Keene Police Officer Joshua English Cleared in Fatal Shooting

Based on what little I know, it sounds to me that Officer English did the absolute right thing in this situation.  It is sad that a human has been killed…  but protection services, public or otherwise, will have to use deadly force from time-to-time to protect innocent human life.

This is the type of thing that police should be doing: protecting people from malum in se.

To those who would question the decision to fire the fatal shot right after a hostage negotiator has arrived I would say this: situations change very quickly.  Were I in Officer English’s shoes…  my priority would not be trying to resolve the situation without the deceased getting hurt.  My priority would be trying to resolve the situation without the person the deceased was threatening to kill getting hurt.  If that means killing the offender while a team of hostage negotiators gather outside, enter the room, or beg me to have a chance to talk the offender down, so be it.  I would have fired too.

I will snoop around and see if I can find a copy of the actual Attorney General report.

Article here.

Live Tweets from James Cleaveland’s Trial for Recording Police

Darryl W. Perry tweeted live from James Cleaveland’s trial this morning. James is facing two years in prison for recording the police at the scene of this Summer’s suicide. Here are those tweets in reverse chronological order:

Darryl W. Perry @DarrylWPerry · 2h 2 hours ago
Burke to take the case under advisement #Robinhood

Darryl W. Perry @DarrylWPerry · 2h 2 hours ago
Prosecutor objects to Burke watching video provided by #Robinhood

Darryl W. Perry @DarrylWPerry · 2h 2 hours ago
Burke hasn’t opened the envelope containing video evidence #Robinhood

Amanda Bouldin Makes Headlines Defending Topless Freedom Against Prudish Male State Reps

State Rep Amanda Bouldin, UBER Customer

State Representative Amanda Bouldin, Founder of Shire Sharing

What started as a rude facebook post on Tuesday by a supposedly “A+” rated state rep named Josh Moore, became a media firestorm of support for Free State Project early mover and “A+” rated Manchester state rep Amanda Bouldin, who defended topless freedom against Moore’s attacks. Bouldin is also known for creating Shire Sharing, a charity that feeds hundreds of NH families in need each year at Thanksgiving.

Despite being highly rated by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, Moore is the co-sponsor of discriminatory, anti-freedom legislation, HB-1525FN that would criminalize female toplessness across New Hampshire. On Tuesday, Bouldin took to her Facebook page with a response, pointing out that all the sponsors of the proposal are male republicans, calling them out on their hypocrisy, in that they claim to supposedly support smaller government, but in this case they are advocating for its expansion.

In response, Moore comments:

“I’ll see you on the house floor. I have obviously have more respect for a women and her innocence and decency than than women who are support public nudity.” – State Representative Josh Moore

State Representative Josh Moore

State Representative Josh Moore

He later added, then deleted:

“Who doesn’t support a mothers right to feed? Don’t give me the liberal talking points Amanda. If it’s a woman’s natural inclination to pull her nipple out in public and you support that, than you should have no problem with a mans to stare at it and grab it. After all, it’s ALL relative and natural, right?” – State Representative Josh Moore

Does Moore really believe that a woman going topless justifies a man committing assault and grabbing it? It’s hysteria like this that needs to end. They are breasts. Men and women both have them – it’s a basic human liberty to be as clothed as one wishes on your own, or public property.

Moore and his cohort, state representative Al Baldasaro were subsequently eviscerated on Amanda’s facebook thread, by countless libertarians. During the process, Baldasaro weighed in with another rude quip:

“No disrespect, but your nipple would be the last one I would want to see. You want to turn our family beach’s into a pervert show.” – State Representative Al Baldasaro

(All spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors by Moore and Baldasaro were left intact.)

Somewhere along the line, Slate published a piece featuring Moore and Baldasaro’s ridiculous support of oppressing topless freedom. That then led to several more major websites picking up the story. Here’s a quick rundown:

In Nothing We Trust: Part 1/5

Part one of a paper I wrote this past semester on the nature of money, central banking, and the Fed. I’ve broken it up in several sections so that it will be able to be read and critiqued in installments, probably one every few days. Feedback is of course appreciated. Enjoy.


by Joshua R. Kern

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”   — Thomas Jefferson