KPD’s Fintan Moore A Menace To Society

The Keene police officer who brutally assaulted Derrick J. Freeman earlier this afternoon is named Fintan Moore.  He lives at 12 Orchard Street here in Keene, NH and his home number is (603) 352-7195.

If a woman answers, it may be Fintan’s wife Maureen.  Be sure to tell her exactly what her husband did while at work today.

Fintan, a longtime New England resident, previously lived in Oxford, MA before moving to Keene in 1999.  His brother Rory Moore and sister-in-law Lisa live in Sterling, his brother Kieran Moore and sister-in-law Marianne live in Marlborough as do his sister Maeve Allen and his brother-in-law Tom.  His son, Fintan Moore III, is in the Navy Reserve and also lives in Keene.

If you know any of these people, please be sure to show them the video in the post below and ask them to talk to Fintan about his inappropriate and hurtful actions.

I forgive you, Fintan, and I am not angry at you.  I only want you to think about your actions and I genuinely hope you stop hurting peaceful people.  God bless.


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Keep Kelly, Ian, and Derrick J. Out Of The Cage – Call Flood


DATE: This Friday, March 23rd

TIME: 8AM-5PM Eastern Time

WHAT: Call (603) 352-0056 From Your Phone Line, Anywhere


Here’s the Facebook event.


Call John Webb from the Cheshire County (Keene, NH) Attorney’s Office and demand that Cheshire County does the right thing and drops the criminal charges against Ian Freeman, Derrick J. Freeman, and Kelly Voluntaryist for their peaceful actions taken at the Cheshire County Superior Court on Monday, February 27.

Criminal Gang Causes (More) Mayhem and Violence In Keene

From New Hampshire WMUR Channel 9:

KEENE, N.H. — Several fights broke out at the Railroad Tavern on Railroad Street in Keene Friday night when officials with the state liquor enforcement arrived.Police said the liquor enforcement officials were doing a routine inspection when they discovered a 19-year-old man being served alcohol. When they tried to arrest the teen, Xavier Carter, he fought back and a fight ensued. At the same time, another, unrelated, fight broke outside and several other fights inside the bar erupted.When officers arrived, there were between 30 and 40 people fighting, but they quickly dispersed. Carter was charged with disorderly conduct for fighting with the liquor enforcement officials. Anthony Berardi, 29, was also charged with disorderly conduct. Police said he was actively hitting someone when they arrived. No one was seriously hurt in the brawl.It was not immediately known what, if any, action would be taken against the business.

So, basically, some adults were out peacefully enjoying adult recreation and adult beverages, not harming anybody; when criminal gang members who claim to represent the state of New Hampshire came into this privately owned establishment and caused a huge fight to break out.

Just doing their jobs, right?