Proposed NH Constitutional Amendment (CACR27): All State Court Judges Shall Be Subject to Recall and Removal by Petition

New Hampshire constitutional amendment concurrent resolution (CACR27), introduced January 5, 2022, would give “we the people” of NH the ability to boot out the corrupt and tyrannical judges that permeate the current landscape.

All state court judges shall be subject to recall and removal by petition and vote of registered voters pursuant to provisions established by the legislature.” – CACR27 summary


Introduced by Rep. Norm Silber (R), Rep. Michael Sylvia (R), Rep. William Foster (R), and others, a public hearing for the amendment took place January 12, 2022. Rep. Silber began the hearing by stating that many of his constituents (Gilford/Meredith) had come to him with “horror story complaints about their treatment by judicial officers in the court system in the state, most of whom are complaining about how they’re treated in family court. Some dealing with child custody, child removals, DCYF.” Current NH law only allows the removal of a judge through the process of impeachment.

The public hearing for CACR27 lasted about 40 minutes and ended with NH criminal defense attorney Richard Guerriero saying, “I think the greater issue at hand is a greater scrutiny of the courts…This would give the people a path to take should they not be able to inspire their representatives to protect them from government.”

It Seems Obvious This Should Be a Law

I, you, and everyone we know probably knows at least one person who’s gone through the court system only to find it, and the judge, totally corrupt. Obviously when it comes to child custody and child removal from a family, if a corrupt judge is installed entire generations could be destroyed. But really, all corrupt judges ruin lives, don’t they?

It seems obvious this constitutional amendment should be law. Doesn’t it? Why the hell isn’t it? This is New Hampshire! And while we’re at it, let’s vote out all the bad cops, too. It would really put the “public” back into the “servants,” don’tcha think? Sound like a plan? Let’s see what happens with this!

Watch the Public Hearing for CACR27: (4:59:23 – 5:38:00)





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  1. Yes!

    Judges should also be seated BELOW the people they are judging and made to rise when they speak to people.

  2. Yes!

    Judges should be seated BELOW the people they are judging and maybe made to rise when they speak to the people that pay them. Presently they lack basic “customer service” skill and sometimes appear excessively pompous.

    And lose the stupid robes too, What the fuck is this 1350 ?

  3. Just another frivolous amendment the freekeeners can exploit. Every time these freekeeners get a parking ticket and lose their case, they will be filing petitions nonstop to have the judge removed

    If you don’t like a certain judge you can always ask him/her to get another judge.

  4. @Jumping Jacks,
    As a very analytical person I’ve noticed a trend in my life. The most die hard and vocal anti-freedom activists, like yourself, suddenly find themselves, or family, enveloped in the very situations they fought so hard to make un-free. Suddenly, they realize the appalling and life-changing situation that a bad judge has on the lives of people. Generally they become die hard freedom activists after that. But until it happens to them, they don’t think it’s a problem. That’s because they are callous, cold, and holier-than-thou.. until they’re affected. It’s sad that freedom is seen by so many as an affront on their reality. The reality is that one day you might find yourself in court on trumped-up charges, like thousands of others. I hope by then this amendment has passed.

  5. A good bill! That a rare treat!

  6. I don’t think we’ve lost any parking ticket cases. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.

  7. I’ve never met a judge that wasn’t a pompous power lusting ass, at least some of the time. I don’t mean that as an insult, it’s been my actual experience and observation. Some were better actors than others. Shrug. Their bias is palpable, as is mine.

    In an actual free market for justice, being a pompous ass, won’t get you much return business, it will and should sink your business. However, judges being virtually immune from “customer” feedback, the pomposity will continue. Their business is secure, since consumer feedback doesn’t really matter.

    Also, this reverence for magical supreme court (re) interpretations is a little fawning and sychophantic. It’s mostly been a tool to consolidate more power for government and less liberty for the peasants. But, but no, this stuff is soooo fucking complicated, only a judge with magical powers can understand what it means? Horse shit!!

    People need to stop thinking judges have some superior mental powers beyond the scope of mere mortals. Also, the ass kissing judges get from prosecutors and defense lawyers is completely understandable, if you don’t kiss the judges ass, he/she might rule against you…is that justice? Me think, no it isn’t.

  8. this one seems like one anyone and everyone could agree with.
    Though the contrarian JJ will find fault with it, because if FK is *for it I’m certain Jumping Jacks would shoot himself in the foot to be against it lol

  9. kate39 – Interesting. If I don’t agree with you and run around with my finger up my nose like freekeeners, I am considered “anti-freedom” Then you rant and rave about your personal feelings regarding this issue. It just proves my theories are correct. You only have yourself in mind and how you are going to manipulate this amendment. Grow up and take that finger out of your nose.

  10. Preaching to the choir. Guerriero doesn’t even practice family law. Three types of attorneys: Those that don’t practice family law and don’t know, those that profit from the system and those that won’t speak up for various reasons – like student loans. My guess is as bar president, he has to speak out on things he is simply clueless about. I’m retired – I guess that is the fourth category – those that know and are free to speak:

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