Free State Project’s Final Push

The last few months have seen an acceleration of signers for the Free State Project. The big push is coupled with a fundraising campaign aimed at finishing out the remaining signers through targeted social media advertising and PR. Steps are also underway to make the most out of Triggering the Move while enabling out-of-state signers to find their place in New Hampshire.

I’ve been working with the Free State Project to craft videos for the fundraiser. Check it out!

The individuals that have moved for the Free State Project have made quite a few headlines this past year as well…


Support Activism by Supporting the Activist!

It’s no surprise to long-time followers of Free Keene that I participate in a lot of projects. At one point I ran the Free Keene Press, co-hosted Free Talk Live, and produced Free Keene TV. These days in Manchester are no different as I find myself starting my fourth active project. With each campaign or project I typically go about soliciting donations to help fund various aspects. Well today I am trying something different. I am offering those who want to support the projects I manage an opportunity to help all of them at once. I’ve created a gofundme campaign to raise money for me. Total transparency, the money will go to support me with typical life expenses while I continue to manage and create valuable liberty projects.

It is another experiment and I don’t know how well it will work but I felt it worth a shot! You can visit the page here:

Here is the copy from the fundraiser page:


Bitcoin Price Stability Through Shutdowns

The past couple weeks have seen some drastic moves by the United States Government and the US Global Illicit Financial Team. Starting with the DHS blocking and seizing Dwolla accounts that were linked to Mt. Gox a little more than two weeks ago, the scene was set for more of the same. The crime in question: Money Laundering and not registering as a money-transmitting service.Seized5_HR

This past week the witch hunt continued with Liberty Reserve being the next suspect. Liberty Reserve is a Costa Rica based online virtual currency service similar to PayPal. Founder, Arthur Budovsky, was arrested in Spain and was one of six indicted in connection with Liberty Reserve. The indictment included a ludicrous claim that the service laundered, “more than $6 billion in criminal proceeds” and was “one designed to help criminals conduct illegal transactions and launder the proceeds of their crimes” — essentially accusing most of the users of being involved in criminal activities.

Among the legitimate customers of Liberty Reserve is ePay Cards, a service that functioned like an online pre-paid MasterCard or Visa. Mitver Holdings owns ePay Cards and has $28,000 USD tied up in Liberty Reserve accounts at the time of the shutdown. This is not a new territory for Mr. Budovsky, in 2006 he was found guilty for operating Gold Age from his Brooklyn, New York apartment. Started in 1999, Gold Age was one of the first independent e-gold exchangers. (more…)

Media and Art as Means to Change Culture

2012 has been a whirlwind year for me with so many successful projects. I finished Free Keene TV with my 52nd episode in July. I finished Porcfest Chronicles in October with 51 individual videos. I had a lot of fun working with Gary Johnson, John Babiarz and Hardy Macia making the zombie videos for political campaigns. Shire Sharing and the Free State Project round out the year with a few more videos documenting the hard work carried out by liberty activists.


I enjoy producing and publishing videos for the expressed purpose of spreading the ideas of liberty. It is a labor of love. At the same time I have spent hundreds of hours creating this content and it is always nice to get a little cash for the work. Bills, food and all that! So I created a chip-in for anyone that wants to give me a few bucks for my efforts:


This video is perhaps my last for the year. I visit the Maine Liberty Summit with Antigone Darling who gives a speech about liberty and secession. We network with neighboring liberty lovers and talk about the Free State Project.


Some of my stats for 2012:

27 Episodes of Free Keene TV

51 Porcfest Chronicles videos

3 Zombie videos for Libertarian Party Candidates

2 Shire Sharing Videos

6 Videos for NH Gubernatorial Candidate John Babiarz

4 Videos for the Free State Project

? Additional videos for miscellaneous ventures

Why I am moving to Manchester and yet call Keene Home

I did what many will tell you not to do.  I moved to Keene nearly five years ago with $500 and all the property I could fit in my compact car.  I took a leap of faith and landed in the home of Kat and Russell Kanning, much to my fortune.  With no job lined up prior to my move and my limited resources, my brand new car was quickly repossessed.

I remained steadfast in my resolve to make the move a success.  A month after my move I voted for Ron Paul in the New Hampshire GOP Primary.  Two weeks later I landed perhaps the best job of my life thus far.  I quickly started saving money and soon bought a used car.

Curiously my first “liberty event” was karaoke at a then “Free Stater Owned” bar just outside Keene.  I didn’t sing at the time as I had not yet discovered my talent for karaoke.  I also attended the Social Sunday events and a training session for New Hampshire Liberty Alliance bill reading.  I sat and listened mostly, absorbing the energy around me, adapting to the new culture, community and ideas. (more…)

Cannabis Culture’s Feature Article on Keene’s 420 Celebrations!

CCThanks to Jodie and Marc Emery and the rest of the great crew of Cannabis Culture for publishing this awesome feature article all about Keene’s cannabis freedom movement, starting with Andrew Carroll’s arrest last year and going through the Nashua crackdowns. Not only that, but they allowed JJ from the Free Keene Press to write the piece! They included activists’ photos as well as videos from OTN and Anarchy in Your Head. It’s an amazing piece that is going to help put Free Keene on the cannabis activism map!

If you found this website via Cannabis Culture, please take a look around – there’s a lot more happening here than cannabis freedom activism.

Here’s the text of the piece: (more…)