Full Video from Historic Hearing on CACR 32, the NH Exit Constitutional Amendment

It was standing-room-only this Thursday afternoon as the state house Federal Relations committee held a historic hearing on CACR 32, likely the first-ever proposed constitutional amendment to peacefully declare independence from the United States.  Freedom-loving activists packed the large-sized room, nearly forcing the hearing into Rep’s Hall, which can hold four hundred.  Many people testified in favor of the bill and with the exception of a few Empire Loyalist state reps who spoke against it, everyone else who spoke was in favor of it, except for one guy.  I was able to get independent video of the entire three-hour hearing as well as the press conference prior to it.  Thank you to everyone who turned out.

Here’s the full hearing video:

Here’s the press conference prior to the hearing:

Unfortunately, the committee voted 21-0 against the proposed amendment. NHexit.US has the full story and video of the committee’s discussion and vote.

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  1. “Nothing else in the world…not all the armies…is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo

  2. You libertards are such a pathetic joke. NH will never successfully secede. The people of the state don’t want it and the Federal government will never allow it. Keep living in your fantasy land of muh freedumb.

  3. Not sure how the Committee could vote 21-0 against and still maintain the charade that they are “representatives” and following the State Constitution? Wonder who paid them to vote that way or if they really are that stockholmed by the Feds?

    Could it be said that these nay saying Representatives are violating the rights of “the people” of N.H.? Yes, it could.
    Could it be said these nay saying Representatives are advocating for the forcible detention (in an unwanted relationship with the Feds) of ostensibly free people? Yes, absolutely.

    If you don’t want people to decide something peacefully, the only other option is, “not peacefully”.
    Maybe these nay saying thuggish Federal boot lickers don’t realize it, but by default they are advocating violence in two ways.

    First, by not “allowing” for any vote on the peaceful option, they leave only the violent option.

    Second, the State of NH is presently an underling body to the Feds, and not in that position by any legal means, the underling status is held together by threats of violence from the Feds. That’s the status the nay sayers want to maintain, “captivity” in a relationship, with threats of violence to keep it that way. Nice job, boot lickers.

    To wit, Article 10 of the NH Constitution declares the people have a right to reform the government etc.

    By advocating this not be voted on (by the people), it becomes self evident they don’t want “the people” to peacefully decide. By default the only other way to reform the Government then, and effecutate the right embodied in article 10, would be using violence. These nay saying Reps are pissing on a right by cutting off the implementation of that right to be acted on peacefully. Nice job, again, boot lickers!

    I’d ask these 21 nay saying “Representatives” if they have anyone locked in their basement, because they seem to think that keeping people in relationships the people may not want is a perfectly acceptable thing to do.

    As an aside, the press conference by the liberty loving Reps raised some interesting questions and brought up some great historical points . Thanks for doing this guys. It’s always important to try to extricate ourselves from forced relationships peacefully and I commend your efforts there.

    I sure wish the “stay in captivity” Representatives would be more peaceful. Can we deport them to Washington D,C, in some kind of prisoner exchange? I’m sure the Feds could use more of these types of thugs.

  4. yea even the guys who were intrigued by the idea …. must have been convinced it was against the constitution or against their oaths of office to all vote it down

  5. Hey Bob C: You really are a radical, crazy, steaming pile of shit. Did you actually think that 60% of the State House and 67% of the citizens would support this nonsense ? Nobody supports this except a few radical douchebags and traitors. And I hope that you aren’t threatening us with violence. That will work out poorly for you. Very poorly.

  6. Wow. . It’s encouraging that it was so well attended

  7. The “federal relations committee”

    I guess that, the passage of the bill would mean the dissolving of their committee.

    What a bunch of sap suckers they are!!

  8. I guess the federal relations committee,
    wants federal relations.
    Those douche canoes

  9. @ Live free or die, please allow me to respond to your commentary, while ignoring your vapid insult.

    I don’t know if 60% of the Statehouse or 67% of NH voters people will want to free themselves from the chains the Feds hold them in. One way to find out is to allow them to vote on it.

    I suspect that many of the so-called Representatives will respond in a fearful and obedient way, the same way that dipshit “Representative” from Wolfeboro who spoke against the action did.

    So, if you were in a relationship with a person and that person wanted to leave the relationship, would you force them to stay in it ? Tell them all the bad things you’d do to them if they tried to leave?

    If you knew of other people in those circumstances, would you be on the side of the abuser / kidnapper or the person who wanted to leave ?

    If people hundreds of years ago can form a union, how does their consent to do that (if they even did consent) somehow capture you 250 years later ? Pretty slick.

    How about you pay me that billion dollars your great great great etc. grandfather committed you to paying the heirs of my great great great great etc. grandfather ? That’s pretty much your lame argument.

  10. Ya know LFoD, sometimes I wish I were a libtard weirdo just like you so I wouldn’t have to use my brain and stuff.

  11. This hearing actually went really well. They’re humorously rightfully fearful of us. The best that they could do was mock and ITL the amendment. We’re slowly making ground and that ground has finally beginning to scare them- like really scare them. Every year we seem to be getting record number of new movers and every session we end up with more and more reps in the state house on our side. Just two years ago a constitutional amendment of this nature was unthinkable. Even our own reps were too fearful to bring it. Now we have 7!!!! That is a HUGE progression of where we were just a few short years ago. The next step is ridding the house of some of these buffoons who spoke out against independence. We get that some of you are paying lip service to us- and that’s smart- but those who outright slam the ideas of independence will be replaced. Your position in the house isn’t so secure and I’d think you’d be conscious of that, but at least one rep clearly isn’t. Well, he won’t be getting in the way for much longer. We’ll likely also target those who didn’t even bother to show to the committee and give us lip service. If you are so negligent in your position as to not show for such an important hearing it’s time to go.

  12. I’m a liberal and way smarter than the dimwits that say “libtard”.. lol

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