101 Deals is Now Selling Mennonite Sheds Buy or Rent to Own

shedsAre you looking for a shed? Winter’s coming, get yours today before the snow falls.
Why pay storage fees when you can buy your own building and have it conveniently located at your house or place of business?

We offer high-quality professionally built Mennonite sheds that you can buy or rent to own.
We have what you need: multiple types, sizes, colors, and other options.
We can even custom build what you want.

All 8 Foot wide buildings come with a single door.
All 10, 12, 14 wide doors come with double doors.

All sheds are priced delivered within 30 miles of 661 Marlboro Street Keene, NH 03431.
Delivery beyond 30 miles is $2 per mile.
All sheds have a 5-year warranty.
Sheds are made with treated material and have a lifetime warranty against termites and fungal decay.

Rent to own with no credit checks, first month’s rent, and just a security deposit. $100 on 8′ and 10′ Foot Buildings, $200 on 12′ Wide Buildings, and $700 on 14′ Wide buildings

Cash, checks, credit cards (3% extra) accepted.

For more information please visit http://sheds.101.deals

All Virginia Charges Dropped Against James Cleaveland

All charges from the Commonwealth of Virginia against me have been dropped.

I will write up some future posts about this incident (was awaiting outcome before writing anything) but there are a few things I would like to get out immediately:
1) The “substance” found was not Klonopin. I’m still baffled why the sheriff department was telling the people who were calling on my behalf that it was Klonopin when the officers involved in the search identified the substance during the actual search. The substance is a medicine for which I have a prescription to treat a condition I have.
2) I really appreciate all the assistance I received from the “liberty” community at large especially Virginia copblockers and Keene activists (I’ll write up a post about this later).
3) New Hampshire is honestly the “best” state in my opinion in terms of freedom (post to follow).
4) My real “sin” in my opinion was not consenting to a search of the vehicle.

The Case for Businesses to Accept Bitcoin as Payment

A few weeks ago, while on tour for the upcoming documentary, The BIT Movie crew stopped by 101 Deals Thrift Store to see how easy it is for small businesses to accept bitcoins as an option for payment and checked out the Bitcoin vending machine where folks can buy bitcoins locally. I also made the case why 101 Deals Thrift Store accepts bitcoins as payment and why other businesses should as well.

First and foremost, accepting bitcoins as a form of payment is an improvement over merchant card services. Bitcoin is an instant cost savings to the business’s bottom line. Currently, 101 Deals Thrift Store accepts credit/debit cards through a merchant card service. The fee to accept the cards in person is 2.75% and over the phone is 3.5% plus 15¢ per transaction. This means that if a sale at the store is made for $10, only $9.73 is deposited to the business’s account. There are a few options to accept bitcoins for merchants, but one that is tailored to business and easy is Coinbase.com. When using Coinbase, there is no transaction fee for the merchant and the first $1,000,000 (!) of converting bitcoins to US dollars (IE “cashing out” is free). 

Consider a small business that processes $100,000 in credit/debit card sales a year. If 10% of the sales were instead in bitcoin ($10,000), the savings would be $270. Even if the business reached the $1 mil threshold and incurred the 1% fee, the savings is still $170 a year on every $10,000 of sales. If the business accepts cards over the phone instead, the savings are even more dramatic, $350 on $10,000, (not accounting for the 15¢ per transaction cost).


Keene NH’s Bearcat featured in “Pentagon Has ‘Everything Must Go’ Sale”

In the wake of the situation in Ferguson [language warning] and the attention it has drawn to the militarization of police across the county, Reason has put out a parody video regarding the “give-away” of “free” equipment to police departments across the county. In the video, Keene’s bearcat is used an example that no place is too small for militarization of the police, a trait that Ferguson shares with Keene since it also received a bearcat vehicle and is similar in population to Keene, ~21,000 people in Ferguson to Keene’s ~23,000 people.

SFK Group Member Displays Glock Pistol At Square

Craig 2Yesterday (6/3/2014) at about 7:30PM, approximately 40 minutes after a man was slammed into the fountain, a man entered the square, walked past myself and a few others, then lifted his shirt to display what appeared to be a glock pistol, pointed to it with his hand which was very close to it, and then came back later (still armed) and sat on the gazebo steps nearby the group who saw his exhibit.

Rich managed to catch this display on video despite his camera being mechanically defective (it keeps zooming in).

I posted pictures of this man to Facebook and was soon contacted by a source that told me he is Craig A Faulkner, a member of Stop Free Keene and son of Dorrie O’Meara. (Note the ear on photos below).

CraigCraig Hat
Craig SFK

Craig Faulkner 18


I have no problem with people carrying tools for self-defense, but I feel that the display was an attempt to intimidate and threaten the people at the square with violence and not for his defense.

The following pictures show further evidence he might not be a peaceful-minded person.

Craig TwitterCraig Twitter2