Local Pastor Warns Flock of Tyranny Yet Defends Keene’s Parking Tyrants

Rev. David BermanRev. David Berman of the Christian Life Fellowship church in Swanzey was on Main St. in Keene yesterday where he spotted Robin Hood’s Merry Men saving people from parking tickets.

Despite allegedly being “Christian”, meaning one who is supposed to emulate Christ, Berman proceeds to hurl insults at the heroic Merry Men. Idiots, jerks, knuckleheads – are the terms Berman used to describe the productive, intelligent young men. Here’s the video, from Berman’s perspective:


The Merry Men could have made a better defense of their craft. They could have said, “We make money from people who are happy with our services – what do pastors do?”

Nonetheless, Berman makes it clear that he doesn’t really understand Jesus’ teachings about loving one’s enemy or being of peace.

Not only that, a quick look at the rest of his YouTube channel shows that Berman has a video where he warns his viewers that “Tyranny is here!” and exhorts they “wake up”. I submit that the Reverend is still asleep himself.

The parking enforcers are the ones harassing people – innocent people who just wanted to go shopping or do some business downtown. Robin Hood and the Merry Men are doing good work saving people, and the donations that roll in every week are part of the proof.

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  • PabloKOh

    At least the Doctor can see the government is taking our liberties. I wish he could see that the constitution has led to this mess. Today the constitution is an absolutely powerless piece of paper that both republicans and democrats ignore when it suits them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fst.sqr Fst Sqr

    This guy might make a good guest on Shire TV.

    He mentions in his youtube comments he is very interested in a videotaped discussion on this topic.

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  • Average Joe

    He seems to have disabled further commenting on all of his videos. I wanted to post this:

    Do you believe that Christ would have followed around the FreeKeeners during their “robin hooding” activities and called them demeaning names? If as you say, you feel they are harassing people, do you believe harassing them back is what Jesus would have done? Do you believe that disabling comments and ratings on that particular video of yours is the right thing to do? I feel that your actions were perhaps based in anger and not at all in line with Christian teachings. Perhaps you should rethink your actions on that day and reflect on what people in the community would say if they were to see you, a minister of the word of god, stalking and speaking ill of fellow human beings. What happened to “judge not lest ye be judged”?