Update on the MHD Crew’s Imprisonment

MHDUpdate on this afternoon’s breaking news:
I just spoke with an unusually helpful jail bureaucrat at Jones County Jail. The bureaucrat explained that the ATF has passed on investigating the incident and also called Jason, Pete, and Adam their “little celebrities”, due to the volume of phone calls the jail has received this afternoon. I was told that all the charges are misdemeanors and that bonds have been set in the amounts of $1,000 each for Pete and Adam and $1,500 for Jason. Apparently jail is not an option for sentencing of these misdemeanors, unless of course the MHD boys refuse to pay the fines. Additionally, Pete has been charged with “Possession of a firearm across state lines”, which is a MS state charge, not federal.

So, it sounds like they are going to bond out, and perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to hear from them on FTL tonight.

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