Lenco Gets a Paycheck, Concord Gets a BEARCAT

myVader-Sert-BearcatConcord police will be receiving a Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck, after an 11-4 vote by the full city council in favor of accepting the military-style vehicle funded by a Department of Homeland Security grant to the Lenco corporation. The fire chief closed the building to many attendees, calling capacity at a reported 70 guests. Drum circles, light shows, sign waving, videography, and socializing occurred in the courtyard outside of the council meeting location on Green Street. Media from around the state observed proceedings both inside and outside of the chambers. Dave Ridley has already posted an ambush interview of Concord police chief John Duval to his youtube channel, in which he asks the top cop if he expected anyone beyond DHS bureaucracy to read his grant application. Ridley’s coverage, from which more is to be expected later, is embedded below.

Tony Schinella’s article at Concord Patch includes quotes from city councilors on both sides the issue, who were reportedly offered copies of Radley Balko’s Rise of the Warrior Cop while they were considering their decision. After word of the vote came out to the crowd, the message on the green beam laser pointed at a nearby steeple read, “BEARCAT FOR SALE CALL 911”.

Original coverage from the Union Leader includes a print article and a longer internet-only article. The Keene Sentinel has republished the Concord Monitor’s coverage. Blogger Amanda Billyrock has posted a summary of the evening BEARCAT Bread And Circuses, Or Why I Ripped Up My Ticket to her website. All of the raw video captured courtesy of Free Concord is available on Fr33manTVraw.

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