Thanks for all the letters!

[Sam wrote me a letter and asked that I transcribe it and share it with everyone who wrote him a letter in jail. The words in square-brackets below are my input, not Sam’s. – Mike Barskey]


I can’t thank you enough for running Mail-to-Jail. The letters and postcards mean so much. You should have seen the look on the guards’ face the second day I got the bulk of the letters. I’m letting the other prisoners read some of them. They are amazed that letters are coming from everywhere. Around New Hampshire, Florida, California, Israel, the UK, and even Tasmania, Australia. The post cards that come in with the inspirational saying give me hope.

The words of encouragement and support give me strength and purpose in a place where hope is all but lost. The guards are constantly lying and deceiving me, hoping to break my spirit. That’s what this is all about. They hope to break me like Mr. Covey broke Frederick Douglass into submission.

I’m doing okay. The other prisoners are taking great care of me. Plus I have lots of meals to trade! : )

I’m a little weak from the hunger strike. I am drinking milk with a light sprinkle of Carnation Instant Breakfast. Another prisoner gave me some multi-vitamins. That has really helped.

I don’t know where this will end but the effects are already far reaching. One of the other prisoners is considering joining my hunger strike. They are ignoring my requests to use the law library, and the other prisoners wrote a request on my behalf. They are shocked at what’s happening.

I’ll keep my spirits up, and my focus on freedom. Let’s tell people what’s going on, so one day people can be treated with dignity, respect, and basic human rights.

[signed: SamIAm]

Mike, can you transpose and email back to folks that have/do write? Return address to my name, not the one on the envelope; they are not sending my outgoing mail out, but are letting me receive it. [The letter that Sam wrote me had the return address of another prisoner at the jail.]

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  1. I thought Frederick Douglass beat the hell out of Covey?

  2. Nice one, government. You locked this peaceful man up and now you have to stand on 'principle' and keep him there because otherwise you'll look wishy washy (i.e. illegitimate), but concurrently you are experiencing an international outrage at your treatment of a peaceful man, and this, as well, does great damage to your aura of legitimacy.

    The inherent contradictions that underlie the very existence of your violent monopoly will doom you to repeat this process over and over until the people ignore you, because they will see you for what you are, thugs operating under the color of morality and 'rule of law'.

    Thank you John or Sam or whatever you may be called at this moment (formal labelling of individuals is a governmental obsession, I'll know you when I see you or hear your voice) for exposing this farce, and I know there will be another brave soul waiting in the on-deck circle to go back around and through again, and I would think it won't take too awful much of this before the people of Keene look at it and say, 'What the hell are these cops and this judge doing?' Then the feces will strike the air circulation device.

    Good Day All

    Andy in Michigan

  3. Great article. Thanks for using your platform. Here's to hoping other media outlets pick up on this political imprisonment case… though I won't hold my breath.

    Go, Sam! *thumbs up*

  4. "I would think it won’t take too awful much of this before the people of Keene look at it and say, ‘What the hell are these cops and this judge doing?’ "


    In fact, the reaction of the people of Keene, beyond those few people here who are already members of the movement, has been one of indifference, mostly because members of the FSP here tend to come off as whack jobs. This is because the ideology expressed is often so fantasy-based, and doesn't address the basic contradictions and challenges inherent in human society (or even non-society, if you will). A guy flipping out while being taken away by police; it's not exactly an unusual occurrence, as it happens with the mentally ill, the inebriated, people under emotional duress, etc. If this person had established a significant degree of political and social credibility with a wide cross-section of Keene's residents, I would think there would have been a reaction. But he hasn't, and the group he's a part of hasn't either. In this instance, most people who even noticed will tend to think "Oh, another nutty guy got hauled off to the county farm; what's the big deal?". Sorry.

  5. That's a great point, AnAmazedReader. Thanks for expressing it without insults. It's definitely something I will consider.

  6. Amazed,

    Interesting. I did not know that 'flipping out' was the same thing as screaming in pain when a pair of handcuffs is improperly attached to one's wrists.

    As I stated above, repeated uses of force against peaceful individuals who are obviously not committing crimes will eventually anger the populace, regardless of your or anyone else's opinions of the Free State Project or liberty activists in general.

    Alluding to them as 'whack jobs', and dismissing their ideology as 'fantasy' without a convincing argument (at least not in your response above, what are these contradictions of which you speak?) will do nothing to change the nature of the actions of activists or of the tyrants who harm them and lock them in cages.

  7. AnAmazedReader, instead of sitting there calling people nuts for sticking up for their right to remain silent, why don't you take some time to learn what freedom is? No, it's not what they taught you in the government indoctrination centers AKA public schools.

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