Rich’s Jail Blog: Reducing the Incidence and Impact of Heroin Abuse

2013_04_20_freerichUsually, when people discuss heroin abuse, their solutions revolve around reducing freedom and ramping up hysterical rhetoric. The solutions offered here will pursue the same goals but by increasing freedom and honesty.

One trust-destroying feature of modern life for kids is “zero tolerance” policies in schools which expels students for bringing Asprin or Midol to school. This demonstrates to kids at a young age that their elders have hysterical, irrational reactions to all “drugs,” and that their words and actions are to be ridiculed, not respected. True messages about the dangers of certain drugs, like heroin, get lost in the nonsense, knee-jerk reactions.

Another example of this problem is treating marijuana like it is a dangerous drug similar to alcohol and heroin. When kids try weed and realize that hysterical foolish adults have been hyping it’s dangers, they naturally wonder what else they have been lied to about. They may try the truly dangerous drugs thinking that they, too, have been over-hyped.

Eliminating these policies, and not “crying wolf” will do much to preserve adults credibility for really important messages. It will not, however, eliminate the heroin problem. Utopia is not an option. Thus, other steps which will reduce morbidity and mortality heroin use, are in order.

First, all regulations on the sale of sterile hypodermic needles should be repealed. Needles should be freely and easily accessible to drug users, in order to reduce the spread off deadly diseases like Hepatitis-C and AIDS, clean needles are as important as condoms, and for the same reasons reasons.

Secondly, the laws forbidding the sale of heroin to addicts should be repealed (more…)

Ransom Rich Paul!

2013_04_20_freerichFor those of you who don’t know, I, Rich Paul, have been sitting in the the Keene Spiritual Retreat for the last couple weeks. I am technically in for violation of probation and there are four violations alleged:

1) That when Dorrie O’Meara’s employees/ thugs attacked an artist/ friend of mine by surprise and from behind, I stepped in between the gang of attackers and their intended victim while holding a stick, and thwarted their attack.

This is true, but justified by my inalienable right to self defense and defense of others, I believe that the court will disregard this allegation.

2) That I have not paid the $3,500 in fines that the court demands. (more…)

Push Back: Failure in Keene?

From Rich Paul, via

“Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.” – Salvor Hardin from the novel Foundation by Issac Asimov

Recently, FK activists have met with unprecedented resistance. Violence has been done to us by the State, and by individuals. Some believe that this is a sign that our efforts in Keene are failing. I regard it as a sign of success, and of vulnerability.

I see it as a sign of success because nobody bothers fighting against a failing movement. Nobody is attacking the communists or the socialists in Keene, precisely because they are going nowhere and doing nothing. People are attacking Libertarians, however, because they are becoming afraid we will succeed. This is confirmed, in my mind, by the high level of positive feedback we are getting on a daily basis. Many hate us here, but many more love us!


Rich’s Blog from Jail: “Soon to get out, feeling hopeless.”

2013_04_20_freerichIt’s the day before thanksgiving, and I suppose that I should be thankful that I get out in two weeks, but instead I am feeling alone and hopeless.  My only regular visitor, my only regular human contact, was my girl, but she kicked me to the curb a couple of months ago.  Now I am looking at the three years of probation ahead of me, unable to treat my depression with the only treatment which works… medical marijuana… and unable to go to any of the Porcupine events or gatherings… as all of them serve alcohol… and with no idea how I can possibly meet another girl with the restrictions of probation, and frankly the future I see is one that I do not want.

After all the misery of Julie’s death and all the work that I have done to build myself a good life, with a group of friends, a wonderful girl, a business and my depression under control, the government has dropped it like “diablo ex machina” and returned me to a life that is not worth living.  Thank you, State.

I really hope that someone out there will take the time to reach out to me.  I need somebody to show me some love.  I took the principled stand, and I am suffering.  Please send me “Mail-to-Jail” or set up a [onsite] visit or an internet visit.  Internet visits are only $5 during the holidays.

Rich Paul

UPDATE: 12/3 6pm – I mistakenly wrote $15 as the price of the remote visit, but I’m told it’s actually only $5. [Ian]

Rich’s Blog From Jail: Pulled from the Ballot, Endorses Darryl W. Perry

2013_04_20_freerichHey folks,

This is just to let you all know that I have been removed from the ballot and am no longer running for Mayor of Keene.  I hereby endorse my former opponent Darryl W. Perry, to be the next mayor of Keene, and hope that my many supporters will show him some love!

Here is a scan of the letter from the city clerk announcing my removal from the ballot.

I’m still in the Spiritual Retreat and am enjoying the visits and mail that I get.  I hope to hear from more of you!  I do not however, suggest trying to use the remote visitation feature of the system…it does not work, and is very expensive!  If you are far away, I suggest sending a mail-to-jail instead!  And drop a donation to my defense fund if you want to spend some money.

In Liberty,
Rich Paul