NH Independence Referendum – Let the people vote! (LTE)

Above: Here’s what NH Independence is competing with…the U.S. government and its torture chambers.

Below is a letter-to-editor I e-mailed to the Keene Sentinel a week ago…It does not yet appear to have published there, so here is a copy.

Dear editors at the Sentinel:

This is a response to your editorial against the New Hampshire Independence Amendment, which – if passed – would let all NH citizens vote in a referendum on whether we continue to be ruled by Washington. Why do you think this issue should be decided by dead war criminals rather than your neighbors, arguably acting within the rules laid out in the U.S. Constitution? Though silent on independence, it reads: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Well here we are, trying to peaceably exercise these powers through the state house, then the polls…what’s there to be against other than D.C. and its enablers in the press?

Grrr…sorry to get so blunt…the Sentinel seems one of the few papers that still has some independence and frontpage/editorial separation. You deserve respect for the fact that I can say this without likelihood you will suppress the letter. But ultimately it’s questionable when a proposed vote on “who should govern where” is treated as Forbidden and Shocking…but starting five wars since 2011 is just business as usual. Write your congressman; vote for a different chickenhawk. Don’t color outside the lines, don’t imitate the successful Estonian or Gandhian independence drives.

The Washington empire, like Moscow and London before it…has made independence look good by abusing the people who live under its domination. It has turned most New Hampshirites against the central government, which has an approval rating hovering somewhere between that of syphilis and leprosy. But an informal September poll by the state’s largest paper showed support for the Independence Amendment at 71%.

If D.C. didn’t want an independence drive in New Hampshire, it wouldn’t have shut down four square blocks of residential Keene to put a drone through the window of America’s #25 talk show. It would not have exacerbated shortages by demanding most New Hampshirites submit to medical experimentation as a condition of employment. It would not have used our tax dollars to run a TORTURE CHAMBER at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.

Google *these* FedCrimes, and explain to us again why you think rule by Washington is more desirable than rule by Concord.


Dave Ridley

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  1. BRAVO! Thank you so very much from Fitzwilliam NH.

  2. Let it go. No one is going to waste the tax payers time and money to actually have a vote. How do you think New Hampshire is going to survive without the USA? A scenario is taxes would go through the roof. Crime would blanket the state. New Hampshire wouldn’t survive. There is not enough resources for a state like New Hampshire to survive. How are you going to protect your boarders?

    How would you pay for duties and taxes? If you think your income taxes are to high right now, just wait. It will never happen. Just ask Texas. They have been trying this stunt for a lot longer than New Hampshire.

    At least you have a hobby to do this winter.

  3. Actually your response is kind of constructive Jacks….at least you are raising clear objections as opposed to just dismissing the thing or re-spewing The 1861 Threat. Lemme try and answer some of your objections… if this comment thingie works 4 me.

  4. I looked into this, because nobody I even KNOW has any interest in seceding, so claiming a Union Leader poll shows 71% support struck me as odd!

    If you’re talking about this September Union Leader poll https://www.unionleader.com/news/politics/voters/should-the-2022-ballot-include-a-vote-on-new-hampshire-seceding-from-the-united-states/poll_fc16f69e-161c-11ec-8c39-b318093e8de3.html, it seems to be a random internet “anyone who wants to” poll, not a representative survey, right? (So any group of flamers could spam the ballot box, which would be the opposite of listening to the popular voice.) If that’s the poll you mean, it would give us no clue what actual NH citizens want, right?

    Aside from that, the wording wasn’t even about supporting secession – it was just about whether to put the question on the ballot.


  5. Keep up the good work Dave! It’s because we’re winning the war that the enemy won’t print your letter. Not to worry though cause in the years ahead we’ll have our own media. Hell, we already do. Maybe one of these days one of us will buy this struggling paper outright. I can only dream, but we’re making progress on that front either way. Now we just need to increase distribution. Free Talk Live airs in parts of New Hampshire so we do have some amount of influence among the masses here.

  6. Correct Dave, as indicated in the LTE above… the Union Leader poll is informal and deals with whether people support the Independence Amendment. The Amendment, if passed, just lets the people vote in a referendum. So a poll participant can be in favor of the Amendment on the grounds that it gives the people the right to vote on this. But later the participant might vote against independence itself….during the referendum.

    The fact that none of your friends were talking about this previously… is one reason why we wanted to get some legislation going. It seems to be moving the Overton Window and getting people talking about the elephant in the room – whether we should be ruled by Washington. Presumably the biggest political changes can be accomplished, if you make them in new political territory.

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