Superheroes & Liberty–two great things that go great together!

Do you like superheroes? Comic books? Superhero movies? Do you love liberty? If you said yes to any of these, there are a couple of great projects in the works that need your help to succeed.

Voluntaryist Comic Project

The Voluntaryist Comic Project

The first is an Indigogo project that is most of the way to its goal but still needs a little bit more and is right down to the wire. Less than a day left! It’s a comic book project about voluntaryist superheroes trying to rescue innocent people from a government that has gotten completely tyrannical.

Real Heroes: Fighting for Truth, Justice… and Screentime

The next has a little bit of time left but has a long way to go to reach its goal. This one is a project by a personal friend. I was fortunate enough to read some of the early drafts of the scripts and I was already desperate to see it get made into a movie. This writer & director has proven himself by practically spinning straw into gold. What I mean by that is he made a movie that addressed LGBT issues and was really funny and heartfelt and it swept awards. Yet he did it on practically no budget. I can’t wait to see what he can do with just a decent indi budget with this film. He’s already shot it. He just needs to raise a little more money for post-production.

I won’t try to mislead you and say that it’s a particularly liberty-oriented project but I do believe that LGBT issues are really important to the liberty movement. Liberty has to be about respecting everyone’s rights or it’s not liberty.

And here are a couple of his latest updates emphasizing the urgency of getting pledges SOON!

The Villains are not happy…

Keith’s Backup Plan…


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