Instantly Safer Schools: Teacher Concealed Carry


A Texas School District has a policy allowing teachers to carry firearms.  Don’t mess with schools in Texas!


In the wake of 9/11 the United States Congress passed the Federal Flight Deck Officer program.  It was a great idea: allow professional pilots already entrusted with enormous responsibility to carry firearms while at work so that in the event of absolute catastrophe they can be the last line of defense.

The brave volunteer pilots who participate in the program are trained and managed by the TSA.  Even though the program has been intentionally stalled by both the Bush and Obama Administrations, and burdened with ridiculous regulations (such as not allowing pilots to carry holstered firearms on their person), the program remains an excellent and free deterrent to air piracy/hijacking.

Ignoring for a minute the fact that municipal school boards in New Hampshire are political subdivisions that cannot tell their licensed employees that they cannot carry firearms, why not establish a voluntary FFDO-similar program available to all publicly employed teachers in our state?

The New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council would be an ideal government agency for the General Court to task with assisting municipal school boards oversee training, compliance, and standards for public school teachers that wanted to participate.  This isn’t a suggestion to make teachers police officers.  This is a suggestion to make teachers able to protect themselves and others in the event of absolute catastrophe, just like in the air with the FFDO program.

It seems like common sense to me.

US Senate Votes To Restrict Indefinite Detention of Americans

The United States Senate has passed an amendment to Section 1021 of the NDAA that in theory would forbid the President from ordering the indefinite military detention of American citizens.  The amendment is far from perfect as the Federalist Society overviews in an excellent blog.

Being a lifelong New Hampshire resident, I find it particularly embarrassing that our own Senator Kelly Ayotte (R) (who talks a good game about our “Live Free or Die” motto) voted against this.  How can one “Live Free” when they’re subjected to indefinite military detention, on American soil, without access to the court system?

If someone proposed something like the NDAA for white men in 1950s, a visit to HUAC would have been called for.  The NKVD did this stuff, not us.  It is absolutely “Un-American” to deny the accused the right of access to the court system.

Please consider contacting Senator Ayotte to convey your thoughts about stripping Article III and the 5th Amendment from the US Constitution.

Thank you Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D) for voting for this.

The Hillsboro County, NH (Valley Street) Corrections Superintendent’s Hubris

The other day while reading the Union Leader I came across an article where HCDC Superintendent David Dionne decided to speak negatively against Cheshire County Corrections Superintendent Richard Van Wickler:

“It’s a slap in the face to the corrections profession,” said David Dionne” of Superintendent Van Wickler’s decision to hire a convicted felon as a Corrections Officer.

Having personally known people who have been employed and incarcerated under both Superintendents, I can tell you this:  Hillsboro County could easily relinquish its position as the most frequently sued New Hampshire county correctional facility if they got an administrator of Superintendent Van Wickler’s quality.

I’ve recently asked Keene-based liberty activists who have served sentences under Corporal Schoolcraft what they think of him as an individual.  I am completely confident in telling you this: the man sounds like a complete professional.  Superintendent Dionne has many officers that I’ve recently heard the polar opposite of.

Until I stop hearing such first hand negative accounts (and reading case after case filed in the US District Court of New Hampshire, the last one not even filed two weeks ago) regarding mistreatment of his prisoners, I think Superintendent Dionne should refrain from casting any judgement whatsoever on colleagues who are provably far more professional.

I’ve never heard CCDC being a candidate for a federal consent decree either.

Judicial Branch Abuses in Keene Show Need For Constitutional Amendment

New Hampshire Republican Liberty Caucus Chairman Carolyn McKinney has penned an excellent article explaining why it is important to vote in support of Question #2 on November 6th.

Question #2 is a proposed amendment to Part II, Article 73-a of the New Hampshire Constitution that will allow greater public oversight of those who have the power to make rules that literally have the force of law.

Chairman McKinney’s article mentions judicial abuses suffered by Keene, NH based judicial monitoring activists and journalists as examples of the abuses that justify greater oversight of judicial authority.

Please read the article here.