WKBK’s Dan Mitchell Hosts Keene Police Chief Ken Meola – With Comentary from Sam

While editing the footage I decided to join in the discussion to add my perspective to the mix. I hope it provides you with a fun and educational look at why government police simply lack proper motivations to create a truly peaceful society:

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  1. My two thoughts regarding this interview:

    Question asked by Dan: What sort of a person do you look for when people apply to become police officers….?

    This question Ken sort of answers and then goes off on things that are irrelevant such as which shifts people work and how.

    My Answer: People who will not question authority and use individual judgment regarding the morality of what they are doing. Do you think the US Marshals would have hire someone who thought chattel slavery was immoral and would not use violence to enforce the Fugitive Slave Act?

    Regarding the thefts/burglaries…. Sam hits it right on the head. Ken seems to have his head in the sand intentionally.

    Him advocating doing what he does, to fight crime, is precisely what has been happening for ages. Nothing is going to change… nothing. If Ken really wanted to make the community safer he'd advocate ending drug prohibition.

  2. Great work Sam.

  3. Sam:

    Brilliant point regarding blue laws. The chief must not be too versed in NH laws…..

    332-D:1 Sunday Work. – No person shall do any work, business, or labor of his secular calling, to the disturbance of others, on the first day of the week, commonly called the Lord's Day, except works of necessity and mercy, and the making of necessary repairs upon mills and factories which could not be made otherwise without loss to operatives; and no person shall engage in any play, game, or sport on that day.

    This may be a controversial activism approach…. but why not start filing massive complaints against people who support the enforcement of victimless laws against the activists?

    A catch to the blue law you cited is that the local city/town can adopt ordinances allowing said activities.

    332-D:4 Exceptions. – Nothing in this chapter shall prevent the governing body of any city or town from adopting bylaws and ordinances permitting and regulating retail business, plays, games, sports, and exhibitions on Sundays. Bylaws and ordinances adopted by the governing body in accordance with this section shall continue in force until altered or annulled by vote of the legislative body.

    I suggest finding out if Keene has said ordinance, and if they don't, sick the police on all the "decent" people so they can fully understand what it is like to be the victim of government violence when state agents are enforcing victimless laws.

    If Keene doesn't have an ordinance… every person playing baseball/etc. aged 12-16 should be charged as a child in need of services (CHINS) and every person 17+ should be charged with a violation.

    As you aptly pointed out, the NH Legislature refused to repeal these laws…. showing their intent that they remain on the books and be enforced.

    As you also aptly pointed out, the Keene Police Chief indicates that laws will be enforced blindly if probable cause exists.

    Why not take the chief at his word and see if he really acts on it?

  4. I could walk into any number of local downtown businesses in Keene and rattle off every single stupid law that they are breaking. I am quite familiar with the administrative fire code which is enforceable by the police through criminalizing statues.

    According to the police chief, they HAVE to enforce the law, right?

    How many businesses down there have advocated the cracking down on liberty activists for their illegal activity?

  5. I like the new "commentary added" aspect of recording these talk show hosts, Sam. It appears that necessity has prompted some very needed changes in dealing with state loving people (and in this case, radio hosts) who enjoy the sound of their own voices on the radio (i.e. Dan Mitchell).

    This guy gives the impression, without actually saying it, he is being charitable to Ian, Mark & company by having Free Talk Live on WKBK. The real truth is that 80+ stations in the listening audience, is most certainly not a fluke. The guys and their fine show keep his utilities on and crunchy Purina nuggies in little Fluffy's bowl.

  6. I think calling the cops on Little Leaguers is a bad idea. Using violence against peaceful people would make hypocrites of those calling it in and you'd lose the moral high ground.

  7. I think calling the cops on Little Leaguers is a bad idea. Using violence against peaceful people would make hypocrites of those calling it in and you’d lose the moral high ground.

    I know what you're saying and tend to agree.

    The problem with the world today is that most people don't give a shit about anything until it impacts THEIR life.

    ie: a cop who's child gets arrested for having a plant and gets thrown out of college for violating the Higher Education Act's Souder Amendment. All of the sudden you'd have a police officer stopping to think about how destructive the drug war is because his own spawn is getting tossed out of college/screwed by it.

  8. I have a feeling that even if people decided to complain to the Keene police about Sunday little league (EVEN if the City of Keene doesn't have an ordinance exempting them from the provisions of that stupid law) they would refuse to enforce it. This, of course, would be completely flying in opposition to what the police chief claims they must do: enforce the law.

    The police can be forced to do their jobs, even when they refuse, through a common law procedure known as a "writ of mandamus": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandamus

    Again– I realize what I am proposing is an extreme form of activism… and I don't think that I even think it is a good idea… but forcing people to endure the immorality of the force they advocate being used on other peaceful people COULD serve a purpose.

  9. Even if you demanded them to enforce anything like the Sunday Little League…. who will make them?

    Not you…

  10. Even if you demanded them to enforce anything like the Sunday Little League…. who will make them?

    Not you…

    Pushing the police into a corner where you can prove/show that they refuse to enforce certain laws would blow holes in their maintaining they must enforce all laws.

    And someone most certainly can force them to do it… going to the County Attorney, Attorney General, or the Superior Court are things that could be done. Complaints could also be filed with NH Police Standards.

    There are many ways this type of activism could work. I don't think it is necessarily a good idea, though. I don't think using force on peaceful people is an appropriate thing….. but many of these "peaceful" people do. Subjecting them to it COULD open their eyes to the immorality of it.

  11. Jardis, you should know that several US Supreme Court decisions all agree that NO COP has any legally imposed "duty", or obligation, to do anything, cop-wise. Cops ARE NOT required by law, to enforce that law. Cops are ALLOWED, or PERMITTED by law, to do what they do. They are NOT REQUIRED by law, to do what they do. Seems to make the "Mandamus" argument moot, wouldn't you say? I do like the idea, though, of getting together a posse, (you know, a bunch of hoppin' hip rappers – those guys), to ARREST & HOLD FOR BAIL, a cop, or better yet, a judge. Yes, I am advocating that a cop or judge be NON-VIOLENTLY arrested and held for bail. Why not? Screw mandamus. Let's give THEM the WAR ON CANCER / CRIME / POVERTY/ DRUGS / TERROR that THEY have given US. …P.S.: or is it rippin' hop happers???…

  12. Sam: excellent commentary.

    Ian: you mention the price of aspirin and the policeman retorts that aspirin is not addictive. Perhaps a more apt example is coffee. Coffee is extremely, extremely, EXTREMELY addictive. By some measures more addictive that cocaine. Coffee grows in a similar climate to cocaine. And the effects of the low-potency drink made from coffee beans is comparable to the effects of the low-potency tea made from cocaine leaves. Yet who has ever heard of a coffee addict doing crimes to get their buzz? If they made coffee illegal, on the other hand, I would predict riots in the streets.

  13. It'd be wrong to go after innocent people just to make a point. But, this point should be made rhetorically, clearly and often. Actually, creating a list of laws police choose to never, or rarely enforce would be useful.

  14. LOVE IT!! Intra-community dialogue is SO overrated. "Talkback," pffff. Police and government live off us, so what's there to talk about with them? All that needs to be done is to discredit, mock, and de-legitimize them until they're diminished enough to allow freedom to flourish, or until there's a paradigm shift de-emphasizing government. All the talk talk talk talk between the people and the politicians, school bureaucrats, and criminal justice bureaucrats never solves anything & only encourages them. Great commentary, Sam. Great idea. This is even better than when you guys used to call in to that show.

  15. Paul and Brad both make great points about making an issue of the fact that certain laws, in this case Blue Laws, are not enforced. It would make a great point if the police department were flooded with complaints about such violations, yet it would be hypocritical to ask the police to do to others what we don't want them to do to us.

    Maybe just having a SUNDAY demonstration with signs listing the laws that are not enforced and those that are and asking WHY would demonstration the hypocrisy and discrimination of the system.

    I found this section of the Blue Laws both hilarious and telling:

    "Sunday Racing Exempted. – No provision of this chapter shall prohibit or authorize the prohibition of running or harness horse racing meets or dog racing meets on Sunday after midday and no action shall be required because of the provisions of this chapter by the selectmen of a town or the city council of a city or a town meeting to permit any such meet."

    So, running a restaurant on Sunday is verboten but running a race isn't? Hmm..what is so important about racing that is exempted? My only answer is $,$, and more money? Follow the money. The people who made this exemption financially benefitted from Sunday racing somehow, perhaps campaign contributions coming from people in that business.

    In my town the cops selective enforce laws too. For example is they are asked to enforce immigration laws, they say "No!". Why? They say that they cannot because they are federal laws. Yet, at the same time, they have no problem at all enforcing federal drugs laws. What is the difference? It's quite simple, really.

    As Radley Balko points out in his study "Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America", local police departments across America are partially federally funded and equipped by the Pentagon. Again, it comes down to money. If a department's being funded required them to enforce immigration laws, they would. It doesn't, so they don't. Their being funded requires them to enforce drug laws, so they do.

    So, you're not fighting morality so much as you are fighting funding. Not many cops have the integrity of Bradley Jardis. They don't want to sacrifice their paychecks and pensions for our rights.

  16. To be completely honest, I think all of you people are assholes. Try getting jobs instead of harassing middle school students after school and embarrassing yourselves… You are all an embarrassment to the community, and if you honestly think that it's so corrupt and awful, why don't you leave?? The community would be ecstatic to see you assholes leave; no one wants you here. Although you may be under the impression that you are the voice of the community, you couldn't be more wrong. Your presence is unwanted and the citizens of Keene all look forward to your departure.

  17. Your presence is unwanted and the citizens of Keene all look forward to your departure.

    You seem to have an uncanny ability to speak with authority on behalf of 20 something thousand people! 😀

  18. Well, you only responded to one line, so I guess the rest was pretty accurate.

  19. Okay, I'll respond a bit more.

    To be completely honest, I think all of you people are assholes.

    You're upset because a group of loud people are advocating change, right?

    Do you realize that throughout history people like you were similarly upset when they demanded freedom enhancing changes?

  20. "Freedom enhancing changes"….? Go attempt to ruin some other community.

  21. Go attempt to ruin some other community.

    People like you told people like me to go "ruin some other community" sixty years ago when people like me said black people should have the freedom to drink out of white water fountains.

    We advocate that -peaceful- people should be left alone by the government NOW just like the peaceful black people of sixty years ago should have been left alone by the government THEN.

    You obviously disagree with both… because as a matter of logic you simply cannot agree with only one.

  22. b_rad is 100% correct. you're scumbags. stop bitching. everyone would love for you fags to leave keene. you make our city look trashy. hope you all fucking leave. nobody cares what you think. i dont care what you say for a response because i will never come back on this stupid ass website again. fuck all of you.

  23. well "milo" you just a regular ray of sunshine aren't you

  24. milo you're the man. FUCK THE FREE-STATERS. get out of keene and go suck each others dicks somewhere else. or just stay inside ur scummy ass trashy river street house and fucking rot. you're gonna get egged and shit thrown at u if u stand outside our local schools. fuck you guys

  25. Gee, seems so violent, abusive spokesmen for the governments side of things are angry.

    I don't belong to a gang, but I guess people that love government see the world through that lens. Primitive, tribal warfare model of human interaction.

    Glad to see the "fag" hating milo is doing the right thing by not aggravating himself hanging out at a website he doesn't like.

    How did a bastion of freedom like NH attract so many freedom haters? See the truth is freedom was the tradition here. So the "outsiders" are really the anti-freedom people.

    Many native NH people have been very welcoming.

  26. Milo on Sat, 20th Aug 2011 6:42 am

    b_rad is 100% correct. you’re scumbags. stop bitching. everyone would love for you fags to leave keene. you make our city look trashy. hope you all fucking leave. nobody cares what you think. i dont care what you say for a response because i will never come back on this stupid ass website again. fuck all of you.


    I am a Keene native. I have met most of the "FREEWEENIES", as I call them. Yes, Sam Dodson, and Jesse "what's-his-name" were jerks&assholes. Jesses' "gardening" in the Common, with the RIFLE slung over his shoulder, was a stupider stunt than even I could have come up with…The whole "School Sucks" thing was even worse, because innocent Middle School kids WERE harrassed and even threatened and intimidated by the idiots and bullhorns. The same goal would have been better acheived by a quieter form of action. I find the "School Sucks" action to be a truly low point in the "FREEWEENIES" story…

    BUT, having said all that, the "FREEWEENIES" are FAR MORE WELCOME in Keene, than the 200+ hard-core *JUGGALOS* we have now in Keene, doing DRUGS – like heroin, crack, meth, oxycontin, etc., etc., _AND_ they are literally STABBING*TO*DEATH over $100. worth of cocaine/heroin….THEY are a far more, worse CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER to our community, than the "FREEWEENIES" could ever hope to be….So, "Milo", because I assume that you actually *MEAN* what you say – as opposed to *ME*, who only writes rhetorically, I saw that it is *YOU*, "Milo", who are no longer welcome in Keene. Despite any and all of the bullshit that I regularly post here, in the "REAL WORLD", I have only had good experiences with the "FREEWEENIES"……Yes, I think Sam & Jesse were idiots and assholes, but I got along fine with them. After all, I have to live here in Keene with idiots and assholes like "Milo", *TOO*!…(…of course, *YOU*, "Milo", have to live with *ME*, so it evens out…. ) So, *FUCK-YOU*, "Milo", and GET THE FUCK OUTA MY TOWN. Whadda ya got to say to THAT, "Milo"…???…~tKoK.

  27. …there was a streetpunk whose streetname was "B-Rad"…He even tried to sell *ME* drugs once…When KPD finally busted his sorry ass, he had a loaded semi-auto "assault rifle" (AK-47 clone…) in the trunk of his car….Good riddance, "B-Rad", and a heart-felt *THANK-YOU* to KPD for getting that piece of trash off the streets….See, sometimes KPD does good things, and they need to be recognized for that. It doesn't make up for all the cops-n-courts-GAME*BULLSHIT that KPD has been putting the "FREEWEENIES" through, but still….Good job on B-Rad, KPD…..Thnx…~tKoK.

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