Banned Forever from All State Liquor Stores – For Singing!

In late 2011, the Shire Choir performed “Chronic Carols” in protest of the war on drugs, at a few state liquor stores. If you thought you had the right to assemble and right to free speech, you clearly haven’t attempted to exercise those rights. When you do, (if you do it in a place that matters, like a courthouse or other government property) you’ll find out that you don’t have them at all. Here’s video of me being served with an “order” banning me and Jason Talley and Derrick J from every state liquor store in NH, forever. For singing.

Here’s the text of the “order”:

The Division of Liquor Enforcement and Licensing has been authorized to issue this notification informing you that you are no longer privileged to enter any New Hampshire Liquor Retail Outlet. To be clear, you are no longer allowed to enter or be physically present on any New Hampshire Liquor Store property. A copy of this notice will be forwarded to the Keene Police Department and the NH State Police.

Failure to adhere to this notification could result ln your arrest and prosecution for Criminal Trespass. Should you have any questions you may contact the Division of Liquor Enforcement and Licensing at 271-3521.

Cameron Brown
State of New Hampshire
Division of Liquor Enforcement
C: Director of Store Operations
Police Department :Keene PD, NHSP.

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