Governor Hassan & Executive Council: Free Rich Paul Immediately

Rich Paul remains incarcerated for exercising his right to have a peaceful revolution against unjust laws.  “Unjust laws” in my humble opinion are those laws that are unsupported by science, immoral, and completely unchangeable by democracy.

I find this completely unacceptable.

I (like everyone else) have the right to ignore RSA 311:7‘s oh-so-mysterious “commonly” reference (wink, wink) if it means peacefully practicing law in court to reform the government.  The law belongs to The People…  not a private monopoly organization beholden to the government and centered on control and profit.

Rich Paul is a good man who has been following the direction given him in Part I, Article 10 of the New Hampshire Constitution.  He has been doing it even though he has never sworn an oath to the document.

If I’m not mistaken… all of you all have.

I demand the NH Constitution be followed and Rich be released by 05/13/13.  If Rich does not walk free, I will be taking on his appeal.  Pardon him, commute his sentence, leave the back door unlocked, let a bird fly up to his window with a key…  it really doesn’t matter to me.

Let him go.

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