RLS 080 Liberty Forum Eve with Christopher David


Recorded February 16th, 2016
Christopher David, super activist and start-up entrepreneur joins us in studio this week on the eve of Liberty Forum. Topics this week include Chris’s decentralized competitor to Uber called Arcade City, a status update on Chris’s legal issues surrounding his Free Uber activism and an update on Uber Grandma, Ethereum and the impact it will have on governments, Ann’s desire for driverless cars, updates on The Rebel Mistress and Chris running for state rep, the FSP hitting 20K, The Rebel Mistress with Flaming Freedom hosting the Hallowkeene Dance Party, and the Rebel Love Show’s latest psychonaut journey. The Rebel Love Show will also be recording at Liberty Forum Saturday February 20th 2-4pm from the Radisson in Manchester NH. The Rebel Love Show airs every Tuesday night 10pm-12am EST on LRN.FM and RebelLoveShow.com/live.

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  1. They are all scam artists and all around losers in this cult of a group, jj Featherstone!

  2. Pro Tip: When the trolls are crying, Free Keene is winning.

    Only worry if they ever stop reading and go silent.

  3. Tell me how free Keene is winning? I’m curious can you show me?

  4. Because FreeKeene.com is 5000 times more exciting and interesting than your Hillary Clinton and Al Gore blogs. ..


  5. What are you talking about? Can you please make some sense here? Thanks.

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