U.S. on “Wrong Track” say over 68% of NH Young Voters, North Country, Republicans, Undeclareds

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A recent post over at NHexit.US reveals some of the interesting demographic breakdowns of the St. Anselm College poll from this month, which showed 68% of New Hampshire voters think the United States is on the “wrong track”.

That number alone is impressive, but some categories of voters were even more likely to say “wrong track”, like younger voters, people in the North Country, republicans and the much-coveted undeclared voter.

Check out the details here at NHexit.US.

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  1. OK, And this means what?

  2. It means Ian hasn’t posted in awhile. Maybe he just wanted a flimsy pretext to share another shitty wordpress blog. That study has the majority of people saying they would vote for federal representatives, so I’m not really sure how it helps support the crackpot idea of secession.

  3. The idea of secession didn’t come about by accident, Karl. It’s becoming popular because you libtard weirdos have decided that you’re the only ones who should be running things.

  4. Yup, and we’ll continue running things. Especially your life in particular, Silvia. You’ll have free healthcare and a basic standard of living whether you like it or not. THE LEFT IS COMING FOR YOU!

    (Psst… But it won’t be free, that’s just what we’ll tell people! Instead, the wealthy will have to pay for it. HOW SPOOKY!)

  5. Oh, and assuming NH actually passes the bill, do you think the US will just let it leave? lol

    There wouldn’t even have to be any bloodshed. After the US sets up an embargo, NH will come crawling back after a month. The state isn’t self sufficient at all. Welcome to being Cuba 2.0.

  6. Geez, Karl. Say it, don’t spray it. Anyway, I have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re probably mixing me up with one of your other fag hags.

    Before I go, didja hear the good news? Turns out that a lot of those armed government workers you need to force the rest of us good folks into doing things the libtard weirdo way are quitting in droves. Word is it’s because you lunatics are always so inflexible and single-minded and stuff. Hey, how long do you think it’ll be before there aren’t enough of them around to force us to go along with you?

  7. It’s great. The police are defunding themselves!

    There will always be people around willing to enforce the Globalist Agenda and stuff though. Not much is going to change.

  8. so when did this “wrong track” start ?

  9. That’s nice, Karl. But hey, what if there aren’t enough libtard weirdos around to enforce your dopey agenda? Then what? Cuz fun fact – there’s gonna be a hella lot of illegals with no allegiance to Americans or American culture that’re gonna be needing jobs pretty soon. Wait’ll they get a load of you guys, huh?

  10. Well, I guess you are pretty stoked to have a bunch of people with no allegiance to America or American culture, aren’t you? After all, if NH secedes it won’t be American…

    Seriously though, what the fuck does it mean to have allegiance to culture? That sounds pretty fashy, doesn’t it darling?

  11. Ha ha. Good one, Karl. Anyway, it’s lucky you libtard weirdos have your own counter-fascist plan to move American culture back into the proper direction, right? You know, like:

    1. Reparations for illegals to the tune of $1M per family.

    2. School boards usurping parents’ authority over their own children.

    3. The teaching of racism in schools – but only the anti-white version.

    3. Making it real easy to kill babies, even after they’re born.

    4. Pumping up the number of genders to at least 300, and getting them all into high school girls’ locker rooms and sports teams.

    5. And finally drag queen anti-bully patrols in every school to impose pronoun laws, monitor hormone treatments, and enforce dress codes to suppress masculinity.

    That about sum things up, Karl?

  12. you guys don’t sounds very bright
    it’s true; the morons … think we are in the wrong track; Exhibit a is there comments here

  13. Still making bullshit up, Silvia? You never change. None of those points are true.

  14. Ha ha. God you’re so awesome, Karl. It almost makes me want to overlook the fact that you’re such a total libtard butthole and stuff. Anyway, turns what I said is all true. Every word of it. You know it. Dave knows it. Even Jacks knows it, and he’s an even bigger moron than Dave is.

    Oh, before I go, get this. Didja hear that the UN totally wants Elon Musk to singlehandedly pay them $6B to solve world hunger? It’s true. Hand to God. Ironically enough, in spite of the fact that the UN’s World Food Program raised $8B last year, people are still going hungry. I know, weird right? So whaddya think? Do ya think their math’s wrong or do ya think they really meant to say they need $14B?

  15. Hey, did you know Jesus Christ came down and said you were a dickwad? It wasn’t very nice, but totally true.

    See, I can make up stuff too.

    You should actually listen interview if you think that’s what he said. Don’t just take headlines at face value.

  16. Ha ha. I see what you did there, Karl. You took my brilliant jibe and hurled it back at me with your own precocious little twist. God you’re good.

    Anyway, guess what? Turns out that the Muskinator is totally on board with that whole $6B thing – but only as long as the UN agrees to make public exactly how that money is to be spent.

    See the rub there, Karl? The insinuation is that if the UN ever did that, the rest of us ordinary folks would see just how terrible those guys are at managing other people’s money. We’d also see just how unnecessary they are as an organization. Pretty clever, huh?

  17. I’ll settle for Elon just paying taxes. His company has been built off of government grants and incentives, and now it’s time for him to contribute back to society.

  18. I agree, Karl. Elon really is quite the welfare queen, isn’t he?

    Fun fact, though. Turns out you libtard weirdos really aren’t any better, are ya? I mean let’s be honest, Karl. You and I both know that you could never, ever give up those warm fuzzies you crave by just settling, am I right? It’s always going to be tax this thing and ban that thing until we all have zero freedom left to do anything for ourselves. Well, anything except sing the praises of turds like you who can’t find anything better to do than lecture successful people on how you think they should spend their money.

    Anyway, I almost forgot, didja hear what the Muskinator did next? You’re so gonna love this. He finished them off by tweeting an article spilling the beans on exactly how UN officials have been implementing their World Food Program. Apparently $8B isn’t enough cabbage for these assholes, so they added an extra surcharge of – get this – oral sex from anyone who needs food. Even from children as young as nine! Wow. Those UN guys sure are shrewd businessmen, aren’t they?

  19. You make it sound like the UN supports sexual assault, when in reality they were the ones that opened the investigation against the employees that did this. What more do you want them to do? I guess they could push it under the rug like the Catholic Church if you’d prefer. I guess I don’t really care if you hate the UN though. I don’t really get the warm fuzzies from them either.

    Hey, if Musk cares so much about corruption and world hunger, why hasn’t he created his own organization to solve the problem? Could it be that he doesn’t give a shit and is just deflecting?

  20. Ha ha. Sure you don’t, Karl. Sure you don’t.

    By the way, turns out that the UN did in fact try to push this thing under the rug. According to a report published by the Daily Express, for almost a year memos about the sexual abuse were “passed from desk to desk, inbox to inbox, across multiple UN offices with no one willing to take responsibility. […] The welfare of the victims and the accountability of the perpetrators appeared to have been an after thought, if considered at all.” Worse still, no one was arrested more than a year-and-a-half after the investigation, despite allegations that victims as young as nine were both orally and anally raped. Absolutely appalling, huh?

    Oh, and Karl?I don’t know if you’ve heard, but literally the first thing listed in the UN’s mission statement is the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger. The Muskinator’s job, on the other hand, is to build electric cars, send autistic people to Mars, and smoke pot with Joe Rogan. So why the hell do you think he should have to do the UN’s job for them? Unless. Wait. Are you admitting that central planning is a stupid idea or something? Wow. If you are, that’d be totally dope. But you better keep that kind of talk under your hat, Karl. I’d hate to see ya get canceled and stuff. You know how vicious the libtard weirdos can be when they find dissenters in their ranks.

  21. Oh, I don’t think Musk should be fixing these issues. I think he should be paying taxes. My point is that I don’t think he actually cares about corruption and world hunger.

    But wait… did you just give me a source? Silvia, I’m so proud of you! What changed? I mean, the Daily Express is a British tabloid with the same reliability as the National Enquirer, but hey, props on you for actually trying to do research!

    You know what though, I’ll just assume that you are right. I guess the solution is to change the structure of the UN to make it easier for sexual assault victims to come forward to seek justice. That would make a stronger, more equitable UN for everybody, wouldn’t it? I know you care about the UN’s mission statement, so let’s come together and make it possible.

  22. A tabloid, huh? Gee whiz, Karl. You sure owned me with that one, didn’tcha? God you’re good.

    Say, that reminds me of that whole Steele Dossier thing with Buzzfeed and CNN. Remember that bullshit? Ya know, even after the arrest of Igor Danchenko, they both still have yet to comment on the fact that Hillary Clinton’s Russia collusion theory was nothing but a farce. Hmm. I wonder why that is?

    Anyway, since we’re on the subject of how much more you care about world hunger than the rest of us, it should be pointed out that signaling your good character by pointing out that successful people aren’t being taxed enough isn’t exactly putting food into poor people’s mouths. And since it’s also pretty obvious that central planners can’t be trusted with other people’s money either, it seems to me that your bold idea for a kinder, gentler UN seems a tad… well… stupid. That’s why I’m going to have to decline your invitation, Karl.

    I think the best solution for everyone is that you libtard weirdos should do your things your way, us normal folks should do our things our way, and never the twain shall meet. Whaddya say, Karl? Sound like a plan?

  23. My desire to increase taxes on billionaires might not directly be putting food in people’s mouths, but you know what is? Tax revenue for programs like SNAP, WIC, National School Lunch and numerous hunger relief organizations that are government funded. Those programs are successful. Pretty cool, huh? Why don’t we take part of the money Elon made using our grants, infrastructure, trade agreements, and labor force, and put it to a good cause. He can consider it a dividend to his biggest investor! What do you say, champ?

    Oh, if you can find a bit of unclaimed land, go for your Libertopia idea. Oh, that land isn’t in the United States by the way. As it turns out, the Federal and State governments have the allodial title to all of it! Every square inch. So find somewhere else. Maybe Elon can get you a parcel on Mars. Just kidding. The poors can stay here to suffocate from global warming. (By the way, in case you didn’t know, you’re a poor. Sorry to break it to ya.)

  24. Whoa. More gobbledygook about how stealing money from productive people will save the world, huh? You really know how to spoil a gal, don’tcha Karl?

    Say, speaking of successful government programs, remember that time when Michelle Obama took over school lunches? Turns out Michelle is just like you – a libtard weirdo busybody who thinks she knows how to live other people’s lives better than the rest of us can.

    By the way, didja know she graduated from Princeton? No really. It’s a fact. Hand to God. Oh, and have ya heard that some people also think she’s actually a dude? Frankly, I don’t see it, but anything’s possible I suppose.

    Regardless, here’s the skinny, Karl. Cuz Michelle was the First Lady and wicked smart and totally perfect and stuff, the central planners told her to pick a cause and use it as an excuse to exercise authority over others, even though no one had ever actually elected her to do anything at all. Naturally, she gravitated toward combatting childhood obesity, cuz commies really, really, really hate fat kids.

    So like a trooper, she set out to save them from themselves by creating new standards for school lunches. Standards which led to kids throwing out their fruits and vegetables and organizing student boycotts. Standards which also led to higher lunch costs and odd food pairings like “cheese sticks with shrimp” and “mashed peas on toast with scrambled eggs” – pairings which had to become a thing because schools were forced to comply with all sorts of complicated rules. Those whacky central planners and their rules, am I right?

    Anyway, can you guess what happened next? Within a year, the National School Lunch Program saw a sharp decline in participation, 1M students stopped buying school lunches entirely – despite the fact that participation had been increasing steadily for nearly a decade, and 321 districts left the National School Lunch Program altogether, many of whom cited the new standards as a factor. What a bunch of ingrates, huh Karl?

    So I’m sure you can see why I’m not overly enthusiastic about all these tax-funded programs you’re always raving about, right? Ha ha. Just kidding, Karl. I know you can’t.

  25. Oh, and Karl? I almost forgot. Didja know that people going to Mars are more likely to suffocate there than they are here on Earth? You’ll never guess why. Oh, and global warming isn’t going to suffocate anyone here either. That’s why they call it global warming and not global suffocating.

    Anyway, one more thing, Karl. It’d really help us out a bunch if you’d set some time aside to learn how all this super awesome science stuff actually works. I mean we’ve already got enough crazy people around trying to save the world, don’t we? And it really won’t help anything if you libtard weirdos won’t stop filling their heads with all of this bad science of yours. I mean check out that Greta Thunberg chick for instance. God she’s a hot mess, isn’t she?

  26. Nope, those headlines from 2013 were overblown. The data showed that the number of schools dropping out from the program were no different from previous years.

    Oh, and most of the schools mentioned in those articles that dropped out either ran a bigger deficit when they tried to implement their own program, or they rejoined the program later. Schools that stayed out typically had a greater number of children going hungry. You know, the thing we don’t want to happen?

    Also, consider that most schools that drop out from the program and stay out are non-profit private schools in wealthier areas. The vast parents can afford to pay for lunch, and/or the school can absorb the free lunch as a cost of doing business.

    I think schools having to resort to odd food parings is a shame. How about we increase funding to the program so students can have even higher quality meals?

    Anyway. Silvia. I feel like we argue all the time, you know? I feel like I barely know ya! Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Do you have family? What’s your favorite food? Mine’s pizza. Did you know that pizza was once considered peasant food, unfit for rich folk? Hey, remember when Donald Trump took Sarah Palin to Sbarro and used it as an example of New York pizza? The guy also ate it with a fork, lol. I guess things never change. Oh man, remember Sarah Palin? Wasn’t that embarrassing. Anyway, I hope the Johns aren’t giving you a hard time darling.

  27. Nope, global warming isn’t going to suffocate us. You got me there. How clever. What it will do is increase flooding and extreme weather events like hurricanes. Oh, and the increased temperatures will ruin farmland, leading to less food output. Oh well, I guess we just need to eat less, eh? (Or this could be my plot to have fewer fat people, because liberals hate fat people apparently? lol)

    Silvia my dear, I had those same thoughts a few years back! As it turns out, I did that! After high school, where I learned a bit of science stuff, I went to another place where I studied science for 4 years! I knew that wouldn’t be enough to impress you, so I decided to double down and study more science for another 4 years! Actually, not only did I study science, but I also did science, like research and stuff. Pretty cool, huh? I even got some papers to show that I’m an expert now and everything. I’m sure it’s no match for what you’ve done though. How much time have you put into learning science?

  28. Overblown, huh? Ya know Karl, it’s been my experience that when libtard weirdos like you use that word, you’re actually just admitting that I’m right and you’re wrong.

    But hey, now that you mention it, we really do argue a lot, don’t we? It’s probably because you’re such a giant wiener and stuff. Still, it does diminish our ability to communicate with each other, huh? Even if it is a perfectly rational defense mechanism.

    Anyway, not to nitpick or anything, but in case ya didn’t know, a lot of the guys here are pretty tired of the way you libtards are always bragging about your qualifications and stuff. It’s like you guys think you’re the only ones with college degrees or something. I mean Jacks pulls that shit all the time and we don’t believe his bullshit any more than we believe yours. So if you’d like me to tell you a little bit more about myself, I’d be more than happy to – just as soon as you stop making up crap to show off to all of us how awesome you are. M’kay?

    Oh, before I go, I do agree with you about one thing. That Sarah Palin broad really is totally lame, isn’t she? I mean I totally turned on her after she quit on all those Alaskan voters who got her elected governor just so she could be on that asswipe John McCain’s ticket. Then of course there’s that dumb Minnesota Nice accent of hers and the way she totally ruined the Tea Party for everybody. But hey, at least she’s pretty, am I right?

  29. Oh, I almost forgot, Karl. Exactly how does rain and warmer temperatures DECREASE food yields from farmland? I mean I’m no expert or anything, but it seems to me the opposite result should be expected. Just asking for a friend.

  30. Hey Silvia darling, you were the one that said I should learn science. I was just letting you know that I have. So tell me baby, what have you done that makes you a scientific expert?

    We agree on something! She’s not really my cup of tea, though. I’m gay, remember? Also probably why John McCain lost. Of course, people were still pissed at all the wars and stuff W got us in. What an asshole, am I right?

    Hey, speaking of candidate blunders, remember Gary Johnson? What the hell was up with that? What is Aleppo, am I right. The worst part is, is that he was actually the best candidate the Libertarians had! Could you imagine if somebody like Darryl Perry got nominated? Remember that interview he had with Sam Seder, where he explodes in a fit of rage like a maniac? That was peak comedy, don’t you think? What a dipshit! Hey though, wasn’t Darryl Perry a blogger here at Free Keene, a Free Talk Live cohost, and chair of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire? Huh, I wonder why people don’t take libertarians seriously when they talk about NH secession. lol

  31. Oh, and Silvia, I didn’t say it was going to rain more. I said extreme weather events like hurricanes will occur more frequently. Now, I know hurricanes do technically involve rain, so if you want to call that increased rain then I guess ya got me. As it turns out though, we don’t grow all of our crops along the coast. Apparently where the rain falls matters. Weird, huh?

    Anyway, how do hot temperatures hurt plants? Well, You see, when water gets hot, it evaporates. When plants live in hotter temperatures, they need more water, because it either evaporates before they can absorb it, or they lose water directly from evaporation in stems, leaves and roots. Also, water is important for all the bacteria, fungi, and insect life that live in soil that help plants grow. Now, this is going to shock you, but farmlands aren’t perfectly irrigated everywhere, and we also have a finite supply of freshwater on the planet. Most of it is actually icky salt water, which plants don’t like. Interesting, huh?

  32. Uh huh. Say Karl, I’m no expert or anything, but isn’t evaporated water what clouds are made out of? And won’t the water in those clouds eventually come back to the ground again as rain? And when it does, why are you assuming that it’s going to fall everywhere except where the crops are growing? Seems to me you’re making quite a leap there. Wait. You’re not trying to tell me that the rain is somehow choosing where it wants to fall or something, now are you? You know, kind of like a nature god? Because that would be totally hilarious.

  33. Sometimes, but not always. You see, these cloud things move, and sometimes deposit water over places the ocean. As previously mentioned, the ocean is pretty salty, and crops don’t grow there. Sucks, huh?

  34. Hey Karl, I think that second sentence got away from ya. No worries. It happens to the best of us.

    Anyway, it turns out that a lot of things grow in the ocean. I mean there’s tuna, crabs, squid, whales, seals, lobsters. All kinds of neat stuff. Say, have you ever had shark fin soup, Karl? You should. It’s totally awesome.

    Oh, and seaweed grows in the ocean, too. Didja know it can be used to produce agar, one of the key thickening agents in ice cream? It’s true. The Japs also use it to wrap their sushi rolls. They also have this dried seaweed monstrosity they call “nori,” but that stuff’s totally gross.

    Ya know Karl, not to nitpick, but I’m still seeing a lot of holes in your argument. I mean first you’re trying to convince me that all the fresh water’s gonna disappear and the crops are all gonna dry out and die and stuff, and then you’re going off on this wild tangent about floods, hurricanes, and how we’re all gonna suffocate if the Muskinator can’t figure out how to send all of us poors to Mars. I really wish you’d make up your mind. Are you sure you know what you’re talking about? Maybe you could start over and explain all this stuff to me again? While you’re organizing your notes I think I’m gonna take a short nap. I wanna be well-rested for that all night LEGO Harry Potter marathon I’m getting in on after dinner.

  35. Hey Silvia. Animals aren’t crops. Not sure if you knew that. Also, we have an overfishing problem, so I’m not sure eating just seafood is the solution here.

    You got me on the seaweed though. That is a crop. Weirdly though, it doesn’t require rain. Also, I’m not sure replacing all of the fruits and vegetables with seaweed is the solution either. Otherwise, I hope you start liking nori. lol

    I love LEGO. Their commitment to the fight against global warming is admirable. I’m glad you like them too!

  36. Hey Silvia, by the way, what happened to your buddy Intrigare? Did he finally get bored hanging out? Hopefully he didn’t become a Nazi, pedophile/creep, or explode in a fit of violent rage. That last part seems to happen sometimes to people in the Free Keene group of pals for some reason. What’s up with that?

    Hey remember when Mark, the convicted murderer, lost his shit because Ian was being a slimy eel on Free Talk Live? That was hilarious. I just brought up Derryl’s outburst earlier because the moron could answer a simple question. Rich Paul exploded from his prison cell. Sam Dodson from some years back was also like a powder keg. Weirdly he’s not listed as a former blogger, despite the fact you can still find his articles. I think he pissed Ian off.

    Such angry people lol

  37. Crops are totally overrated, Karl. Don’t fall for all of that hippie bullshit. Seafood’s where it’s at. It’s way more nutritious than crops cuz they’re chock full of essential amino acids and omega 3s, plus they’re rich in calcium to build strong bones and teeth.

    As for overfishing? Just more libtard weirdo disinformation to justify useless environmental science degrees, boat taxes, and fishing licenses. You just don’t know.

  38. Sorry I took so long to get back to ya about Intrigare’s current whereabouts, Karl, but I was super busy powning LEGO Aragog and I totally lost track of time.

    Anyway, I really have no idea where Intrigare is. Honest Injun. But if you’re looking for a boyfriend, the comments section isn’t really the best place for a guy like you to find a hookup. Have you ever heard of Grindr? You’d love it there. You should totally join up. I’m positive that a libtard weirdo like you with eight years of college would be up to your armpits in greasy buttholes in no time. Oh, and no need to thank me. I’m always glad to help.

  39. Sorry, I’m a committed man. My spouse and I do the gay with each other like, all the time. Our buttholes aren’t greasy though. Are you sure that’s not a side effect of your diet? Who would have thought eating only fish and seaweed would lead to that? Sounds like it sucks. I’d tell you to see a doctor, but I know you better. You don’t trust people that know what they are talking about. It would be a waste of the doctor’s time.

    Anyway, I know you and Intrigare were like, best buds, ya know? You’d double-team JJ and David all the time. It was great. I hope something didn’t happen to break you two up. You were super cute together!

  40. Wait. What? You’re gay, Karl? I thought you said you weren’t? God, you’re so hard to keep up with. Oh, and Karl? Eww. Keep that sicko stuff to yourself. No one’s interested in your sex life, perv.

    Anyway, I don’t know if you forgot, but I’m still waiting for you to explain all this global warming hogwash to me again. Are you still busy organizing your notes or something? Cuz while I was waiting on you I went and did a little reading of my own and guess what I found out? You libtard weirdos have been predicting dire famines and stuff to blame on “climate change” almost every year since way back in the late 1800s. Isn’t that wild?

    Thing is though, while you guys’ve been busy saving us from the crop-pocalypse and stuff, you’ve totally forgotten about one of the deadliest famines that happened in recent history. It lasted from 1958 to 1962. Can you guess where it happened? I’ll give you a hint, Karl – it rhymes with Shmina. Oh, and get this – the cause had absolutely nothing to do with climate change but everything to do with the failures of central planning. God you libtard weirdos suck at running things, don’tcha Karl?

  41. Silvia, my gayness has been a giant discussion between the two of us already. You can’t act surprised now! You were super duper interested, remember? We addressed this topic. Let’s not rehash yesterday’s drama, okay sweetums?

    I’ll explain it to you, but you are going to need to pay attention okay? No getting distracted with the other Johns. You see, global temperatures have been rising. We know this because people have been taking the temperature of stuff and making observations of stuff for a long time. What could cause this? Well, not much has changed environmentally other than people putting a lot of greenhouse gases into the air. Huh, as it turns out, greenhouse gases can trap heat! Really basic experiments can show that. That must explain why we see the temperatures increasing. Do you understand now? Should I explain what a greenhouse is? How about a gas? Let me know if you are confused before I go on, okay baby?

  42. God you’re such a breath of fresh air, Karl.

    Anyway, quick question – why are you presuming that long-term temperature trends are never, ever, ever going to go down again? I mean there’s been tons of ice ages throughout geological history. Six of them were major ones, in fact. Seems to me you libtard weirdos are totally getting ahead of yourselves.

    I know. I know. You guys have had buttloads of college and’ve performed really basic experiments and get all the hot chicks and stuff, but people also believed you types when you said the earth was flat and was at the center of the universe. Well at least until all the data finally came in and the Pope finally agreed to stop inquisitioning heretics and stuff. Hey, ya ever had your thumbs screwed, Karl? Heretics’ll say anything to make it stop. You have no idea.

    Anyway, before I turn in, do you see where I’m going with all of this? Don’t rush to answer, Karl. I want you to ponder this thoroughly. You know, so you can wow me.

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