What is the Free State Project?

I sat down with Varrin Swearingen, Media Spokesperson, for the Free State Project at their annual 2010 New Hampshire Liberty Forum to get an update on how the project is going. We cover the wide range of topics that encompass the actions of Free State Project participants who have moved to NH to get active for liberty, including everything from open carry litter pickup events to cannabis celebrations as Varrin explains the underlying freedom message that ties it all together.


Sam Dodson Gets 6 Days in Jail

This story starts way back when Sam had been previously held captive by the Keene thugs in blue.  While being held in jail for holding a camera in a public area, Sam’s license had apparently been suspended.  Although Eli Rivera lied on the witness stand and said he had given the ‘defense’ all the information they had on Sam, there was nothing in the files Sam had received to make him aware that the Keene PD had knowledge of his license being suspended.  So it was to his surprise when he was arrested for driving while under a suspension while leaving the very court room Rivera had just testified to the Keene PD not being aware of his suspension.  During the trial for this “crime”, Sam noted multiple crimes being committed by the agents of the state (the judge, prosecutor, etc…); as well as, the judge made up several facts (like a name for Sam that he does not go by, and information about a license that has never been seen by anyone in the court except Sam).  When he was found guilty, and ordered to pay $300, he refused.  I assume it was on the grounds that he owes them nothing, and their justice system is too corrupt to determine crimes and punishments.  As a result, he will be spending the next 6 days in the Cheshire County Corrections Facility.


Nashua 420 Peace Raid

Obscured Truth Network’s coverage of the mass arrests that took place at the Nashua 420 celebration over Liberty Forum Weekend.

During a peaceful 420 celebration in Nashua, a young local man was targeted for arrest by undercover police.  This was followed by the arrests of two activists who fell victim to a gross overreaction on behalf of the Nashua Police.  All three were released a few hours later, and arraignment dates have been posted on the Free Keene Forum.  Curtis, who attended the Nashua 420 on Saturday, despite a recent back injury which had restricted him to a wheelchair, was arrested on Tuesday during another Nashua 420 celebration.  He is currently still being held in jail.  Check back to FreeKeene for updates on Curtis’ status.

Addressing Corruption in Keene

As this post goes public, I will be in Keene District Court presenting a letter addressing blatant criminal acts. The letter outlines allegations of corruption, criminal conduct, grand  jury tampering, assault, and perjury – all by NH public officials. In their system the proper procedure is for citizens to present their evidence to a grand jury so they can investigate as their duty requires.

In the letter I outline and provide links to a video of  Howard B. Lane, Judge winking at the prosecutor after overruling my objection, inventing facts, discriminating against my disability, and perverting the rule of law.


Detroit TSA Security Theater

On a recent layover in Detroit, I was filming roaming squads of TSA agents searching passengers at the gates. I didn’t feel like answering their questions, and their response was, well, see for youself . . .

In part 1 I interact with Janetta a TSA “Behavior Detection Officer”


The airport police show up to continue the harassment in part 2: (more…)

Proof isn’t Enough for Bureaucrats

Recently, Ian Freeman met with Keene City Manager John MacLean to discuss the city’s policy on city government employees committing crimes on the job.  However, instead of discussing the best way to deal with the inappropriate behavior of city employees who steal and hurt people, this meeting brings up a different problem in local government… lying.  Apparently video proof isn’t enough to overrule the word of bureaucrats.