City of Keene Illegally Endorses Religion, Freedom From Religion Foundation Responds

At this point it should be of no surprise that even when people are taking oaths they’re breaking them within minutes. During the inauguration of the new city council in Keene there was not one but two sectarian prayers which completely disenfranchise the people in the city who don’t believe in a god or don’t believe in that particular god. Of course government endorsement of religion is also against the law. Using phrases such as “Gracious and holy one.” “May God give you courage.” “We pray in your most holy name.” obviously flies in the face of the law as well as the people who live in Keene.


School Board Disregards the Voters

Keene High SchoolDuring yesterday’s Keene School Board budgetary meeting the school board and the teachers showed their true colors. They care little about what the voters of Keene have to say and have little respect for the ever increasing property tax that has been inflicted upon the people who live in Keene. Conan Salada submitted multiple petition articles to the Keene School Board to be on the March ballot. Articles covered budget reductions as well as limiting the power of the school board to throw their weight around to get their way. In one exchange with school board member Ann Szot regarding the way the board rearranged the order of the articles straight out said they ordered them that way because they didn’t want them to pass. Interestingly Ann also donated money to Robin Hood of Keene for having saved her from a parking ticket recently. (more…)