Ridley Reports on KPD’s Ken Meola’s Rude Behavior & BEARCAT Positions

Still more footage of KPD’s Ken Meola behaving poorly towards Dave Ridley. Ridley also suggests I am “passive aggressive” and that I’ve wasted my time having breakfast with people like Ken. I disagree that it’s time wasted conversing in a humane manner with government workers and politicians. Ridley may be angry, but I am generally not. If I find myself angry, I’ll do my best to admit it, and work on shifting to better feelings. As usual, when someone accuses me of being “passive aggressive”, I think that’s just projection on their part. Ridley wants me to be angry for him, because he feels, perhaps, as though he would be angry in the situations in question.

I’m long past being angry at the government guys. They are just humans doing the wrong thing by aggressing against their peaceful neighbors. Everyone can change – I know I have. Here’s Ridley’s report:

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