RLS 080 Liberty Forum Eve with Christopher David


Recorded February 16th, 2016
Christopher David, super activist and start-up entrepreneur joins us in studio this week on the eve of Liberty Forum. Topics this week include Chris’s decentralized competitor to Uber called Arcade City, a status update on Chris’s legal issues surrounding his Free Uber activism and an update on Uber Grandma, Ethereum and the impact it will have on governments, Ann’s desire for driverless cars, updates on The Rebel Mistress and Chris running for state rep, the FSP hitting 20K, The Rebel Mistress with Flaming Freedom hosting the Hallowkeene Dance Party, and the Rebel Love Show’s latest psychonaut journey. The Rebel Love Show will also be recording at Liberty Forum Saturday February 20th 2-4pm from the Radisson in Manchester NH. The Rebel Love Show airs every Tuesday night 10pm-12am EST on LRN.FM and RebelLoveShow.com/live.

RLS 077 #TriggerThePoly


Recorded January 19, 2015
Rob and the Rebel Mistress open up the skype lines this week. Topics discussed include The Rebel Love Show and Flaming Freedom recording at Liberty Forum from the Radisson Hotel in Manchester NH, Edward Snowden is the headliner for Liberty Forum, FSP hits 96%(Since the redording the FSP hit 97%!), OKC embraces poly, a listener calls in to talk to us about polyamory, Ann discusses her interest in running for NH State House Representative, Ian from Free Talk Live calls in about activism at the NH State House, liberty based poly dating app, and poly marriages with out sex? say it aint so! The Rebel Love Show airs every Tuesday night 10pm-12am EST on LRN.FM and RebelLoveShow.com/live.

Rebel Love Show 076 with Ellen Ball


Ellen Ball, one of the hosts of the smash hit late night radio show “The Anarchics” joins us in studio. Topics this week include anarchists going to college, our wish for LRN to be on AM radio in Manchester, FSP hits 95%, defining how to be a Free Stater, Liberty Phoenix skypes in, new year predictions, NH Independence, and Rob & Ellen geek out to Star Trek. The Rebel Love Show airs every Tuesday 10 pm – 12 am EST on LRN.FM and Rebelloveshow.com/Live.

RLS 074 – Free Uber With Christopher David


Recorded December 22nd, 2015
Super activist extraordinaire Christopher David joins us in the Rebel Love studio this week. Topics include Christopher’s heroes journey through activism, the great Rand Paul debate, NH Independence, Free Uber activism in Portsmouth, Uber Grandma, sauna parties, Christopher David running for state rep? Merrimack county Sheriffs visiting the Rebel Love Studio, and going Full Keene in the Free Coast. The Rebel Love Show airs every Tuesday night at 10 pm EST on LRN.FM and Rebelloveshow.com/live

The Rebel Love Studio is visited by Merrimack County Sheriffs

On December 23, 2015 The Rebel Love Studio was visited twice by agents of the state, specifically the Merrimack County Sheriffs department. They had a warrant for the arrest of a porcupine that they assumed lived at the location. The first visit I was not present at the location, I was for the second. I arrived at the location while on my lunch break from my day job. The purpose of my visit was to bring coffee to Ann Leverette, my fiance and cohost of the Rebel Love Show and Flaming Freedom. She was there for the first visit and I wanted to check in to see if she was doing alright. Now being the voluntaryist that I am, I do not consent to give such men authority over me, regardless of what shiny badge they are representing. I will not help them kidnap anyone. I decided to no cooperate in their hunt when they informed me of why they were there. As punishment for not complying with the sheriffs, I was threatened with arrest(kidnapping) and given a summons(letter of extortion) for my car that I wasn’t even driving at the time I was confronted.

Within a few minutes of being approached by the sheriffs, multiple other porcupines including one of the cohost of the Anarchics, Renee Kate came to my aid. Now to be perfectly honest, I feel as if we did not handle this interaction with agents of the state well. There were positives and negatives from my perspective. The negative being we simply spoke too much. The more and more interactions I have with the police, which seems to never end, the more I am leaning to only saying what needs to be said without being arrested. The positive being that we did have plenty of people recording and had back up within minutes. That is something I would wager a bet on is not something that most people can say when interacting with police officers.