City Council Drinking Game Video

Here’s the video the people calling themselves “The City of Keene” don’t want you to see:

After reviewing their city council rules, city ordinances, and state laws; Dale Pregent seems to have made up the rules barring alcoholic beverage containers (not containing alcohol) in order to target free speech. When the Police Chief Ken Meola is unable to determine what is in the closed containers held by Ian  Freeman and Sam Dodson, they were arrested for refusing to consent to search. The video clearly shows, Heika – who consented to the search – being told “your fine”  as she remained in the meeting drinking from her bottle.

Let’s not forget they did all of this on live TV with the community watching.  Plans are in the works for the next City Council Drinking game, Aug. 19th, 7pm. Mark your calendar, it’s going to be a special event.

C.R.A.P. Host Byron Kingsley Barely Avoids One Year In Jail

…  for idling his car too long.  Really.

ScreenHunter_03 Jul. 09 15.41

In this “Live Free or Die” state if you idle your car longer than 5 minutes and the temperature is above 32 degrees you’re looking at the possibility of being caged like an animal for up to a year.  If the temperature is above -10 degrees but below 32, you get another ten minutes of idling before said imprisonment could become a reality.

How compassionate of the legislature to allow you to stay warm in frigid temperatures for another ten minutes before authorizing your freedom be stripped away and you be branded a criminal.


When Bureaucrats Attack

The now infamous camera ban in the 2nd floor lobby of the Keene city hall has expanded again. OTN camera crews are attacked by Keene District Court Security with a metal door.

All this happens right in front of a Keene policewoman who refuses to even take a report, much less arrest  the out of control court employee.  Plans for a massive camera civil disobedience event are in the works. How much longer can this behavior go on, and how do you feel knowing you pay them to treat you this way?