Former Governor John Lynch Deserves a Libertarian Handshake

The former Governor may not have been a libertarian, but by putting his personal reputation and seal of approval on RSA 519:23-a, he gave the libertarian community in New Hampshire a huge win.

519:23-a – Right of Accused

In all criminal proceedings the court shall permit the defense to inform the jury of its right to judge the facts and the application of the law in relation to the facts in controversy.

History has shown that nullification has helped end chattel slavery, alcohol prohibition, and Jim Crow… and jury nullification is now the law-of-the-land in the Granite State.

Thank you for that one, Governor Lynch.

This blogger hopes you find a pleasantly lowered blood-pressure as you leave public office. 😎

Me v. USA Update

– My Amended Complaint
– My Summons Issued To United States
– My Summons To US Proof Of Service
– United States’ Response To My Complaint

Attorney Knowlton has told me that Assistant US Attorney Emery Hurley is a pretty cool guy, so please remember the things he writes are done on behalf of his client.  The man could be a staunch civil libertarian for all we know, but his client happens to be the US of A at the moment.

CBP is hands-down the most powerful of any law enforcement agency in our country because they’re located at the border.  No one can film what they do, they “lose” exculpatory video evidence when it suits them, and with officers doing things like this, they deserve some serious enhanced public scrutiny.

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