What Is the Keene PD Hiding?

What do the Keene Police have to hide?

Today (Aug 7, 2012) I called the Keene Police Department to check the status of my Concealed Carry License application. I applied for the license on July 20. It’s my understanding that NH law requires that the local police department “shall-issue” all valid applicants within 14 days (10 business days) of applying. Applicants must call and ask for an answer–they will not call you. However, if a person has NOT been approved, they will mail that person with an explanation as to why they were denied, and they must do that within 14 days. The clerk (Pat) at the records department said that my application was not in the “approved” pile, and that the man in charge of applications (Michael Goodchild) was on vacation until Aug. 20. She gave me his voicemail, and I left a message. In his voicemail recording, he directs callers to contact Jim McLaughlin with any issues. When I phoned Jim McLaughlin and told him I was audio recording, he told me he did not consent to being recorded and redirected my call to Michael Goodchild’s voicemail again. The third time I called, I explained to the clerk what had happened and asked to speak with someone who would talk to me on the record. After waiting on hold for a few minutes, Pat returned and said that the “Chief of Police” Ken Meola told her that “Captain” Costa would call me back today regarding this issue. Very curious…

Video of the phone call here (pt1) and here (pt2 – the denial).

The law regarding Concealed Carry Licenses can be found here.

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Derrick J’s Jail Journal, Part 1

Thanks to Julia for the transcription, we now have the first portion of Derrick J’s jail journal for you to read! Don’t forget you can write to Derrick and Beau at Mail-to-Jail!

Also, still to come – more of the journal and also some blog posts from Derrick. Here’s the text of the journal entries through 5/15:

5/8/12 – Day 2
I walked in here yesterday shortly after 4:20 PM. I have been treated well by everyone here. I am no longer in isolation. I am in general population with some of the other inmates, who are pretty friendly. Some of them I recognize from my time here last month. I am in R-Block. Currently, my sentence is 50 days but at an unknown date and time, I will be called before District Court where a sentence for the Live Free of Dance Party will be added to my current sentence. I am hoping the sentence is suspended but using history as a guide, my educated guess is that a sentence of 180 days plus $1240, all but the fine suspended, will be imposed. I won’t pay the fine but will ask if 124 hours of community service would serve the fine. If the find is paid, I could be out on June 25th. If not, I will serve time at the House of Corrections at the rate of $50 a day. FTL, its active listenership, and the activists in The Shire are the only things keeping me hanging on with my chin up. My hope is that people will be exposed to the ideas of liberty and decide to move to The Shire to get active. I strongly recommend focusing on activism that has little risk of jail. (more…)