Keene PD Employee Fintan Moore Assaults Derrick J Freeman

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Derrick J Freeman was assaulted by Fintan Moore.

The video below shows background, the incident and the follow-up, of the exchange. It was completed thanks to the collaboration of many of Derrick’s friends and the editing talents of Beau Davis.

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WMUR Reports on “Thanks but no Tanks”!

WMUR reports on the “Thanks but no Tanks” anti-BEARCAT movement here in Keene. Unfortunately, they get the information wrong that it’s “free staters” who are the opposition to this monstrosity. In their video you can see local, longtime NH inhabitant David Crawford singing with us “flatlanders”. I never once used the terms “free state” or “free stater” with the reporter, and told her I was a blogger at Free Keene, yet FK did not get a mention and they titled me “Free State Blogger”. Here is the report as aired on tonight’s newscast:

Here’s another video posted to their site of just the “Thanks but no Tanks” singing at city hall: (more…)

New Shire Choir Song: “Thanks but no Tanks!”

TankThe Shire Choir has been performing this song to the tune of Three Dog Night’s “Joy to the World” at city councilors’ homes. Some like it, one threatened us with arrest. Courtesy

City council wants a BEARCAT.
Uncle gives ‘em out for free.
They’re telling us that it’s to catch the terrorists,
But they’ve set their sights on you and me.
They’ll be using it on you and me.

That’s why we’re singing:
Thanks–but no tanks.
Thanks–but no tanks.
Thank you for nothing city bureaucrats.
Thanks… but no bearcat! (more…)

State v. Live Free Or Dance

This is the full video of my “Live Free Or Dance” trial. For those unfamiliar, This summer I was caged for having a dance party in Keene Central Common. Now I face 2.5 years behind bars unless I can convince a Jury to let me be free. As always, I am looking for constructive criticism from law-loving types. To see copies of all the papers on my defendant’s table, visit

The video is 3.5 hours, so if you’d like to skip around, it may be helpful to use this previous post as a guide to what happens when.

If you are the victim of state aggression and charged with a victimless crime, I urge you to NOT take the plea deal. Learn why I refuse and why you should too by clicking below: