A Heated Conversation about Marijuana with Senator Molly Kelly

Molly KellyKeene area Senator Molly Kelly called me back for the very first time ever today. I originally called to ask for her opinion on the marijuana decriminalization bill that the Senate will be hearing soon. I wish I had recorded the call. Allow me to break it down for you:

I first thanked her for her return call and asked how she felt about the legislation. She gave the standard politician answer that she had not yet read it. I then summarized the bill for her (<1/4oz possession would no longer be an arrestable offense) and asked not for a response on the legislation but for her thoughts on the issue of marijuana decriminalization. She responded that she was not familiar with the legislation.

I once again clarified for her that at this point I was just curious as to how she felt about marijuana users being arrested and put into jail cells. She responded that she did not believe that actually happens!

I explained to her that over 750,000 Americans per year are arrested for marijuana with a supermajority of those arrests being for simple possession. I also told her I was standing in the room with someone who was arrested and kept in a jail cell for 18 hours for marijuana possession. Still disbelieving, she told me she would need to research the issue.

Upset by her continued dodging of my simple question, I pressed again and asked her if she supports arresting and jailing marijuana users. Then she told me she did not want to answer my question and expressed to me her offense at being subjected to an “attack call” unlike any she has ever experienced. (To be fair, I had lost my composure at this point out of frustration over her political dodging and doublespeak.) I pointed out that this was not an “attack call” and I was asking a simple question that she refuses to answer. I told her that it seems to me that she doesn’t care about people getting arrested for marijuana possession. She responded that she cares very much about her “constituents”, then again refused to answer the question.

I asked her if she knew anyone who smokes marijuana and she took offense that I would ask such questions. She also attempted to threaten me by suggesting that my demeanor would not be helpful in swaying her vote. I told her I didn’t care how she voted; I just wanted to know how she felt and told her that I would be letting other people know.

So there you have it. Molly Kelly does not believe anyone is arrested or jailed for marijuana possession. (In fact, she did not know that everyone who is arrested is taken to jail!) In one breath, she claims to care about others, even claiming that’s what she’s all about, while in another breath she proves she doesn’t care enough to answer how she feels about marijuana smokers being imprisoned!

Somehow, I doubt she’ll ever return my calls again.

In case you would like to get in touch with her and ask her about this issue, here’s her contact information:

Office: (603) 271-7803
Home: (603) 352-5605

Home Address:
89 Colonial Drive
Keene, NH 03431

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  1. Woe to her! Hypocrite!

    I was excited to learn that this bill made it through the house. I live in Alabama and don't plan on seeing an initiative like this get very far in this state.

    Good luck to you New Hampshire.

  2. I am shocked that you are all shocked! I am not surprised at all of this incident.

  3. Yeah, tek. What about all the people rotting away behind fed pen bars, and other places, who get 'bonded' by overseas (Read: Arab and Chinese) 'investors for possession. 80,000,000 people behind bars is a lot of return for a measely 80 thous a year investment. Yeah, profit is the motive. Not all are there on trumped up drug charges, granted, but a good portion of that august assembly are!

    The there is O'bama, Hillary, and McCain. Reminds me of the old Rose law firm. Nithin firm about these traitors! A few years ago there was a movement to calling people to move to New Hampsire, a frreedom movement, no less…right.

    Spent to long in the Portsmouth big house (Navy) ever to go back to that hellish state again. Thanks for this op-edish piece, tek. See ya below when the going gets…hot.

  4. What a cunt.

    I love the red eyes too. 🙂

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