Shire Choir Meets the BEARCAT

On Saturday December 8 at 9am, the Keene Police Department held an “Emergency Vehicle Open House” where they showed off their toys. Not only did the KPD display the Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck, they also displayed a fire truck, snow plows, a police cruiser and other vehicles from the Fire Department and Department of Public Works.

It wasn’t all business, enter the Shire Choir to lighten the mood and brighten a dreary day:

Ridley Ambushes Legislators on Shire Choir Ban

Dave Ridley recently released a compilation video of ambush interviews with legislators, and ultimately, a representative of the liquor commission. The focus of his interviews is the ban on some liquor store protestors who sang inside a now defunct Concord store on one occasion, and numerous times outside of others. Meanwhile, the liquor commission is currently under threat of restructuring after a state house panel found the commission in violation of a prohibition on contracting lobbyists. Ridley’s interviews are embedded below.

Banned Forever from All State Liquor Stores – For Singing!

In late 2011, the Shire Choir performed “Chronic Carols” in protest of the war on drugs, at a few state liquor stores. If you thought you had the right to assemble and right to free speech, you clearly haven’t attempted to exercise those rights. When you do, (if you do it in a place that matters, like a courthouse or other government property) you’ll find out that you don’t have them at all. Here’s video of me being served with an “order” banning me and Jason Talley and Derrick J from every state liquor store in NH, forever. For singing.

Here’s the text of the “order”: (more…)

Keene PD Employee Fintan Moore Assaults Derrick J Freeman

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Derrick J Freeman was assaulted by Fintan Moore.

The video below shows background, the incident and the follow-up, of the exchange. It was completed thanks to the collaboration of many of Derrick’s friends and the editing talents of Beau Davis.

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