My Recent Adventures In Legal Land

Legal land is never fun.

The costumed men, habitual threats levied, ridiculous formal rituals, and attempts to force me to respect a system I abhor is enough to drive me crazy.  It doesn’t because I don’t allow it to, because if it does they are winning and we all know I don’t want that!  However, I must admit it is taking up a certain amount of my time and, worse, my energy.  Legal land sucks.  It truly is the worst part of civil disobedience.  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and I choose to live free with the knowledge that, in one way or another, I will pay the price.


Free Keene Activists Campaign To Impeach Corrupt Judge

This past Friday, Bradley Jardis, Ian Freeman, and I held a rally outside the Keene district court to support the impeachment of corrupt judge Edward Burke for lying to have Ademo Freeman wrongfully imprisoned last June.  Much thanks to all who came out in spite of the early hour and cold weather!

Badges don’t grant extra rights, and neither do robes and gavels.  What Edward Burke did was unacceptable, and we here at Free Keene will continue to work to hold him accountable for his actions.

You can help by signing the petition here.


Keene Sentinel Misreports On Derrick J’s Arrest

From the Sentinel:

A Keene man faces charges of resisting arrest and disobeying an officer after police say he led them on a chase while riding his bicycle Friday afternoon.

Derrick Joseph Horton, 22, was held at the Cheshire County jail in Keene for lack of $2,000 bail, Keene police Sgt. Jason Short said.

Police had attempted to stop Horton in connection with a warrant for criminal trespass and resisting arrest issued by the Cheshire County Sheriff’s Office, but Horton allegedly refused to stop, forcing police to chase him on his bicycle for several streets, Short said.

Horton will be arraigned Monday morning in Keene’s 8th Circuit Court District Division.

Ironically, although the Sentinel managed to get almost all their facts wrong (Derrick didn’t have a warrant!), they did get one thing right: “Derrick Joseph Horton, 22, was held at the Cheshire County jail in Keene for lack of $2,000 bail, Keene police Sgt. Jason Short said.”

In other words, Derrick spent the weekend in jail because he didn’t have the $2000 ransom that the state demanded.

Thanks for keeping it real, guys!


Potential Unintended Consequences Of Police Car / Bike Pursuits

Earlier today, my friend Derrick J. was arrested while bicycling to the grocery store by Fintan Moore of the KPD.

Here’s another video of an officer of the law in Florida attempting to arrest a young man on a bicycle.  Sadly, this ended with the young man’s death.