Couch Enforcer Caught Snooping

Couch EnforcerMy tenant just came by to tell me she saw Couch Enforcer Carl Patten Jr. taking photos of their couch in my yard from inside his car across the street. She pulled out her digital camera and snapped a quick picture of him. (YES the couch is visible in the picture – can you see it? No? Well that’s because it’s actually pretty well camouflaged until you’re right across from it where Carl’s car is.) Remember, Carl’s last known appearance at my property was on 8/26/08. It’s now 9/17/08. What happened to the weekly follow-up increased fine ($200, $400) tickets he threatened me with? I don’t know, but it appears he’s not done with me yet and is using his “investigative skills” to perhaps “build a case”.

Additionally, according to my tenants, they know the across the street neighbors well and if the neighbors had a problem with the couch, they are certain that something would have been said as opposed to them calling the Blue Light Gang. That plus the fact that the couch has been there for a long time tells me this is clearly the government people targeting me. Stay tuned to the blog here at for the latest and feel free to discuss on the Forum.

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  1. What a busybody.

  2. It's not the "government people" targeting you. It's one out-of-control government employee. You should ask the code enforcement office what specific local code they think you are violating, then ask them what state law supports that provision of code.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, but that would presume I care about what their laws say.

  4. I could see the couch if I had bionic eyes! Was this taken on a phone? And furthermore, what business is it of neighbor's what your yard looks like? Don't like it, put up a fence. What's next, fines for siring ugly children?

  5. You asked the tax collector what her authority was. What's the difference?

    In this case, by doing nothing you are tacitly accepting this guy's interpretation of the law, which more likely than not is incorrect. Moreover, you are missing an opportunity to help your fellow Keene residents. If he is harassing you without legal authority, it is likely that he is harassing other people. It would be a good deed to challenge him and bring him down a notch.

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