Chris Cantwell Schools KPD’s Ken Meola on Heroin Bust

The War on Drugs is a failure.

The War on Drugs is a failure.

In a recent article, Christopher Cantwell calls out the recent major heroin ring bust in the Keene area and reveals, through simple economics, how it will likely make things worse.

Odds are, prices will go up, and junkies will have to steal and rob even more in order to fund their habit. As Cantwell points out, the dopers won’t quit just because their supplier disappears. All Keene police have done is create a business opportunity for the entrepreneur willing to take some risk. Plus, those stepping in to fill the demand in the market may provide product of questionable and even dangerous quality.

Cantwell lays it all out in this outstanding piece: (more…)

BEARCAT Ban Bill Hears from KPD’s Ken Meola

Today’s Monitor published a story which covers the public hearing on a bill designed to curb police militarization by limiting what grants law enforcement agencies can be approved for in New Hampshire. The hearing was attended by the usually mute Keene police chief Kenneth Meola, who praised the BEARCAT’s presence in Keene for its low cost. Check out the story linked below by Kathleen Ronayne:

Ridley Reports on KPD’s Ken Meola’s Rude Behavior & BEARCAT Positions

Still more footage of KPD’s Ken Meola behaving poorly towards Dave Ridley. Ridley also suggests I am “passive aggressive” and that I’ve wasted my time having breakfast with people like Ken. I disagree that it’s time wasted conversing in a humane manner with government workers and politicians. Ridley may be angry, but I am generally not. If I find myself angry, I’ll do my best to admit it, and work on shifting to better feelings. As usual, when someone accuses me of being “passive aggressive”, I think that’s just projection on their part. Ridley wants me to be angry for him, because he feels, perhaps, as though he would be angry in the situations in question.

I’m long past being angry at the government guys. They are just humans doing the wrong thing by aggressing against their peaceful neighbors. Everyone can change – I know I have. Here’s Ridley’s report:

KPD’s Chief Ken Meola Called Out on WKBK’s Talkback

Some local liberty activists and other concerned locals made an appearance this morning on WKBK‘s “Talkback” as Keene Police Chief Ken Meola was interviewed by former city councilor Cynthia Georgina and current city councilor James Duffy.

Audio of the interview and following calls is here.

During the series of calls, Meola defends the BEARCAT’s alleged use in rescue situations and its militaristic olive green color. He refuses to paint it pink in support of breast cancer research, or even red to be more obvious as an alleged “rescue” vehicle. Cop Block‘s Pete Eyre calls with a challenging question about the contradiction in KPD’s mission statment which is to ostensibly “protect” people, but yet they must first violate those same people in order to get the money to “protect” them. Pete’s question is so challenging in fact, that the only response the hosts can muster is to ignore his question, hang up, then busy out the phones for the remainder of the hour!

Additionally, Meola explains that he refuses to speak with me because he doesn’t like my behavior and the “attacks” on his officers that I “allow” on Free Keene. He claims that the radio was an inappropriate place for me to ask him about this, and I would agree, however I’ve asked him in person and via email, and he refuses to even acknowledge my presence! Of course, I’m not alone in this rude treatment by a so-called “public servant”. He also ignores independent newsman Dave Ridley in this video taken outside a Keene city council meeting.

So, Ken, let me see if I’ve got this straight: (more…)