Parking Tickets and the Consent of the Governed Part 2

You may recall that about a month ago I sent a letter to the BUREAU OF PARKING asking them to provide me with evidence of the agreement that I signed consenting to be subject to their parking fines. They were given 10 business days to reply, and did not. So, I have decided to give them one last chance to provide me with proof of obligation to pay their fines. This time, I am sending the following letter via certified mail to the head of the BUREAU OF PARKING, Ginger Reyes:

April 03, 2008
400 Marlboro Street
Keene, NH 03431-4336

Ms. Reyes,
On February 28th, 2008, I hand delivered a letter to your department acknowledging the receipt of a “CITY OF KEENE PARKING TICKET” # 60220797.

I made it clear that it is not my intention now, nor has it ever been my intention to defraud anyone. If in fact, I owe such an amount to your agency, I will pay it.

I then requested that someone from your agency provide me with evidence of the valid, original contract with my signature binding me to said obligation. Your agency was given 10 business days to respond, and it appears that your BUREAU OF PARKING representatives have chosen not to provide me with proof of obligation.

In fact, it has been much longer than 10 days. As I understand it, the lack of response puts your agency in dishonor, meaning that my claim is valid:

There is no contractual authority for your agency to demand such a “fine” and that I am not obligated to pay any “fine”, with no legal repercussions for any perceived “failure” to do so.

It is certainly possible that one of your agents discarded my earlier message, so I wanted to bring this directly to your attention. As it is my intention to live in peace and harmony with others, I would like to give you another two weeks to respond with the proof of obligation that I requested in my last letter. If I do not receive the requested proof from you or one of your agents by the end of April 18th, 2008, I will know that my claim is valid. Send your reply via registered mail to the address below, or fax it to XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Please note that any correspondence is subject to being posted on the blog at

Ian Bernard
(my address)

Now that I have addressed one of the bureaucrats personally, will she respond? Is this a government by the consent of the governed or is it just a gang of thugs? Time will tell.

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