Keene Law Enforcer walks in front of traffic to avoid question about Pumpkin Fest Snipers

In the video below, Garret Ean of Keene Peaceful Streets asks Jason Short a question about the mysterious sniper teams atop city rooftops during the Pumpkin Fest celebration earlier in the day. To avoid answering this simple question Officer Short does something both illegal and dangerous.

Despite Officer Short being covered in dark clothing (except for his face) he crossed the normally busy road as an alert Penske Box Van Driver spotted him and slowed the vehicle down. Garret hung back out of harms way to document the evasive enforcer violating the law he has sworn to uphold.

Read the full story and get more video on this over at Spirit of Arcadia

Help Keene Peaceful Streets Identify Plainclothes Rooftop Snipers at PumpkinFest 2013

Sadly, the original author of this piece appears to have removed the content from his syndicator. Here’s the pic of the snipers taken by Graham Colson, below that is where his story would have appeared. Sorry for this inconvenience. -Ian

Keene Pumpkinfest Snipers 2013