NH HB 1022 – Permitting Pharmacists to Dispense Ivermectin Without a Prescription

Rep. Leah Cushman presents HB 1022 at the public hearing on 1/18/22


On January 12, 2022, Rep. Leah Cushman (R – NH) introduced New Hampshire HB 1022: an act permitting pharmacists to dispense the drug ivermectin by means of a standing order entered into by licensed healthcare professionals. The general argument is that many healthcare workers are unable to prescribe ivermectin, either because of hospital politics or outside pressures. This bill would override the need for a prescription for ivermectin, allowing everyone in New Hampshire to pick it up over-the-counter.

A public hearing for this bill took place on January 18, 2022. Rep. Cushman, House committee (Health, Human Services, & Elderly Affairs) members, doctors, and others took part in a lively discussion that spanned over two hours. The overall consensus appeared to be in favor of the bill, with a few speakers pleading that those who cannot (or do not) get the covid-19 vaccine need another readily-available, tried, and tested alternative.

The Benefits of Ivermectin Are Well Established

The only medicine for infectious diseases to win the Nobel Prize has recently been smeared in the mainstream media. Surprised? There are innumerable studies that have overwhelmingly shown the benefits of this drug to combat all types of disease. The difference is that now the media has portrayed it as livestock medicine, and nobody can seem to counteract the bad press–not even Joe Rogan.

However, most of those in attendance, including multiple committee members, fully supported pushing this bill further. Even those who believe that vaccines are the best option had to admit that withholding medicine to those who cannot or do not get the vaccine doesn’t make sense. In fact, people who have received the vaccine can benefit from ivermectin as well.

Dr. Paul Marik Was in Attendance

One speaker of note was Dr. Paul Marik, who traveled to the public hearing for NH HB 1022 all the way from Virginia.

A former professor of medicine & chief of pulmonary and critical care medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School, Dr. Marik famously sued the hospital he worked for in an effort to prescribe ivermectin to his patients with covid-19. The health system his hospital is part of has banned ivermectin. He ended up resigning in disgust December 31, 2021. During his public arguments in favor of HB 1022, Dr. Marik described ivermectin as “cheap, exceedingly safe, and exceedingly effective.”

If ivermectin had been promoted at the beginning of this pandemic, we would not be sitting here today.” – Dr. Paul Marik, NH HB 1022 public hearing, 1/18/22


Watch the Full 2 Hour Public Hearing Below: (6:01:00 – 8:00:00)


What’s Next?

The next steps are for the House Committee on Health, Human Services, & Elderly Affairs to deliberate, and eventually hold an executive session where NH HB 1022 will be voted on by attending committee members. Executive sessions are open to the public, but at the time of this writing no date has yet been set. Stay tuned!


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  1. Awesome! As a pharmacist I can appreciate this.

  2. The sole reason this drug is being smeared is it’s generic. It’s not going to make the pharma cartels any money to be selling something that’s worth as much as an aspirin. It’s the same as their decades-long resistance to medical marijuana. Other countries who don’t participate in the “intellectual property” profiteering the U.S./Europe is noted for, have been using this drug throughout the whole pandemic. But not here. Pfizer needs their billions.

  3. When this gets passed I will be taking a trip to New Hampshire. The inability to get this drug as a treatment is nothing less than mass murder.

  4. Idc

  5. Licensure and regulation is a protection racket to ensure money flows to the “right people”.

    Invermectin is far less harmful than alcohol, which the State has given itself a forcible monopoly on the sale of. Not that the efficacy of a substance should determine whether people can have it or not.

    Free people decide which substances they will or will not put into their own bodies.

  6. Good to hear it might actually pass.

  7. This law bars pharmacists from advising their customers not to use it for COVID-19. What happened to freedom of speech, or do you only support it only when it’s convenient for you?

  8. This law should be copied by all the states as a proactive effort to save lives from Covid. If pharmacists are going to say anything it should be to direct the patient to the FLCCC initiative for proper instructions on how to utilize Ivermectin (IVM) for Covid and other viral infections. And listen to Dr. Paul Marik. Ivermectin is really amazing and fast acting. Ivermectin destroys the fear and paranoia over Covid being spread by the media, Dr Fauci, and the CDC. IVM saves lives!

  9. Good one, Karl.

    Anyway, I thought all you libtard weirdos believed that only experts should be allowed to voice their opinions on things? I mean pharmacists are nothing more than pill counters, aren’t they? They aren’t doctors and stuff and certainly shouldn’t be dispensing medical advice to people just walking off the street, am I right?

    God you’re such a hypocrite, aren’tcha Karl?

  10. It sounds like you are the hypocrite here, suppressing free speech and compelling pharmacists to do business against their will.

    Oh man, you really got me with the fact that pharmacists aren’t doctors, and shouldn’t dispense medical advice. Could you clear something up for me though? A lot of pharmacists tend to have “PharmD” degrees. What does that D stand for? It sure is a mystery. Maybe we will never know.

  11. Jeepers, Karl. I didn’t know you cared about free speech and free enterprise and private property and all that good stuff. And here I thought you libtard weirdos were all about silencing your opponents and burning their businesses to the ground. What a misunderstanding, huh?

    Anyway Karl, you’re totally wrong and stuff, because it turns out that a pharmacist’s job is to fill out prescriptions that real doctors write for their patients. And since they’re not experts on things like covid they shouldn’t be overriding real experts’ medical advice with their own lesser opinions. Weird how this stuff works, am I right?

  12. Karl, What does it take to demonstrate that Ivermectin is safe and effective? How about 241,000,000 (yes 241 million) people being given Ivermectin in treatment kits also containing HCQ, Zinc, C, D, and Melatonin? These kits stopped the Delta variant outbreak in Uttar Pradesh, India dead in its track in about 4 to 5 weeks after a sudden massive outbreak with about 3000 cases and about 500 deaths per day.

  13. Silvia, I may or may not care about that stuff, being a libtard and all. It’s just funny how you all abandon your supposed principles after beating your chest over and over about your freedoms. I guess it’s it’s liberty for me, and not for thee when you get down to it, right?

    Oh, I think you have accidentally confused the pharmacist with the pharmacy tech. Kind of embarrassing, but I’m sure you’ll research what the pharmacist does asap.

    John, some data showing ivermectin is safe and effective would help. If it worked in Uttar Pradesh, why did the Indian government specifically exclude it as a treatment option for being ineffective?

  14. Nice one, Karl. So what you’re thinking is that all ya have to do is double down on your well-thought-out “hypocrisy” argument and you’ll win the game, huh? Ya know, LFoD did that with his brilliant “selfishness” angle, too. Then Bob wiped his ass with him. Boy that was hilarious, wasn’t it?

    Anyway, speaking of hypocrisy and stuff, didja hear the latest? Turns that in a shocking lack of financial transparency, your libtard weirdo pals over at BLM just got caught buying up property again – you know, that very thing you commies say no one else should be allowed to own? Weird, huh?

    Yup. It’s true. Another one of those multi-million-dollar mansions again. But this time it’s in Toronto. Toronto’s in Canada, by the way. You know, that same country whose Prime Minister is currently oppressing working-class truckers just ‘cuz he can?

    It’s true. Apparently he thinks that by spreading fear about a mostly harmless virus, he can help his globalist pals to reset the global economy – and he’s willing to starve hundreds of thousands of supply-chain workers in order to do it. God you libtard weirdos are so awesome.

  15. Silvia, why is it whenever you are wrong you change the subject?

  16. And speaking of BLM buying mansions, Find me ONE person, other then the elite organizers and leaders who has ever been helped by BLM, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and all the others who cash in on every controversy involving black people with claims of oppression and racism. The communities with high crime and murder rates never receive any help from any of these. If BLM, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and all the others really cared about these communities they would be there fighting to clean up these communities, eliminate rampant crime and especially black on black murders rather popping in to enrich themselves whenever an incident occurs. Besides, black on black crime doesn’t matter and is ignored. It’s only played up when a non-black person is involved. Hypocrites deceiving the very people they claim to be helping.

  17. “This law bars pharmacists from advising their customers not to use it for COVID-19.”

    Is this the part you’re referring to? —

    “IV. The pharmacist shall provide each recipient of ivermectin pursuant to this section with a standardized information sheet written in plain language, which shall include, but is not limited to, the importance of follow-up care, and health care referral information. Nothing on the information sheet shall discourage the recipient from using ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19.”

    Because to me that’s just talking about the standardized information sheet.

    “What happened to freedom of speech, or do you only support it only when it’s convenient for you?”

    Sheesh some people are impossible to please. Okay how about this. Let’s allow ivermectin to be sold OTC. No pharmacist or doctor needed. There, everyone happy now? 😉

  18. “Because to me that’s just talking about the standardized information sheet.”

    Yes, this is a major way in which pharmacists communicate with their customers. If you think this is no big deal, then I guess you don’t find restrictions on speech to be a big deal.

    “Sheesh some people are impossible to please. Okay how about this. Let’s allow ivermectin to be sold OTC. No pharmacist or doctor needed. There, everyone happy now?”

    This might surprise you Intrigare, but I don’t actually care if people take Ivermectin. I think there is currently no evidence for its efficacy and is a waste of time, but what you put in your body is your decision. However, when it doesn’t work and you get COVID don’t come crawling to the hospitals expecting the experts (who you ignored) to help put you back together. That’s not fair to people that listened to the experts from the beginning.

    Also, this legislation could have been drafted in a way that allowed pharmacists to share their opinion while also allowing the sale of Ivermectin. But of course, despite all the crowing to the otherwise, the people here don’t really care about freedom of speech unless it affects them.

  19. Karl,
    you might want to read the following article, the first of 4, explaining how Uttar Pradesh, India, used Ivermectin to stop a massive outbreak of the Delta variant and averted a monumental disaster for a population 241,000,000 (Yep, 241 Million).
    With the introduction of Ivermectin the PANDEMIC was squelched literally saving millions of lives. You might want to get some for yourself and keep it on hand in case you come down with Covid. With early intervention Covid is a non-issue. I know several people who have Covid with varying levels of severity. Those who used Ivermectin have all recovered without the need for hospitalization. With early intervention, Ivermectin completely wipes out Covid in a matter of a few days.

  20. You’re missing the point, Ghost. That interaction between customer and pharmacist isn’t free to begin with if that customer doesn’t have the choice to just buy ivermectin OTC. Hence my idea… What do you think?

    You talk a lot about when ignoring the experts doesn’t work, but are remarkably silent about when following the experts doesn’t work. You know that frequently happens too, right?

  21. Gee, Karl. I don’t know. Why is it whenever you’re wrong, you just double down and dismiss any legitimate efforts to impede government overreach as being some sort of dissimulation on our part?

    Anyway Karl, it’s been a real treat watching Intrigare wipe his ass with you this afternoon. I’m really itching to see what Bob might do to you. Care to join in, Bob?

  22. People should be supporting hb238… which bans the gay panic defence

  23. Alright, Intrigare. I’m perfectly fine with making it OTC, on the condition that pharmacists don’t have to sell it you, and that hospitals have the right to deny you admission if you show up to the ER with COVID. That way the morons can get ivermectin, and the rest of us can get real medical care. Right now, the ER departments are swamped with the unvaccinated, and it’s impacting treatment for people that need surgery and other therapies. Letting you make your bed and lie in it sounds great to me.

    That sounds pretty libertarian, wouldn’t you agree?

    Oh, and Silvia, if our discussion is your definition of wiping your ass, you might want to go back to the bathroom and give it a couple more wipes. Remember, if the toilet paper is still brown, you have more work to do! You’ve got this, sweetie.

  24. Alright Ghost, now allow anyone to open hospitals and you’ve got yourself a deal 🙂

    See, I knew we could find common ground eventually.

  25. See that Silvia? No ass-wiping needed at all! We can all just go around au naturel… sounds nice doesn’t it? 😉

  26. Good one, Karl. Anyway, thing is, I have a bidet. A real spiffy one, too. Two jets, variable temp, and a remote control to boot. Benefits of being a trophy wife and stuff. If you’re not jealous, you should be.

    Oh, and Intrigare? I’m pretty sure we haven’t found any common ground with this commie fuck. After all, he did make the point that he’s all for denying hospital care to anyone who criticizes libtard weirdo doctrine. And it’s obvious from his comment on making ivermectin OTC that he’d never go for the idea of letting us freedom-loving folk run our own hospitals.

    I think Karl’s nothing more than a lying wuss. We’re better off just seceding and kicking him and his commie friends across the border into MA where they belong. 😉

  27. You know what, I don’t care if you guys want to open a shitty libertarian hospital, on the condition that you can only accept patients that can demonstrate that they are fully capable of understanding and consenting to just how shitty your hospital will be. I don’t want to go unconscious only to find myself getting leeches put all over my body in your shitty ER. Oh, and no government support. (You shouldn’t want that though, right?)

    Oh, and Silvia? The right of a business to refuse service is as libertarian a principle as any, so you should be all for hospitals denying care to whoever they like. It’s basic freedom of association, cupcake.

  28. Wow. That was really mean, Karl. But I know you’re just mad cuz I understand the benefits of capitalism and don’t have to waste my time wiping my butt like you do. So I forgive you. 😉

    Anyway, it’s pretty obvious that you really do care, don’tcha Karl? But not in a way that would allow any of us to share common ground, am I right? That’s why you keep demanding that completely absurd conditions to be set upon hypothetical businesses you libtard weirdos wouldn’t even be running in the first place, now isn’t it?

    Oh, and Karl? You commie fucks neither adhere to nor would ever even consider reciprocating any of our libertarian principles. So why on earth should any of us extend them to you? Funny how things work, huh?

  29. Ghost if Dr. Paul Marik referenced in this article (former professor of medicine & chief of pulmonary and critical care medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School) is working at our shitty hospital, that’d be more than good enough for me 🙂

  30. That sounds like an absolutely swell idea, Intrigare. Say, how ’bout we call our shitty hypothetical libertarian hospital “Saint Egregious” on account that Karl here hates our guts for being such hypocrites and stuff?

    Oh. Sorry. I forgot to ask if Karl here is ok with all of this. You know, ‘cuz his input is crucial if any of this is going to be successful. Hey Karl, whaddya think? Sound like a plan?

    Wait. Let me guess. You’ll only give the thumbs up to this if Dr. Marik agrees to work there for free. Oh, and he can only treat patients if they promise never to tell anyone that they received good care there. Oh, and the shitty hypothetical libertarian hospital administrators who run the joint have to agree to charge patients whatever YOU think is fair and stuff and not what the market actually demands. That enough conditions for ya, Karl?

  31. I was thinking of calling it the Invisible Hand medical center, but sure Saint Egregious is good too. Either way, I think the commies would be forced to place major restrictions on it otherwise it would put all of their shitty hospitals out of business lol. I do appreciate Ghost for playing along as much as he did though. Come on, he has been a very good sport for a commie don’t you think?

  32. Karl? A good sport? Pffft. But he’s way more fun to talk to than Jacks ever was. Boy, I tell ya, I don’t miss those exchanges one bit. 😉

  33. Why would he have to work for free?

    The only restrictions I’ve put on your hypothetical shitty hospital is that you have to inform people it’s a “libertarian” hospital, that it isn’t government regulated, and you have to get informed consent from the people you treat. Wow, Silvia, those are some pretty “absurd” restrictions. lol

    Still, it’s not going to happen because people do not want unregulated hospitals. The state of medicine was abysmal prior to government regulation, and most people understand that.

    Sorry guys, we’re outvoted by society here. =)

  34. I don’t know, Karl. Cuz of free health care and all? It’s what you libtard weirdos are always promising everybody, isn’t it?

    Anyway Karl, why can’t we just call it a “hospital” like the rest of you libtard weirdos do? I mean these conditions you keep adding just seem sort of arbitrary, don’tcha think? It’s almost as if you’re trying to rig the competition or something to force things into your side’s favor, am I right?

    Oh, and Karl? Regulations didn’t improve the state of medicine. Discovery and innovation did that. You’re such a typical libtard weirdo, aren’tcha? Always congratulating the central planners for doing nothing but just standing around.

  35. Free healthcare (or as Libertarians smugly point out as if we don’t know, single payer or taxpayer funded) doesn’t mean you work for free. You still get paid, you dingus.

    You can’t call it a hospital because it doesn’t meet the standard of a hospital, and we shouldn’t confuse people. It does meet the standard of a shitty libertarian hospital, so you can call it that. Hey, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about, right? If the shitty libertarian hospital is just so much better, then surely it will be able to clearly outcompete even with the name disadvantage.

    Lol, Silvia my dear, you have no clue what you are talking about. Do some reading on the unethical shit they were doing back then and get back to me.

  36. That’s nice, Karl.

    Hey, guess what. Didja know that doctors in the US earn more than three times what a doctor in the UK makes? It’s true. Hand to God. It’s the primary reason why thousands of overworked doctors are planning on leaving the NHS. See how things work, Karl? Ha ha. Just kidding. I know you don’t.

    Anyway, weird how you’re laying it on thick about how totally ethical you are and stuff compared to the rest of us, huh? Especially after you’ve just forwarded the notion that hospitals should deny medical care to sick people who’ve rejected your political beliefs.

  37. The doublespeak about Ivermectin testing is a bold based lie. The left insists that we must have controlled testing and people using Ivermectin should be enrolled in double blind or other testing. Everyone of these testing proponents knows that this testing they insist on will never done because it costs huge amounts of money to perform these tests and that money will never be recovered with a tablet that only costs about 2 cents to produce. Simply stated, no potential for profit means that no testing will ever be done, regardless of what they say. Meanwhile, massive amounts of evidence have been and are still being collected documenting the effectiveness and success in treating individuals, local populations in various countries, and huge masses of people as in Uttar Pradesh, India. Finally, when someone is sick and dying, they aren’t really interested in being enrolled in a double blind study in which half of the participants are receiving a placebo and potentially dying. Ivermectin is safe and does not kill people. There is plenty of guidance on how to use it and the proper dosing. Many doctors are intimidated and threatened and some have been convinced by false reporting and fraudulent studies that Ivermectin is dangerous if not deadly and absolutely refuse to prescribe for their patients. The best solution is for Ivermectin to become and over the counter medicine that people can acquire and use as necessary without the need for a prescription.

  38. Silvia, if you want to cast off what the experts have to say and treat yourself with moronic remedies, you shouldn’t be able to crawl back to the experts to fix you while there are other people in line who need help. It’s not fair to those people who tried to do everything right, or to the experts you scorn.

    Ethically, I think I’ll be able to sleep at night with that perspective, snookums.


    The best solution is for people to get vaccinated, not take something unproven. There have been numerous studies at this point on ivermectin, and there are several more still ongoing. The jury is still out on it’s efficacy.

  39. Uh huh. So what you’re saying is that if you libtard weirdos trust the experts then I should too, huh? That’s cuz you guys are the only ones who think all the right thinks and none of the wrong thinks, am I right?

    Here’s the thing, Karl – those experts you’ve put your faith in have been completely, totally, absolutely, unequivocally wrong about covid from the start. Every policy they’ve demanded has failed at massive human, social, and economic cost.

    The message was masks were supposed to flatten the curve, lockdowns were supposed to be the bridge to vaccines, and vaccines were supposed to end the pandemic. Instead, two years later, it’s gone full circle, and we’re back to having mask mandates again.

    Turns out the scorn we’ve been paying you libtard weirdo liars since is the least we can do, right Karl? You’re welcome, by the way. 😉

  40. Nope. The quarantine did flatten the curve, Lockdowns were the bridge to the vaccine, and vaccines would have controlled COVID if enough people got them to establish herd immunity. Instead, we are back to mandates because some people are afraid of getting a boo boo.

  41. God you’re so adorable, Karl. I just wanna eat you up.

    Anyway, no it didn’t. It didn’t have to. What really happened was that covid wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the experts wanted it to be.

    Remember when the USNS Comfort was docked in NYC? It was supposed to provide relief with 1,000 more beds for overloaded hospitals. Instead it served a grand total of 179 covid patients for the month of April. Another Navy hospital ship, the USNS Mercy – docked in Los Angeles – topped out at 48 patients. Some emergency, huh?

  42. You should try reading one of the articles about those ships, and not just the headlines. You’re missing some key details there, bud. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

  43. Thanks so much for this information. I have to let you know I concur on several of the points you make here and others may require some further review, but I can see your viewpoint

  44. People, you don’t even need to argue about this against corporatist trolls.

    Quercetin Phytosome, an OTC vitamin/supplement, already has clinical studies on its positive effects against Covid. The Dietary/Supplement Act of 1994 protects it from FDA oversight and thus, anyone can take it as a prophylaxis against Covid or the Common Cold/Flu.

    Que’s antiviral properties have been known for at least two decades. Use PubMed.gov and do a search if you don’t believe me. Yes, that’s the National Library of Medicine, not some conspiracy web site.

  45. To the trolls on this board, ask yourself this one question (this is what differentiates a person w/ an A in biology vs a C in the years before grade inflation) … why was there never a vaccine program for the common cold (ala rhinovirus)?

    Here’s why, the virus mutates every 2-4 mos so that there would need to be a new shot, every business quarter, specific for that new business quarter’s variant.

    And thus, today, decades after the first influenza shot of the 1930s, we still don’t have a cold shot.

    Covid is of the same system. It’s a rapidly mutating virus where every new strain would require a brand new re-engineered vaccine to deal with it. As of now, neither Pfizer, Moderna, nor J&J have upgraded their 2020 vaccine to the latest strain and even if they did, it would always be one business quarter late to the party.

    So thus, therapeutics is the answer to Covid. And the best one, at least as of now, is to supplement with Quercetin Phytosome, Vitamin D, Zinc, etc, and keep oneself healthy. And if the studies from India/Uttar Pradash state show some effectiveness of Ivermectin, then sure, add that in the mix provided that safety protocols are in place.

    It’s obvious that no US drug maker is re-purposing older drugs (i.e. no profit motive), so yeah, give India’s results a chance for the USA.

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