Kudos to KPD’s Peter Bowers for Participating in “Chalk the Police” Day!

Keene Police officer Peter Bowers won some major cool points today in downtown Keene when he drew a smiley face with activist-provided chalk, as part of “Chalk the Police” day, a nationwide event sponsored by CopBlock.org! Video below. Even more interesting, Bowers did so after having been called to the square by the head of the parks and recreation department, who was complaining and trying to tell the liberty-loving chalkers to stop chalking, that we weren’t allowed, etc.

The parks and rec “director”, Andy Bohannon, stopped his van in the left lane at the traffic light on the West side of Central Sq. and got out to harass the chalkers, blocking traffic for at least ten minutes. He ironically claimed that people were complaining, but talk about being a public nuisance – HE was the one actually bothering people with his van blocking an entire turn lane!

Bohannon informs us that he’s called the police, and several minutes later they arrive and talk to him as we had run out of places to chalk on Central Sq. and had moved in front of city hall. The officers walk away from Bohannon and through the park where we encountered them as they were walking toward city hall, in front of Bank of America, where we told them it was Chalk the Police day and invited them to join in the fun.

To Bowers’ credit, he asked for yellow and proceeded to draw a smiley face on the sidewalk! What a great way to finish off a successful chalk the police day! Thanks, Peter! Here’s the video: (more…)

Local Heroes Save Town From Chalked Smiley Faces

Members of “STOP FREE KEENE!!!“, Dan and Kay Georgina visited Central Square on Saturday and destroyed countless chalked smiley faces and other peaceful messages in a scene that is a perfect metaphor for SFK!!!:

bowers_chalkThrough their actions, the key members of SFK!!! prove the anger in their hearts – what kind of person could feel good about such destruction of community artwork?

Some STOP FREE KEENE!!! members believe that threats, violence, and protest will somehow stop the flow of activists to Keene and NH at large. However, all they are accomplishing is attracting more movers and sparking new activism.

Free Keene is about love and peace. “STOP FREE KEENE!!!” is about anger. Peace is the way.

Stop the war on chalk, “STOP FREE KEENE!!!” members. It’s very childish. Even Keene Police Officer Peter Bowers supports chalking smiley faces, as he proved at the 2012 Chalk the Police day in Keene where he joined in the fun.

Full RAW video is available at the Fr33manTVRAW channel.

Pushy Bureaucrat Crashes Chalk the Police Day

I have gotten so used to having my camera groped at by authoritative busybodies that I am beginning to feel as though I should question my relative comfort with it. The first article featured on this blog was about a police officer who couldn’t keep his hands off of my phone when it was acting as an audio streaming device. Since then, I’ve had a previous camera clutched so firmly that it automatically powered off, in an escapade that traveled the blogosphere during the first annual lemonade freedom day. My Canon Vixia’s design is much more rugged and durable than the previous Nikon Coolpix I used to utilize for Free Concord videos. And I appreciate the upgraded zoom capabilities and high definition 16:9 widescreen frame. Today, as I celebrated International Chalk the Police day with others, my camera withstained a push from a Keene city parks and recreation director Andrew Bohannon, as he fumbled to conceal his identity from chalkers. After activists had covered most of the central square park in liberty oriented slogans and quotes, a man driving around the rotary yelled from his vehicle at the chalkers to stop. Myself and others waved and invited the person to join us for Chalk the Police day. Moments later, I noticed a man with a phone who had walked up onto the square and begun speaking with people, phone in hand, and an identification swinging from his neck. (more…)

Addressing Corruption in Keene

As this post goes public, I will be in Keene District Court presenting a letter addressing blatant criminal acts. The letter outlines allegations of corruption, criminal conduct, grand  jury tampering, assault, and perjury – all by NH public officials. In their system the proper procedure is for citizens to present their evidence to a grand jury so they can investigate as their duty requires.

In the letter I outline and provide links to a video of  Howard B. Lane, Judge winking at the prosecutor after overruling my objection, inventing facts, discriminating against my disability, and perverting the rule of law.


Proof KPD Officer Knew Toplessness Not a Crime Prior to Making Arrest

Peter Bowers“Without a victim, I don’t have a crime…I’m going to have to let them go.”
Peter Bowers, Officer, Keene Police Department

Bowers said this over the radio (As heard by the Keene Police Scanner) prior to entering a private cell-phone conversation with James Cemorales, the shift commander. Judging by Cemorales’ final statement in the audio, he was taking orders from Chris McLaughlin, the Keene Police’s prosecutor. Shouldn’t McLaughlin know that toplessness is legal? After all, he’s trained in reading legalese. Perhaps he knew he could kidnap Cassidy and knew there would be no consequences for him if the charges were dropped. Hopefully these guys will one day stop following immoral orders and leave peaceful people alone. I would appreciate your thoughts on this and what Cassidy should do (if anything) about her kidnapping in the comments section.

Here’s the audio from the scanner, edited for time but not content.

If only police would examine more closely whether there is a victim, we’d have a lot fewer peaceful people being arrested. For instance people possessing chemicals, plants, or playing poker have no victims…