Mr Bitcoin Crashes NH Liberty Forum 2023

Mr Bitcoin Tours NH Liberty Forum 2023

Did you miss New Hampshire Liberty Forum 2023- the premier liberty conference put on by free staters taking part in the largest migration of folks looking to create a freedom friendly environment somewhere in the world? Mr Bitcoin didn’t miss it and it was a blast. People from all over the US and some even from around the world attended New Hampshire Liberty Forum 2023. Free staters got to meet new movers and greet those working on moving. Mr Bitcoin did a tour of the exhibit hall before crashing a talk on, lets be honest, who remembers on what now. I guess that’s what happens when Mr Bitcoin enters a room!


Mr Bitcoin Tours NH Liberty Forum 2023

There were lots of vendors and exhibitors attending from around New Hampshire including the New Hampshire Independence PAC, Porcupine Real Estate, a bunch of porc vendors like (a directory of porcupine businesses) which had a great set of porc-merchandise, ThinkPenguin (a free stater led computer retailer selling GNU/Linux systems that put you back in control), Goldback (not gold-backed, but an actual gold infused bill), a learning resource center (showing off awesome 3d printing tech), and many many others.

A short list of the many well known activists, reps, and leaders attending Liberty Forum in 2023:

Carla Gericke is an author, activist, and attorney. Born in South Africa, she immigrated to the United States in the 1990s after winning a green card in the Diversity Visa Lottery. She became a U.S. citizen in 2000. Gericke practiced law in South Africa, and California, working at Apple Computer, Borland, Logitech, and Scient Corporation. Gericke is President Emeritus of the Free State Project. In 2014, she won a landmark First Circuit Court of Appeals case that affirmed the First Amendment right to film police officers.

Jeremy Kauffman is an American entrepreneur and political activist known for founding and leading LBRY. LBRY is blockchain-based decentralized solution to file-sharing and payments. It’s a potential threat to censorship and a YouTube killing alternative that the SEC has been aiming to kill through civil litigation for the past ~5 years. Jeremy Kauffman also ran for US senate in 2022 with various humorous advertising campaigns such as corruption for the people, war is gay, and other similar slogans. He is a vocal supporter and activist within the Free State Project, a migration movement designed to move 20,000 libertarians to New Hampshire. Jeremy Kaufman is also on the board of the Free State Project.

Ian Freeman Is a leading activist in the greater libertarian migration movement to New Hampshire. He co-hosts the leading nationally syndicated libertarian ran radio show Free Talk Live. Ian Freeman is well known for his activism in New Hampshire and most recently cryptocurrency activism educating people on how peace can be achieved through undermining government fiat currencies and thereby violence around the world. He’s faced off against the governments on numerous occasions, but more recently been targeted by the feds for calling them out on recent atrocities on air. Ian was indirectly targeted through co-host and activist Nobody (formally Rich Paul) in a 2012 FBI led “drug” investigation, in 2016 via a smear campaign and FBI raid intended to allude to heinous crimes despite no charges or evidence, and then again Ian and Free Talk Live’s studio was raided in 2021 over the bastardly crime of selling crypto without a government permission slip (humorously legally according to the lawyers, after 20+ charges were dropped a several convictions are to be appealed).

Jason Sorens In July 2001, Sorens published an essay titled “Announcement: The Free State Project”, in which he proposed the idea of a political migration, where 20,000 libertarians would move to a single low-population state (New Hampshire was selected in 2003) to enable a stronghold for libertarian ideas to gain a foothold. Participants then signed statement of intents declaring that they would move to New Hampshire within five years of the drive reaching 20,000 participants. As of February 3, 2016, 20,000 people had signed this statement of intent—completing the original goal. As of the 2022-2023 term 50 free staters have been elected to the 400-member New Hampshire House of Representatives and each year more and more liberty-activists move strengthening free stater representation. Free staters are those people who moved for the Free State Project, but traditionally not including those who did not sign and those who already lived in the state. Another ~50 or so liberty or liberty-leaning representatives are also represented in the New Hampshire state house.

Mark Warden Mark has nearly 20 years of experience in the real estate industry and markets his business Porcupine Real Estate to free staters looking to move to New Hampshire. Mark not only donates a percent of all his commissions to the Free State Project and other liberty-oriented organizations, but he also is a property owner, investor and landlord with multi-family properties in New Hampshire and he invests in other small, New Hampshire-based businesses. Mark is also a liberty activist, working to bring “Liberty in Our Lifetime” to New Hampshire. Mark is on the board of the Free State Project and was a state representative from 2018-2022.

Matthew Santonastaso Matthew Santonastaso a free stater, state rep, and activist who sponsored House Bill CACR32- a bill that would let the people of New Hampshire vote on and declare independence from the United States and proceed as an independent nation. Matt is also the Political Director for the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance.

Jason Gerhard A man with one of the most inspirational stories. Jason moved to New Hampshire over a decade ago and for his support of tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown he served over a decade in a federal penitentiary. Upon release Jason moved back to New Hampshire to partake in the Free State Project and in 2022 got elected. Jason is well known for introducing bills that could help protect those in New Hampshire against violent gangs calling themselves the state.

Yury Polozov Yury grew up in Russia and came to the US legally, in search of the American Dream and earned citizenship. Having seen the devastating effects of socialism, Yury is dedicated to vigorously defending economic and civil liberties for all New Hampshire residents.

You can find many more leading activists, representatives, would be representatives, and other speakers at:

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