Introducing The Free Keene Press!

Keene liberty activists once again have a paper dedicated to the happenings in Keene, NH.  I have finished the first issue of The Free Keene Press.  Meant to be an extension of the Free Keene blog with a bent directed at the community of Keene.  The FKP will start out as a single page inside the New Hampshire Free Press.

The NH Free Press was once titled the Keene Free Press when Kat Kanning, the paper’s creator, lived in Keene.  Now like a seed inside a piece of fruit the next iteration of a local Keene newspaper  is borne within the pages of the former one.

My goal is simply to have one more avenue of communication with the individuals who inhabit the Keene area.  I will not shy away from controversy or contentious content but instead I hope to give insight where there is confusion.  I have plans to expand this paper and to do some actual investigative reporting but for now it will start out small and grow into whatever it becomes.

If you have any ideas or thoughts in how to make this a better paper please share them and if you would like to lend you time in any way be sure to let me know.

You will find a .pdf of this first issue among the links to the right, titled Press.

Please direct any special comments or inquiries to

Thank you,

James B Schlessinger Jr.

Now you can subscribe to Free Keene via email!

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