In today’s NH Primary, #StandWithRand!

Today is the New Hampshire primary. I am asking New Hampshire residents to go out and vote for Rand Paul. Although he does not present a full Libertarian position, preferring to focus on a few important changes rather than trying to establish a Utopia in one term, Rand’s voice was the only one in the Republican primary defending ANY pro-liberty positions. Let’s let them know that more liberty is our goal, by voting for the one pro-liberty candidate!

Free State Project Reaches 19,000 People: 95% of Goal

According to the, the Free State Project now has 19,000 signers, and needs only 1,000 to complete it’s task, for a completion rate of 95%. The last 5% has been accrued over the course of only about 15 days, indicating that we may reach our goal before our next Liberty Forum in February of this year.

Thanks to all those who are making it happen!

The Eighth Most Dangerous City and Math

According to this article Keene is the eighth most dangerous city in New Hampshire.

According to the State of New Hampshire, there are 13 cities in New Hampshire.

Math is required to properly evaluate statistical statements.

There are 13 cities in NH. 7 of these therefore, will in both the “best 10 cities” and the “worst 10 cities” by any measure.

Keene, NH is the 8th most dangerous city in NH. It is also the 6th safest city in NH. It’s all a matter of how you look at it.

Logic is the life-blood of the human spirit.

A message from the Church of the Invisible Hand

The Drive covers Robin Hood of Keene

The Drive ran a nice piece about

Few of life’s everyday curveballs deliver as much frustration as a parking ticket slapped to a windshield. Local authorities versus street parkers: Isn’t it obvious who always loses?

But in New Hampshire, this joust is actually favoring drivers who forget to feed their meters. Robin Hood of Keene, an activist group based in Keene, N.H., has been combating meter maids since 2009. The methods are simple enough: Trot a few paces ahead of parking enforcement, add time to expiring meters and leave a business card alerting the vehicle’s owner that the group’s efforts have spared them a citation.

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