Adequate Koexistence Personify Flourish #1

akpf_hose1aYour AKPF #1 installment this week Adequate Koexistence Personify Flourish is sure to spark continued controversy while informing the civilization of happenings in Keene and around the world. Airing October 14 2013 on Cheshire TV, AKPF #1 features the brave men and women of the Aqua Keene Parking Force official DPRK units exposing and documenting the activities of other central committee authorities and civilians. A Tribe Called Quest snags the intro music slot and rhymes on Midnight. Graham assists AKPF evening patrol featuring reflective safety vest. James and Garret reminisce on the solidarity building of the Occupy movement with pizza and cupcakes in Central Square after the end of the Free Battleground Keene Wars protests. In reflection, the scene of the first day of evidentiary hearings, August 12 2013 is recalled as James and Graham are sprayed with a hose by a bureaucrat trying to execute their chalkings. Robin Hood of Keene uncreative censorship by DPRK affiliates gets fancy pants all wet. Ji (Ji’e’toh Dog, co-host of Black Sheep Rising fame) contemplates a parking meter’s utility to the pursuit of his joy. Ridley talks about Jesus interpreted by European standards as applied to Robin Hooding. Ridley ambush interviews the governor about state police misaction, governor Hassan, Margaret does not speak or acknowledge, declines to shake hands of united states military veterans. Chris Sununu encounters the Ridley Cam regarding singing songs in liquor stores and banishment de no trespass orders per NH Liquor Commission. Finally, DPRK officials claiming authority over the AKPF gather before court and Jester Mullins delivers an infamous monologue about putting the truth aside and doing one’s institutional duty to “fight on that lie”.

1. 00:00 Special message to the viewers of Cheshire TV
2. 00:10 Opening Musical (AKPF Reflective Safety Vest of Graham feat. A Tribe Called Quest hot pursuit)
3. 01:03 ATHF prepares for AKPF official DPRK credits
4. 01:26 Freedog introduces AKPF #1 ‘canine edition’ (seasonal)
5. 01:39 James consumes an Aqua blue Parking cupcake interpliced with Ji’s expeditions
6. 03:07 Garret consumes and appreciates
7. 06:51 James discusses what happened the first day of evidentiary hearing, and his toasty phat sandwich via text
8. 07:49 The hose man in the red shirt approaches Robin Hood chalk art.
9. 10:33 Fahrenheit 603 AKPF #1
10. 13:13 Triumphant return, can’t stop the people ode
11. 14:01 Don’t hose me, bro
12. 14:04 Ji ponders parking meter with paw
13. 14:23 Ridley talks Jesus and parking enforcement
14. 18:38 Maggie Hassan refuses questions and handshakes for some, not all (animals are more equal than others)
15. 23:44 Colin Van Ostern answers Ridley question
16. 24:13 Chris Sununu speaks with Ridley on liquor singing
17. 26:55 Official DPRK ‘We fight on that lie’ End credits

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