Download your Chronic Carols Songsheet!

As you know if you’ve been reading here, the Shire Choir has been performing anti-drug-war carols written to the tunes of classic Christmas songs by wordsmith Richard Onley.

Most recently we have been performing at the state monopoly liquor stores. Those performances will continue, so stay tuned for more about them.

I wanted to share with you the song sheets we’ll be handing out at future performances. Feel free to print them out and form your own Shire Choir, wherever you are:

Front Side (.jpg)
Back Side (.jpg)

Shire Choir Carols at Keene’s Monopoly Liquor Store

The Shire Choir dropped by the monopoly liquor store today, sang several carols out front and distributed 50 fliers to store patrons in a successful outreach event. There was chalking of the sidewalk and street with anti-drug-war and pro-freedom messages, jubilant singing, and a good time had by all! There were cameras present, so be on the lookout for video of the event, which will likely be posted here at some point. As we were leaving, Keene Police arrived and accepted a copy of the freedom carols. We’re putting the finishing touches on the song sheet and will post it here when ready.