learn something from them instead of being repeated victim of professional scam artists.

    Hehe, I know what you’re thinking. Jacks learn anything? How absurd is that? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. investors*

  26. That’s true, Intrigare. Without any of that volatility in the mix, how could the rest of us ever hope to get rich by buying low and selling high? Too bad Jacks doesn’t get that. Boy, that brain thing of his is really holding him back, isn’t it?

  27. Indeed. Speaking of which, what are the current betting lines on the cause of that? I’m thinking about placing a wager on “failed stunt attempt motivated by delusions of grandeur.”

  28. Lol Intrigare. Most of us over here at Casa de la DeSitter are betting on it being a result of some sort of accident at birth. You know, something along the lines of him being dropped on his head by the midwife or whatnot. It might even be some sort of high-functioning autism. I tend to favor the second one, but without a confession from Jacks himself, I guess we’ll never know. It’s really fun to crack jokes about it though, am I right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. “This article is primarily the reason why I donโ€™t invest in bitcoin. ”

    Right- so you’ve just revealed how retarded you are. Because other people are stupid and getting fleeced cause of it, you don’t invest in Bitcoin. hmm so you must be saying by that logic you are a dumb as fuck… right. You might want to keep that to yourself.

    “I donโ€™t feel bitcoin is stable so I donโ€™t invest in it. My choice. I already posted a link to an article I believe in.”

    You keep changing the reason you don’t invest. First it was because other people are stupid and apparently by that logic you are saying you are stupid too…. and now it’s cause it’s not stable. Which is it jacks??? Are you saying there are multiple reasons? If Bitcoin were stable it would make a poor investment. I like my investments to go up in value. I don’t know about you,but only dumb fucks invest in things that go down. I wouldn’t say my use of crypto is an investment, but it has resulted in an increase in my net assets, and if it were an investment it would be the best investment of all time.

    “live like its 1800 again”

    Right so.. you do realize that crypto is dependent on the internet right? What you’re saying makes no sense.

    ” If the internet ever went down for whatever reason, how are you going to get access to your bitcoins?”

    Right, this is stupid. If the internet goes down you got bigger issues. You won’t able to purchase gas cause the pumps won’t operate because they’re dependent on electricity. The stores won’t have food cause they’re dependent on electricity and trucks. Your cash won’t be worth anything either cause it’s not getting deposited or withdrawn nor transferred to upstream suppliers cause well- the banks are not operating- nor credit cards- nor other means of transferring your dirty fiat. If you want to talk about all out apocalypse you better be talking in bullets and rice and other stable crops that store well, and fuel like wood, not dirty fiat, not gold, not crypto. But if we’re talking serious preparation here you should be diversifying your assets anyway so you’ll probably be better prepared than most. A little gold, bullets, rice, fuel, physical and strategic defenses, access to water, and so on. For me I am well diversified, but it isn’t in any of these things because the greatest risk isn’t an apocalypse or internet/power outage even. That doesn’t mean I am not at all prepared. It just means I’m not as well prepared for things less likely to happen as I am for things more likely to happen. Fewer bullets, but I do have a power generator, gas, small emergency food supply, and investments, both local, and regional (that is if one asset goes bye-bye I can still survive financially, if I had to flee, same thing).

  30. ROFL. Jacks hasn’t even begun to show you how retarded he is. Trust me on this one, jimmy boy.

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