NH Free Press Reports on Andrew Carroll’s Protest and Arrest

Pot LeafFrom the NH Free Press

Activist Arrested for Plant Possession

By Kat Kanning

In an act of civil disobedience, Andrew Carroll, 18, of Manchester intentionally disobeyed drug laws by possessing a small amount of marijuana. Carroll objects to government abuses stemming from the drug war. He stated, “The drug war is an unconstitutional and inhumane breach of individual liberties which claims many victims, and dollars, each year.” Carroll claimed he wanted to “demonstrate the absurdity of putting a human being in jail for a crime with no victim. The point is further demonstrated by the fact that I do not, personally, smoke marijuana, and only intended to possess it.” Carroll was risking a possible year in jail, along with profound repercussions for future job availability, for his disobedience.

After announcing his intention to possess marijuana, Carroll arrived at Railroad Square in Keene with around 40 fellow activists. The event was planned for 1:00 on Jan. 10th. By 1:15, Carroll thought that the event was over without arrest, but then at 1:20, two Keene police officers arrived and arrested the nonviolent protester. All 40 activists followed the two officers and their victim to the police car, and then to the station. Carroll was charged with a Class B Misdemeanor and released. He is scheduled to appear in Keene District Court on March 3rd. He does not plan to pay any fines stemming from the arrest.

Andrew Carroll moved to New Hampshire from California recently with the Free State Project.

Drug War Statistics

According to the American Corrections Association, the average daily cost per state prison inmate per day in the US is $67.55. State prisons held 253,300 inmates for drug offenses in 2005. That means states spent approximately $17,110,415 per day to imprison drug offenders, or $6,245,301,475 per year.

“States spent $29.8 billion in 1998 for adult corrections including incarceration, probation and parole. Eighty-one percent of this amount ($24.1 billion) was spent on substance-involved offenders. Of the $24.1 billion, $21.4 billion went to run and build prisons to house substance-involved offenders, $1.1 billion for parole and $695 million for probation for substance-involved offenders. An additional $899 million was spent on state aid to localities for substance-involved offenders.” (Source: National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University)

(stats from http://drugwarfacts.org)

People Arrested for Drug Law Offenses this Year: 63,670

Arrests for drug law violations in 2009 are expected to exceed the 1,841,182 arrests of 2007. Law enforcement made more arrests for drug abuse violations (an estimated 1.8 million arrests, or 13.0 percent of the total number of arrests) than for any other offense in 2007. Someone is arrested for violating a drug law every 17 seconds. (Source: Uniform Crime Reports, Federal Bureau of Investigation)

People Arrested for Cannabis Law Offenses this Year: 30,179

Police arrested an estimated 872,720 persons for cannabis violations in 2007, the highest annual total ever recorded in the United States, according to statistics compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Of those charged with cannabis violations, approximately 89 percent, 775,137 Americans were charged with possession only. An American is now arrested for violating cannabis laws every 38 seconds. (Source: Uniform Crime Reports, Federal Bureau of Investigation)

(stats from http://drugsense.org)

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  1. well i mean $65 a day is not much … 🙂 for safety 🙂

  2. What was the weight, in grams, of that "small amount" of marijauna? How well dried was it? Was it weighed *before-hand*? What exact weight, in grams, will the KPD *claim* they confiscated? What are the names of the 2 arresting KPD officers? Etc.,…So many Q?'s…so little actual facts & data…so it goes…Sorry I missed the event, Andrew. Why not do the same "civil disobedience" in Manchester, Andrew? Are you, too, terrified of the Nazi-guards in Valley Street Jail???…gotta run…it's 4:19…it'll be 4:20 for me, any minute now!….~e~…

  3. I have been inspired by Andrew to attempt a similar "demonstration" in my own city of Rochester. Still in the planning stage I have managed to procure a leaf. The event, scheduled to take place in about a month, will mirror to a great degree what Andrew set out to do January 10th.

    Any suggestions?? I am 17, already have a small amount of experience in the civil disobedience realm though I could use help in how to handle the "press".

    Did Andrew publish an article or story outlining his intent before hand?

  4. Yes, search for andrew press release. In the search box.

  5. You in Rochester, NH?

  6. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2010

    Chief William Hart of the Londonderry Police Department Under Investigation by Attorney General

    Londonderry, NH—William Hart, the Chief of Police for the Town of Londonderry, NH along with four of his officers and one detective (Glenn L. Aprille, Jason M. Archambault, Kelly W. Kulig, James J. Freda and Detective Donald A. LaDuke) are under investigation by the NH Attorney General's Criminal Investigation Unit for civil and constitutional rights violations.

    The ACLU is also investigating this case. We are watching it closely to make certain no additional abuse occurs and that the NH Attorney General investigates this case fully.

    This is not the first time Chief Hart has been investigated, back when he was a county attorney Hart seemed to skirt the law with his actions and abuse of power:

    Judge Muirhead expressed his opinion that the plaintiff has an excellent case and that it seems quite clear that both the Londonderry Police Department and Rockingham County Attorney William Hart-whom the judge claimed to know as the source of numerous problems and errors-had acted inappropriately in their dealings with Mr. Coltin. Frankly, I have never observed Judge Muirhead to be quite so free with his criticisms and opinions as he was during this particular conference. Obviously, in light of the magistrate judge's strong feelings in favor of the plaintiff in this case, we did not agree to have this case assigned to Judge Muirhead as we had previously


    We are watching this case and Chief Hart to make certain justice prevails.

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