Charges Dropped Against Two of the “Disorderlies”

keenepOn Friday July 24, 2009 liberty activist Richard (Sam A. Robrin) and Tim (zaphar) received letters in the mail dropping the disorderly conduct charges brought against them by the “City of Keene” Corporation Police Department. Below is a scanned image of one of the letters.


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  1. I suspect Eli knew this would be the outcome from the start. Making the arrest/citation was just a means of ending the situation at that time.

  2. Now that it is documented that this was an unwarranted arrest, is anyone planning to take action against the KPD?

  3. They are dropping the charges because they violated peoples civil rights.

    I think that keene PD owes a public apology to the people they violated. If they don't I think they should make a financial apology. They could sell the departments guns to pay for false arrest.

    If they are not sorry about what they have done, they can't be trusted with deadly weapons.

  4. moral hazard in search of correction. notice there's not even a goddamned apology; it's as though a favor's been awarded. typical criminal arrogance from nuremberg-defense shysters — in this case a mouth-breather (if my memory's accurate). badged-criminal prosecutor… there's a move toward honesty, however frail.

  5. The most shocking thing about this letter is that Eli Rivera sends official business in Comic Sans font.

  6. good god you're right Adrian. I remember using that font. . . when I was in junior high.

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