Help Keene Peaceful Streets Identify Plainclothes Rooftop Snipers at PumpkinFest 2013

Sadly, the original author of this piece appears to have removed the content from his syndicator. Here’s the pic of the snipers taken by Graham Colson, below that is where his story would have appeared. Sorry for this inconvenience. -Ian

Keene Pumpkinfest Snipers 2013

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  1. Did you think about, ya know, asking them who they are and what they’re doing?

  2. They were their to murder anyone putting money in a parking meter that was not their own.

  3. I know how uneasy this must make you guys feel , how awful. I’m sure you would prefer a bomb went off, Killing thousands. I truly believe that , then you could talk about how the ” state ” has failed.

    I don’t see how this is ” news ” worthy, How about you congratulate this wonderful city for breaking the world record instead?

  4. Funny, has a bomb ever gone off at Pumpkin Fest? And were one to go off, what are they going to do, try to shoot the person responsible in a crowd of 2,000+? There was a whole lot of small children there, it wouldn’t have been difficult to miss their target and shoot a child instead.

    Oh, and this is posting as DarrylWPerry, but this is Graham, Darryl left himself logged in and I can’t figure out how to log out.

  5. Really? A 50 cal sniper rifle on a roof is going to stop a bomb going off exactly how? Explain that to me.

  6. Something unprecedented is usually newsworthy. Most town festivals don’t have sniper guards.

    I wonder if sniper guards would be standard protocol for major events in a free society held on private property? Possibly. I’m not sure I have a problem with this, as long as they don’t start taking out folks who decide to enjoy a quick hit out of a dugout or other victimless activities.

  7. Yes, using their telepathic skills, they will know that someone is has just set off a bomb. Then, being able to move at nearly the speed of light, they will swivel into position and their super-sniper skills will go into effect, allowing them to precisely shoot through the case of the bomb and hit the red wire before the electricity makes it to the detonator.

    Couldn’t you come up with something that’s at least plausible, even if it’s still stupid?

    This reminds me of the guy who said that we need the government to guarantee uniform traffic laws, otherwise individual towns might change their traffic light colors so that brown means stop. Yup, that’s exactly what’s going to happen… they’re going to install /brown/ lights, because brown is just one of the most popular lightbulb colors out there…

  8. You guys never cease to amaze me. Did anyone ever think Newtown , Columbine , Aurora or the Boston Marathon Bombings would ever happen? No, but they did. We live in a world where violence and senseless acts are a reality, I know… Sad but true. Maybe if the majority of you had actual family here and were not transplanted misfits you would actually care about the safety and security of this town. Who would not want to feel safe and secure walking in a crowd of thousands of people?

    And I agree , probably would be nearly impossible for snipers to stop a bombing if it was well thought out , but it sure as hell could not hurt.

    Oh, also there was a missing child last night… Guess who found the child?

    What is the harm here?

  9. I think it’s obvious that they had nothing to do all day but stare at tits through their binoculars.

  10. Yes, I thought attacks like those would happen. Anyone with a functioning brain knew that it was only a matter of time before it came here.

    Oddly enough, I’ve never felt unsafe walking in a crowd of thousands of people. NH has pretty much the lowest violent crime rate in the world. And I’m more than capable of defending myself and my family (by the way, I’m a local, although I’m not sure why you care – the majority of NH residents are not locals, and I bet you don’t complain about those who agree with you, do you?).

    But none of this explains why you think stationing murderers with sniper rifles on rooftops will make things better. I can think of at least one famous case in which a police sniper murdered a child and got a medal for it. And there are plenty more (maybe without the medal, but lots of dead children and adults, at the hands of cops).

    Amateur thugs have been the cause of far less murder and other violence than the government-sanctioned professional thugs. So there is quite a bit of harm in letting such sociopaths roam free.

    But I guess it’s okay, as long as it makes you “feel safe,” right? Who cares if it’s actually in any way effective… it’s all about making Dan “feel safe.” And if one of them is bored and decides to just kill someone for fun, that will be okay, too – just “collateral damage” in the battle for Dan’s “feeling of safety.”

  11. Dan, Dan…Dan I am sure if there were more boot lickers you wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable. Why don’t you consider moving to an area where there is more state?

  12. The 2nd amendment is not my big issue. If the strate thinkers see no problem with the snipers, and actually say that its good protection in a dangerous world, wouldn’t the same logic be supportive of everyone carrying? Then we might be even more safe from”something” happening in this dangerous world… And we wouldn’t have to pay these secretive sniper salaries. More safety and lower taxes. Win/win

  13. Indeed. Hence why NH is so safe. Least-restrictive gun laws in the Western world, highest number of firearms per capita on the planet, and just about the lowest violent crime rate in the world. These factors are not exactly unrelated…

  14. I think the problem state thinkers have with this solution is that they: Trust government and distrust people, so only government can have guns.

    I distrust government.

  15. My wife and I were there yesterday with our kids. We left early because the guys on the roofs were creeping us out. After seeing the 50 cal they had up there I am even more glad we left. I am not sure if we will be attending next year because of this. It was a great event and it is really sad that these guys had to put that feeling in the atmosphere.

  16. ” And if one of them is bored and decides to kill someone for fun , that will be okay , too ”

    LMFAO…. Really? You guys must be on some good shit, whatever it is…. I want some of it.

    I am done here kids… I have had my fill of laughter for the day.

    Tell your leader Ian , I said hello. Or is there still trouble in paradise between you kids?

  17. Yup, that never happens… Oh, wait, it happens all the time…

    (just for one recent example of cops murdering someone for fun)

    I barely know Ian – can’t recall that I’ve spoken to him within the past few years – so I guess you’ll have to find someone else who he supposedly “leads” in order to deliver your message.

  18. Careful, if you challenge their dogma they get upset.

    I guarantee none of these people ever have been helped by the state in their lives. They’re true independents, they were born in the wilderness with nothing. They strung together clothing out of twine, and learned to hunt before they could walk

    They never use public roads, public water, public sewers, public schools, transportation etc. The mere thought would be like a Bram Stroker vampire entering a church.

    Except none of those things.

    These are like teenagers(A lot of the ones I’ve met are, or 20-25) who think they can take on the world. They would in for a shock when the bubble they live in gets taken away.

    I lived in NH 21 years, 8 in Keene. I say the freestaters move in, then immediately start causing problems.

    Bunch of dicks, and I’m glad every single time I get to read about one of them going to jail.

  19. Not related to your story, but to the byline you’re using: “Spirit of
    Arcadia” along with the corresponding website

    You need to fix that.

    Arcadia is a region in Greece. There is no “R” in the word that you want.

    Acadia is what you meant and is the region of the Maritimes and Northern Maine.

  20. While I’m sure the opponents of these innovative safety measures mean well, their objections simply miss the bigger picture. Most small towns now have targeted kill lists. It’s perfectly legal. If one of these sniper teams had made a probable identification of a known person-of-interest, they would have had to make a split-second decision to kill him to protect the lives of the many children at PumpkinFest from imminent threat. When you consider that the alternative would be to deploy the B.E.A.R.C.A.T., probably with an RPG-launcher, you can see that surgical, triangulated strikes from the rooftop safety-enforcers is the much better option.

    Yes, yes, I can already hear the bleeding hearts crying their eyes out about so-called “innocent” bystanders. Look, I’m not heartless, and I fully admit that excessive collateral damage is a tragic necessity, but when you compare the hundreds of deaths that would be caused by unleashing the awesome fire-power of the B.E.A.R.C.A.T. in a crowd at PumpkinFest (probably with air support), versus the relatively small body count enabled by the use of skilled rooftop snipers, isn’t it worth it to safe the life of just one child?

  21. And get shot for “scaring” them? lol

  22. That 50 bullet will kill 2 people, ricochet from the asphalt after exiting, and kill another one. That’s 3 people with one bullet, gives them as many points as 11 dogs or 6 old men, killed during a no knock.

  23. Try to get this out to the people in Keene. This won’t sit right with a lot of people. You may find a lot of support with this.

  24. Hit the little “gear” looking button thingie at top of coimments (next to Share) to log out.

  25. You’re insane. These are not the actions of a civilized society.

  26. Are you seriously suggesting that a terrorist is going to the Keene, NH pumpkin festival? Are you also so unamerican that you feel a “kill list” is acceptable instead of a trial by a jury of one’s peers?

    Keene is just an example of another tiny town with bored cops. Cops are humans, and they make mistakes. The mistake is a bit more final when firing into a crowded street at night rather than when chasing someone on the ground. Hell, even a tazer would be more acceptable.

  27. We had these, dressed in black, on the roof of the parking garage during the 4,000 person tea party in 2009 in Manchester. Some say they were using cameras with long lenses, I say they were rifles. I put up a banner behind me along the back of my canopy to hide me from their view.

  28. These look like CRAFT employees to me.

  29. Al – FBI – Duh ?
    Why do we have to live under tyrants?

  30. the manchester pd just posted something about this on their facebook fan page. seems like they were mocking the article. bet it was someone from their office.

  31. Holy crap. Why were they in plain clothes? What would be the point of not wearing their uniforms if they are taking those positions? Now if some crazy person wants to get up on a roof top and start sniping people off, people will most likely think it’s KPD until they begin opening fire. If there are going to be snipers on the roof, they should AT LEAST be in full identifying uniform.

  32. I think you missed the parody here…

  33. So, if I broke your leg and then handed you crutches, would you thank me for “helping” you? Or would you be pissed that I broke your leg?

    That sort of “help” from the State, I can do without.

  34. I have a strong feeling they weren’t armed with rifles. Probably just there to have extra eyes. The city needed it for sure, as the entire area just outside the main drag was completely littered with thousands of college partiers. They probably wanted to make sure it didn’t spill into the main streets.

  35. “The only insignia visible is that of the Boston Red Sox worn on the hat of the man to the left.”

    oh the irony

  36. More like you had society built for you. You live in the most stable country in the least violent era of humanity.

    You stand on the shoulders of all the work of our ancestors. But you pretend like you had anything to do with your current state.

    You want weak government? Go create a town in unincorporated territory. Or go to a country with one, and see how real corruption happens.

    You’ll all starve to death, or get murdered by the true “do it yourselfers”. But none of you have any courage other than to smoke pot in public, and photograph the police.

    You have a serious case of first worlditis. Go somewhere with a weak police force. You can be killed for your fancy phone. I can recommend some neighborhoods in Costa Rica. They allow handguns but it won’t matter, you’ll be dead before you know it.

    Go try Nigeria or any other country with a weak government, but has oil resources. The companies will walk all over you, poison your land and families, then tell you to go fuck yourself when you cry no fair. The BP disaster was small potatoes to the shit going on elsewhere.

    It wasn’t long ago companies would work people to death, then kill them for trying to change that. (See Hearst, Rockefeller, Pinkerton). They got the local militias to help them too. But eventually the workers won out and we now have national standards that brought everyone up a few notches hire.

    People died so your great grandparents, onward could have time for leisure, or to educate themselves and better themselves.

    Don’t think big businesses care about you. They don’t. The government at least cares to keep me alive longer to pay more tax. Some of its wasted, some of it goes where no money would go otherwise.

    In the end it matters little. The free state project is as much of a failure as I bet you are.

    Enjoy your impotent whining.

  37. You can just delete your cookies and LSO-cache. Of course, that means you “log off” from all sorts of other accounts too. There are browser extensions that do this and even allow you to manage what specific ones to keep.

  38. No state ever built anything. They stole some productive persons money and after deducting around 70% to pay for bureaucrats and to line some pockets, they gave it to business and individuals to build stuff.

    It would be more efficient to just pay the business yourself, maybe collect voluntary contributions to get enough funds. That way you could also ensure you pick the contractors whom actually provide the best service, and not be stuck with whomever won the bid.

    Ask yourself how the situation affects the individuals acting within it. Maybe then you’ll see that coercion breeds corruption.

  39. So, your assertion is that we should never seek anything better? Slaves built a large portion of America, so we should keep them on the plantations! Some of our ancestors committed genocidal acts, so we should still be committing genocide!

    Thank you for showing your incredible enlightenment…

  40. Please don’t take this personal, I’m sure you mean well, but you’re using a terrible straw man here. Nobody is suggesting that the safety enforcers have telepathic or any other supernatural powers. By making unrealistic demands of the enforcers you’re setting up unattainable goals.

    No, of course the safety enforcers cannot move at the speed-of-light, nor can they shoot bullets faster than the speed of electrons. But does that mean they are helpless and cannot do anything? No, of course not. They have tools. They have guns. They can shoot. They can kill. In fact, depending on their tools, which I am not familiar with, they might be able to kill very many people very efficiently.

    So instead of dismissing them as useless because they cannot do what is impossible, let’s live in reality and thank them for using they tools that exist in reality to do what is possible.

  41. I’m sorry but I cannot let you get away with pushing this common myth that government agents “are humans” and that they “make mistakes.” It might be easy to pass that line off as true to the unreflecting listener, but a moment of examination will reveal the fallacy in that claim.

    Yes, it’s true that before they began their public service they were “just” human and made mistakes and so on, but in the context we’re talking about here, although you look at them and you see a fallible “human,” you’re really looking at the government itself, an entity with resources and capacity far beyond that of any mere “human.”

    But let’s not simply reason ourselves through this proof (though I know libertarians are fans of the abstract logic thing). Let’s look through the only real window to truth: SCIENCE. There are numerous examples I can give, but just to give one, consider the exploration of the moon. If private persons were as capable as libertarians would have us believe, then private persons would have been able to travel to the moon. Yet the only entity in human history that has sent humans to the moon is THE US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. And that was almost half a century ago, and was accomplished without so much as a single injury during travel. Therefore, private people are at least 45 years behind the ability of the government ACCORDING TO THE SCIENCE.

    This is even all the more remarkable when you consider that numerous anti-government people have been trying to discredit the government by proving that the moon landings were faked. And yet in all these decades they have never been able to overcome the scientific truth. Even such an independent internet media outlet as Wikipedia itself admits the moon landings happened as the government says. The truth doesn’t lie.

    So the next time you see someone that looks like a mere “human” who might “make a mistake,” even if what you see is not wearing a government uniform, just remember that if you’re looking at someone whose paycheck is endorsed with the genuine signature of Uncle Sam, you’re looking at someone who literally is “super human.” I know it sounds corny, especially with all the anti-government indoctrination we’re subjected to these days, but unless you want to admit publicly that you don’t believe in science, you cannot deny that the truth is true.

  42. Am I missing the parody again? Crazy people sound so much like trolls that it’s hard to tell these days.

  43. So you’re saying that people who believe in science are crazy? Okay, I understand you now.

  44. No, no. Just people that believe in super humans. How you tied science into this totally blows my mind and makes me think the next thing you’ll mention is quantum mechanics or energy crystals. Maybe even homeopathy.

  45. yes, that was from Zaltieri’s map (which is actually housed in Portland, Maine) based on what Verrazano named it. But once the French settlements begain in 1604 the name was changed to L’Acadie which it has had since.

    it’s probably good to leave it as “Spirit of Arcadia” since after looking around the website a bit, it doesn’t have really much to do with Acadia, but it’s unfortunate that it’s set up as a sort of “Faux” Acadia; it’s just going to cause confusion.

  46. All I can do is speak the truth. If you choose to be a denier in the face of evidence, there’s not much more I can do.


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