Dynamic Stoic

By James B Schlessinger Jr.

Is it a sin to want to be free?
To live as I want, leave me be
What would you have me do?
Do you want me to be like you?

Should I dress the same?
Should I take your name?
Should I fall like rain
And bow to the pain?

Faceless, heartless
Complain less
And digress

I can taste your quiet fear.
Now Brace and hold dear
the failed system, friend.
Rest, here comes the end.

They awake, the slumber is breaking.
Your edifice of myths is soon quaking.
On pillars of ash you stand like kings
Lift your head and stretch your wings
Look to the east and watch the sun
Web of illusions, the shades run
You cannot stop the coming flood
All you can do is spill more blood

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